I can't open my gmail account

Firefox has detected that the server redirects the request for this address in a way that will never end.

Usually you must clear your Google cookies when this happens.

I guess you can open a page on www.google.com.

Save all pending work (if any), and then open the dialog box display the Cookies using either:

  • Right-click the page and choose View Page Info > Security > "View Cookies".
  • ALT + t (open the classic Tools menu) > Page Info > Security > "View Cookies".

In the dialog box that opens, you can delete all cookies from Google.com without affecting other sites.

Then try to go back to Gmail. Can you connect?

Note: Many users have recently increasingly aware of privacy and two changes made to their cookie settings or installed extensions that stop a few information to reach Web sites. While this reduces followed, it can also cause certain features of the site to break.

This is especially true when a site uses several areas (for example, mail.google.com and accounts.google.comswitching). In this case, you will probably have to accept cookies "third party."

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    because my Google account does not open

    Do you mean that you want to open your Gmail account in Firefox for Android instead of the Gmail app? I think this could work, but it seems that the performance is poor on your device...

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    Windows Mail: Setting up an account of end-to-end

    • Servers POP Gmail to Outlook:
      -Server: pop.gmail.
      -Outgoing mail: smtp.gmail.com.

      -The field 'Server incoming (POP3)', enter 995 and check the box "this server requires an encrypted connection (SSL)";

    • -The field "Mail outgoing (SMTP)", enter 465 and check the box "this server requires an encrypted connection (SSL)".
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    I can't open my email account please help me my email id is * address email is removed from the privacy * and my cell number is * deleted phone number *.

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    Stupid idea posting your cell phone number.

  • How can I open an administrator account?

    How can I open an administrator account?

    Original title: faxactivation


    Thanks for your posting in the Microsoft community

    Well, you can enable the administrator account hidden instead of an account

    You can make the win + r and write lusrmgr.msc in the start search box or in the command run and pressing ENTER. Or, you could open the computer by right clicking on computer management in the start menu and select manage.

    Expand System Tools > local users and groups > users.

    Right-click the administrator account, and then select "Set password".

    In the 'set password' click 'continue '.

    In the "set password" enter the password of the administrator twice, then click on 'Ok '.

    Then, activate the administrator account. Right click on the administrator account and select "Properties".

    n check the box "account is disabled". Click on the Ok"" button.

  • on windows 7 starter edition how can I open an admin account, I have a standart account and I couldn't open any software on computer please help me.even change user account cannot be opened.

    on windows 7 starter edition how can I open an admin account, I have a standart account and I couldn't open any software on computer please help me.even change user account cannot be opened.

    Hi kuentin,.

    Welcome to the Microsoft Answers site!

    (1) - what do you mean you have only 1 user account?

    When you set up Windows, you will need to create a user account. This account is an administrator account to allow you to set up your computer and install any programs that you want to use. And that's why the user account you are using is the administrator account.

    There is no way that you can create an administrator account, or by using a Standard account.

    (2) are you having issues during installation of the software or opening it?

    (3) what exactly happens when you try to open the software application?

    (4) should be codes error or error messages, if any?

    (5) what software are you trying to install or open?

    I suggest you go to the link below and read for more information on user accounts.


    Get back to us with more information and try out us and help you better with the same.

    Varun j: Microsoft Support
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    http://social.answers.Microsoft.com/forums/en-us/answersfeedback/threads/ and tell us what you think

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  • Can not use the Gmail account more

    Since that day (May 27, 2015) I can't use one of my accounts Gmail w / T.Bird more. On the other (older) I had to put safety at 'low' or something today via the web interface of Gmail. Then he worked kind of new (AddressBook adds now no longer works, but that is another problem).

    When I check my email from Google via a web browser, then I see that there are emails. But I do not see these mails in Tbird. Google did some extensive fiddling with today?

    Thunderbird still works with a gmail account?

    Now for this address book

    See https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/1064153

  • I can't open my Hotmail account.

    I deleted the story too, but my hotmail account does not open

    I can't open my Inbox hotmail even clear history.

    Hi reda,.

    Are facing issues with your hotmail account?

    If you are facing issues with your hotmail account, you can post your request in the Windows Live forum for assistance:

    Windows Live Support


  • I can't open my administrator account.

    I'm having a big problem, because I can not open my account of the administrator account.  When I put my password it say, the profile service could not connect

    Hi Aliciacasigary,
    If there is an other administrator account you can log in, then go to step 7 after logging into that account.
    However, if you are unable to all accounts at all, then start at step 1.
    1. reboot your computer and press F8 multiple times until you see a menu similar screen, if you see the Windows startup screen, then repeat this step
    2. highlight and press enter on Mode safe mode with command prompt. Try to connect to it. If it still does not work, proceed to step17
    3. If you are able to connect, once the command prompt appears, type: net user administrator Word ofpast / active: Yes (you can specify the password for the administrator account.)
    4. If you get a message "the command completed successfully" and then restart your computer by typing: shutdown - r
    5. start again by pressing F8, but this time choose just the SafeMode.
    6. you will be able to log in as administrator with the password set in step 3
    7 hit (windows logo) + r.
    8. type regedit
    9. once the Registry Editor opens, search for HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList
    10. in the left pane, find the one that begins with S-1-5... and ends with. BAK; If you can't find one, go to step 15
    11 right-click and click Rename, and then change it. TO BAK. BK
    12 right-click with the same numbering but without the. BAK and Add. BAK add at the end
    13. right click on the one that you have renamed in BK and clickRename, remove the. BK
    14. Subsequently, you have activated the. BAK to the end of the second entry in the first. That should probably fix your problem.
    15. If you do not find one. BAK then try this: open Explorer Windows for C:\Users\Default\AppData\Local\Application data
    16. If you find an other Application Data below the one you are on, and then delete. Who should probably also solve your problem.
    17. If you can not log in Mode safe mode, restart and press F8 until you see the menu again, and then press enter highlightingRepair your computer
    18 wait for all the Windows files to finish loading, then hitNext when it asks for the language of the keyboard.
    19. try to connect here also, choose your username in the menu drop-down, type the password, then go to step 23
    20. If it still doesn't work, then if you still have your Windows installation CD, put it in, and then restart your computer.
    21. press F12 until you see a menu of boot options, choose boot from CD
    22. the language of the keyboard and then click Next. Find repair your computer for a little below the center-left.
    23. choose Open command prompt and type: net user administrator / Active: Yes password (here again you can specify a password)
    24. close the command prompt and click on restart and go to step 5
    To disable the administrator account, type the following in a command prompt: net user administrator / active: No.
    If nothing is done here, so I'm helpless on how to fix this next.
    Hope that has contributed so
    Kind regards
    J Chambers
  • BlackBerry smartphones, I can't reach my gmail account to my blackberry 9360 - HELP!

    I forgot my blackberry id password and I don't have access to the email address used for the ID.  I want to set my gmail on my 9360 account.  whenever I go to the establishment, then Auditors, which happens with the blackberry screen and I can't go further.  Help, please.  his drivng me crazy!

    Also how can you remove old email accounts of the blackberry and corresponding icons?

    Thank you.  In the end I took out my sim card, memory card and battery - left for an hour, put them back in and found that the blackberry screen came not when I entered Setup and then configure e-mail accounts, so I could join my other and delete the 'old'!

  • How can I reconnect to Gmail accounts after accident?

    My MacBook running el Capitan that crashed yesterday (gray screen frozen at startup). When I restarted Mail could not connect to Gmail accounts. I have read the discussions and tried everything. I have deleted the Gmail accounts and tried to restore, but it does not work. It is a work computer and I need to access the Gmail accounts. Help!

    When you try to reinstall mail accounts, you get any kind of error message? Do you use ICloud? If you receive a message that this account already exists, you may need to disable the first account the ICloud.

  • How can I open my gmail without opening automatically.

    I realize with the firefox browser my gmail opens upward of aumatically when you go to the history tab or when I google gmail. Can I adjust the settings so I have to use my password first, before the opening of my gmail.


    The right way would be to log out of Gmail by clicking on the web mail or log option of Google. Even otherwise, you can make Firefox forget the session by selecting the active connections in Tools (Alt + T) > Options > Privacy > settings. Please note that these options may become visible once the rules of conservation is set to use the custom settings for history and clear history of Firefox closing is activated. Options > privacy


  • Can I open a second account of cc?

    Hi all, I have the account complete educator CC running on two machines, I find I have need of the photographer package i.e. Photoshop & Lightroom on a third PC (laptop) can someone tell me how to set this up? Thanks in advance.

    As far as I know, only one ID maybe do not have two subscriptions

    But you can use a 3rd computer using your a single subscription and signing of your account on 'A' or 'B' to use 'C' - and then go out on 'C' using 'A' or 'B '.

    Learn how to enable or disable Adobe applications

  • When I opened my gmail account in this browser, then when I click the logout of gmail... button nothing happens. The logout button does not work.

    I can't log out of gmail. By deleting the cookies and empty the cache, it can be done. But I want the NORMAL disconnection process in this browser.

    Many issues of the site can be caused by corrupted cookies or cache.

    • Clear the Cache and
    • Delete Cookies
      Warning! This will save you except websites to which you are connected.

    Type of topic: preferences in the address bar.

    • Cookies; Select confidentiality. Under background, select Firefox will use Custom Settings. Press the button on the right side called Show Cookies. Use the search bar to search the site. Notes; There may be several entries. Delete all the of them.
    • Cache; Select Advanced > network. In front of the caching of Web content, press clear now.

    If there is still a problem, dialog box A Start Firefox in Safe Mode {web link} should appear. Click start in Safe Mode (no refresh). While you are in safe mode;

    Type of topic: preferences #advanced in the address bar.

    Under Advanced, select General. Find and stop using hardware acceleration.

    Search safe sites. Are there problems?

    Then restart.

  • After installing FF8, I can't open my GMail message part. I get headers but no message body

    The question completely specify the problem

    Content of the entire message missing GMail (empty) after the title of the header

    In Firefox, if you have an extension "Adblock Plus".

    1. 'Ctrl + Shift + F' preferences (or right click on the symbol of the ADP and choose Preferences)
    2. 'Filters' menu > 'update all subscriptions'.


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