I can't open my muse project more (error: corrupted xml in the database)

I am trying to open my project muse to Muse cc 2014.2 (mac version). This error occurred when I open the project

"muse adobe met a mistake and wil out now. Please report the bit last actions you have taken leading to this error to the muse remains cc team

Bribe the xml in the file database U1175 class RectPageItem'

I placed the same animated buttons until I saved the project yesterday.

I tried the fix bij uninstall and install again Muse.

Can someone help me?


Could you please share your with us .muse file to study? Please send it to [email protected]. If your file is larger than 20 MB, you can use something like Adobe SendNow SendThisFile or Dropbox. Don't forget to mention the link to this forum thread in your email so that we can identify the file.

Tags: Adobe Muse

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