I can't print a PDF file in a web page to my network printer

If I try to print a PDF page in the browser, it does not work. Nothing happens at all. Print poster preview a blank page. I have to save the page (s) in PDF format and print from Acrobat 9. All other web pages print ok. Very strange.

The PDF embedded in the page (similar to how a Flash animation can be incorporated into a page) or is the PDF file displayed in the window is full?

If the PDF file has the full window, you should probably use the print provided by Adobe Reader icon. In the version I have, it appears in a toolbar when I float my the mouse pointer over the center of the document about 80% of the way to the bottom of the window. Not as convenient as the previous versions.

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    The term for what you want to do is called "page imposition.  There are third party tools that can do it for you like this: quite large: home page

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    You can create Media Download and then use on the page.

    More information:




    Thank you


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    Hi DaveMcKeen,

    Please refer to this article:- display PDF in browser Adobe Acrobat DC, Acrobat Reader DC

    Kind regards


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    I am able to download the pdf files in my download of safari folder, but really want to change all my favorites etc. from firefox to start to use safari. Am on a Mac OS 10.7.4
    Thank you

    Hi trish.painter,

    Try this link: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/pdf-files-are-blank-and-cant-be-downloaded-mac

    It could be a day that borked Acrobat settings. Let me know if this helps. Thank you!

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    In this case: it is not possible to convert a PDF into a page of Muse.

  • We put good permissions to pdf files on our webserver with XI Acrobat pro. Then, we want to load these pdf files on our web page client side, for examle into firefox (ff). Exist permissions or settings due to the ff load

    We would like to buy the adobe XI teacher, but we have already purchased software with which we can set the appropriate permissions for our PDFs (on our web server), but when someone downloads our Web page (with either firefox or ie) and open one of these files, the permissions installed is not supported connsideration due to the ff or ie use the pdf reader clean when loading the pdf file is inside of the web page.

    So we do not understand that such authority is - it, only a third of software (like ff, ie) - except acrobat reader - can crush and not take into consideration?

    The permissions are part of the PDF and do not change.  But as Adobe clearly warn some third party applications will ignore permissions.

    The PDF standard is open - this is why there may be several different applications to read PDF files. This open standard includes safety instructions, some developers do not know for various reasons, including an aversion to the idea that you should be able to protect your files. Make a complaint to the enforcement officials.

  • How can I view a pdf file with a single page first, then of two continuous pages?

    can someone please help?

    I am trying to view a pdf of the 8 page, as it will be printed.

    1st view = cover page

    2nd view = 2 and 3

    3rd = 4 and 5

    view 4 = 6 and 7

    View 5 = back

    Thanks in advance

    Check "See the cover Page during two" under display - display of the Page.

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    Print the document from adobe reader, then select fax as the printer.

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    When I view the same pdf file in Internet Explorer, it works.

    I solved this problem by going to Tools/Options and change the setting of "Adobe Acrobat Document" to "Use Acrobat reader (in Firefox)" to "(by default) use Acrobat Reader.
    Sounds illogical to me, but it works.

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    Drag it out of the Finder.


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    You need to clarify what you are trying to do. What do you mean by "add a PDF file to iCloud?

  • Can't open the pdf. files?

    Original title: pdf. Files - Can; Open t?

    Windows Vista is my os, can't open the pdf. files?

    Hi koolcam,

    PDF files are opened with an application called Adobe Reader. You have installed on your PC? If not, then download it for free from this link:http://get.adobe.com/uk/reader/

    This forum post is my own opinion and does not necessarily reflect the opinion or the opinion of Microsoft, its employees or other MVPS.

    John Barnett MVP: Windows XP Expert associated with: Windows Desktop Experience: Web:http://www.winuser.co.uk;  Web:http://xphelpandsupport.mvps.org;  Web:http://vistasupport.mvps.org;  Web:http://www.silversurfer-guide.com

  • I can longer open attached pdf files. I am able to preview the files, but they are too small for me to read.

    * Original title: attachments

    Help, please.

    I did something wrong (AGAIN!)

    I had no problem with access to attachments to my e-mails, but a problem occurred just.

    I can longer open attached pdf files.  I am able to preview the files, but they are too small for me to read.  When I click to open all the I get now is a kind of icon (in Microsoft Office Picture Manager) with which I can't do anything.

    It seems I should have arranged for Picture Manager automatically opens attachments to emails, but when this happens, I'm stuck as what I try, I can't do pdf files appear as they did.

    The help file does not really help.

    I hope it is something simple, even an old fool like me can do with your expert (and, I hope. friendly) help.

    My fingers are crossed.

    My apologies if I offended Protocol - this is my first venture.regards

    Octogenarian John

    PS My usual guru (aka grandson James) has acquired his first girlfriend, is not so disinclined to waste time me tutoring on the PC

    Create a file association.

    1. download and save the attachment to the office.
    2. right click on the saved file.
    3. Select: Open with on the shortcut menu.
    4. click on: choose [default] program.
    5. Select: (Whatever you have installed a PDF reader).
    6. check: always use the selected program to open this type of file.
    7. click on OK.

    This should allow you to open these attachments directly from email address now.

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