I can't remove zip files and they are to the right of my screen

It is a fragment of a file and the file itself has displayed on the desktop and cannot be deleted

Help, please


What happens when you try to delete it?  Try to click it, and then pressing F5 to refresh (it is possible he isn't really there).

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    This is my first time using this forum. I hope that my question made its appearance and that this space is to respond to the answers possible, but just in case, here's my question again:

    On a PC using Windows and Adobe Reader, I sent 10 PDF files in a zip file and each label of the PDF file with a number from 1 to 10, so that they appear in the order I want. Numbered 1 to 9 records fell in the sequence automatically, but the number 10 appears under the number 1 instead of below the number 9. I googled the problem, do not see addressed. I called Microsoft, and they said it's a matter of Adobe. If anyone can help I would be grateful.

    Thank you.

    Not an Adobe issue at all. If you want your files to a single digit (1-9) to appear before the 10, you must add a zero at the beginning.











  • I can't delete photos and other files. These are my own files and they are not open on the computer.

    Of recent, I am unable to delete files or photos.
    These are my own files.  They are not in use elsewhere on the computer.
    When I try to delete, the Microsoft 'circle work' rises and lasts forever.
    I can't get out of this mode.  Finally, after trying to escape from this command, the box comes in asking me if I really want to delete the file.
    How can I get my computer to normal operation removing?

    ......... Of recent, I am unable to delete files or photos.

    Consider a problem in recebt?

    If Yes, do you remember a "good date" when you could remove personal files?

    If Yes, please do a system restore.
    Choose this "good date" or before as your restore point.


    If system restore is not working or not a option, please do a check of the file system. It's to look for corrupt files. He will try to fix it if it is found.


  • desktop.ini files are showing even after masking the BONES protected files and they are everywhere

    Everything is almost described in the title

    Out of nowhere this "desktop.ini" file started appearing in almost all of the folders and delete them changes icons of folders where they exist in the settings and I found that the only way to hide them is to hide one in each folder specially after finding that they are not considered "BONES protected files" by the system or it was to hide just after masking "Protected OS files" but cache the one by one is not the best option to consider, although unlike the real "desktop.ini file" in the Users\User\Desktop folder that is considered protected operating system file and mask normally with the protected operating system files.

    Now, I want to just hide in a process that is not separately if possible please.

    For more details:

    -The content of the original "desktop.ini" file in the Users\User\Desktop folder is different from those non-hidden other those as follows:

    Contents of the Original file:


    [. ShellClassInfo]
    [email protected]%SystemRoot%\system32\shell32.dll,-21769


    No hidden files content:


    [. ShellClassInfo]
    IconResource = D:\Softwares\Icons\Metro Collection\Metro_Tiles_1\Metro ICO\System Icons\OTHERS\OTHERS\Journal.ico,0
    Mode =
    Vid =
    FolderType = generic


    Comment: The "IconResource' location changes depending on the icon of the folder where the file exists.


    I found a link that doesn't address the root cause of your problem, but describes a method to hide the files with an extension of certain... The link describes a .nfo extension, but I think it would work for a .ini as well...

    Instead of going into the folder as shown, go to the root of the drive itself...


    I just did a little test, and you need to open a. CMD invite admin... IN the drive or folder you want to change... For example, open C:\ and click on FILE... The option to open a. CMD Prompt will be on the list...

  • my photo folders have been deleted and I can't get back them and they are not in the Recycle Bin, how can I recover these photos they are very important

    Remember - this is a public forum so never post private information such as numbers of mail or telephone!


    • You have problems with programs
    • Error messages
    • Recent changes to your computer
    • What you have already tried to solve the problem
    On Monday, December 6, 2010 09:09:06 + 0000, krazychild18 wrote:
    > Remember - this is a public forum so never post private information such as numbers of mail or telephone!
    > Ideas: programs you have problems with error messages recent changes you do on your computer that you have already tried to solve the problem
    Please do * not * leave the text above in a question to ask you. Delete it.
    It has nothing to do with your question. And please ask your question
    in the body of the message, not in the title.
    How to get deleted? If you remove them normally, they must be
    in the trash. If they are not, read point 1 below (but also pay
    Special notice to the point 2):
    1. "deleting" a file does not actually delete it just marks the
    available space be used. There are third-party programs that can
    sometimes recover deleted files. The problem is that the space used by
    the file is likely to be replaced very quickly, and it makes
    the unrecoverable file.
    So your chances of successfully recovering these files are decent if
    you try to recover immediately after their deletion and quickly
    down from there. If you use the computer since
    (for example to read this answer and write that question), your
    chances may be very weak now.
    But if the file is large enough, it's still worth a try. Stop
    using the computer in question immediately, if you have not done
    already. Download an undelete program (and here's one:)
    others to choose from; Do a search) on a friend's computer and bring
    it to you on a floppy disk, CD or USB to try.
    If that fails, your only recourse is to bring or send the disc
    a company of professional file recovery. This kind of service is very
    expensive and may or may not work in your case.
    2. If you have files that are important to you, and you do not
    back them up regularly, you are playing with fire. It is not a question
    to know if you lose them, it's a question of * when *. You could
    you want to read this article on the backup that I wrote:

    Ken Blake, Microsoft MVP

  • BlackBerry Smartphones can not remove grayed files after you turn off the WiFi sync

    I got sync music WiFi on, but after I left the proximity of my WiFi, there more grayed out 1,000 entered the path of my browsing in the 100 or if the files that are available locally on the device.

    Then I turned off sync music Manager Office, but even after many cycles of connection/disconnection between BB & USB WiFi, all these files in gray are always in the way on the music of the BB icon tag navigation interface.

    How can I uninstall this feature? Otherwise, how could I make my icon music works as he did, not broken by WiFi-sync as it is now?

    Please notify.

    If you want to uninstall WiFi Sync, please go to the Options icon > device > application > search for WiFi Sync and delete

  • How can I remove everything unnecessary and/or deleted at the same time

    When I clear my balls and/or remove things from my e-mail, I can't remove it all at once... must be done individually. How can I at the same time instead of each of them


    Thanks for posting in the Microsoft Community. The question that you stated that you want to delete the mails in the Mail application at the same time. We are here to help you.

    Here's what you need to do.

    a. open the folder in which you want to delete E-mails.

    b. Select one of the Emails.

    c. press the CTRL + A on the keyboard (this will select all Emails in the folder).

    d. press the clear key that will remove the selected emails.

    I hope this helps. Please get back to us if you have any other questions; We are here to help you.

  • I lose half my usernames registered whenever Firefox closes and they are always the same!

    The names of registered users who disappear are all of the type "https".

    Firefox is not even asking if I want to save the user name and password.

    Do you hear the names and passwords in the password manager or do you mean that you are connected is no longer on to (remember to) Web sites after the closing and restarting Firefox?

    If the latter is the case then you have a problem with the cookies that are not maintained or the file that stores the cookies is corrupted.

    • Websites to remember you and automatically log you in are stored in a cookie.
    • You need a cookie exception allow (Tools > Options > privacy > Cookies: Exceptions) to keep this cookie, especially for secure Web sites and if we let the cookies expire when Firefox closes
    • Make sure that you do not remove the navigation, search and download history on Firefox to clear 'Cookies' and 'Site preferences.
  • the files were in the files now, they are on the c drive

    On a windows 7, one of my users has a large number of files on the c: drive, it uses to store its files.     All of a sudden
    He noticed that some of the files in these folders do not appear.     After looking around, we found them right on the c:\ drive.    It's almost like
    the pointers in the file system have lost or corrupted if the files are only on c:, instead of lets say C:\permit Chkdsk /f 22\ come clean.
    Malwarebytes come clean (unusual... typically a cookie or something) AVG come clean.       no idea how this could have happened?
    I was in there for 15 years and never seen anything close.   Google searches increase nothing more.      He will begin the painstaking process of setting
    the files back, but it's just very strange.



    1. how many user accounts are installed on the computer?

    2. the problem occurs only on the particular user account?

    3 did you last modified the software on the computer?

    Method 1:

    I suggest you run the FIXIT from the link below and.

    Diagnose and repair Windows files and folders problems automatically


    Method 2:

    I also suggest you to run a scan of System File Checker and check.

    Click on the link mentioned below for more information about the System File Checker analysis


    Method 3:

    If the problem persists, you can try to create a new user account and check.

    Create a user account


    See also:


    I hope this helps.

  • Help organize objects so that they are in the right order?


    I'm a real beginner with Illustrator, and I tried looking for a solution but not sure what to even look for! It's probably a newbie silly question but...

    I am doing a logo that has colored shapes that overlap around a circular pattern. I'm trying to organize each petal so that the left side overlaps the petal on the left. I am using the right click > organize the function to organize before backward, but when I get to the last petal, I can't work out how get the left side of the Green petal overlap a purple on his left, while keeping the other side of the Green under the edge of the yellow one.

    That's what I have:


    I managed to get the result I like to use form generator tool, but I want to use transparency, so I don't actually want to do this way. This is how I want it to look. Is there a simple way to do everything while keeping the original forms under so I can use the transparency and I have the mixture of colors where they overlap?

    Many thanks in advance, and I'm sorry if this is a stupid question!


    What you could do is created once select all and then use the pathfinder tool, select fracture. It would break forms in separate rooms, and then you can duplicate the Center cuts and place them in the desired order.

    Here is a video of what I mean...

    I hope this helps... ?

  • How do I remove backup files and they slow down my computer

    I was wondering if the backup of files that are loading down are slowing down my computer how to stop the process and remove


    If you think your computer's performance is slow, then it is best to perform a Disk Cleanup. Or see the following Microsoft article and check if that helps.

    Backup and restore: frequently asked questions:


    Note: If there are several backup files, you can delete files with leaving the last.

    For more information, see the following Microsoft article.

    Optimize Windows Vista for better performance:


    Hope the information is useful.

  • How to name the files that they would have the right order?

    I had some slide11 come before slide10 and slide1 after them and so on. Is it possible to classify them differently?

    Thank you.


    Right now, I'm still waiting my last message to you which will be displayed by the people of the web here.

    The content of the lead shows successful rename your files for your application with Photoshop elements 14 Editor File Menu/process several files.

    I didn't see the part where you said that you don't have Photoshop elements.

    The following might be useful (it's free)


    I just did a preliminary test. Seems good.

    IrfanView - File Menu/Batch Conversion/Rename

    When I did it, starting with the files still appointed since the last go-around, I got a folder saved on the hard disk of the computer with 13 photos

    named image001.jpg and sequentially to image013.jpg. This file with the renamed files could be used successfully in Premiere Elements to your application.

    Please consider.

    Thank you.


  • bought 2 products with different emails! How can I transfer my product so they are under the same account?


    Accidentally, I bought the plan of photography on an email and InDesign on another email...

    How can I transfer the purchase on an account?


    Please refer to the Contact Customer Service

    Thank you


  • How can I remove 'open in a new tab' in the right click menu?

    I hate tabs, thank you.

    Try https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/menu-editor/

    Please let us know if this is what you need.

  • How can I link to R3D files when they are multiple (long resumes 4Gbs).

    Hello guys,.

    I'm transcoding (SOUL) my red images to the H.264 format for easy/fast mounting in another machine slow (the film's Director). But he comes to files with multiple R3D files, long takes over from 4Gbs, it creates several mp4 files, and they are all exactly the same.

    -Can I actually use an mp4 for my editing file and replace with originals later?

    -I should only transcode the first R3D file?

    -How can I connect back once the editing is done? Ive tried but do not know what R3D file should link to and does not after trying it. The mp4 file is take it all, but the R3D are not taking it together since they are separated in different R3D files.

    I work with first CC 2015.

    Thank you so much, I have spent days watching the tutorials but can't find my answer, I would greatly appreciate your help.

    I'd probably transcode to prores proxy, or something that does not have the long form, GOP, as Mp4.   Then, a test and make sure your guard to transcode the original code term when you bind again, there is no problem.

    do a test run w / a clip as not to lose time and when you do a couple of edits in a timeline w / as a clip, click with the right button on the clip in the project bin and select 'replace the clip', point to the original file then who must fill out your edited clip w / new source footage.

    you will then need to change the codec of your timeline should match that of your source.    hope that helps.    Certainly test first to make sure that you have the workflow down before you begin your session.

    This also works when there are tons of clips in your tray of sequences that need to be replace.

    When we work w / R3D files, usually created proxies on the fly for this reason (I think).   I'm sure that simply point to the first R3D file in this order if you make your own proxies, although I have not tested.   the first R3D file will usually connect automatic for the rest.

    This isn't the way we usually work but seems it should work.      Good luck.

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