I can't seem to get the sound on my computer in the taskbar of bottam he's here and up to 100%

Don't know what happened, but I have no sound on my computer. I have the microphone in the taskbar and when I click it it is 100% how can I get sound


HELLO Shirley,
Here are a few steps that I want you to try:
If Windows Media Player seems to work fine, but you cannot hear the audio, you will have a problem with your speakers or sound card. Check all audio connections if you are using external speakers and to ensure that sound levels are defined correctly and not cut. Use Device Manager to make sure that your sound card works correctly and is selected as the audio device by default.

Verification of the sound settings

Click on Start , then Control Panel
Select the material and audio and noise
Under playback.. What icons you see?
Click Properties and then click headset/speakers
According to the levels... is at 100% and not CUT?
Under Advanced... What is the default format?
Click test... do you get a sound?

Reinstallation of Windows Media Player

Go to "turn on or off Windows features.
* Disable features Media: Windows Media Player
* Reset
* Provide characteristic Media: Windows Media Player

hope this helps,

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    Hello, ColoChick,

    Your question must be posted in the hardware and drivers Forum.  Note the drop-down menus...


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    George George P Botuwell, programmer

    Hi George P Boutwell,.

    Thank you for using answers Forum.

    I think that VMware has a 64-bit/function version. You will need to contact them to verify this.
    64-bit to 32-bit is not supported by Windows Easy Transfer, as far as I know.

    I hope this helps.
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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  • Problem installing printer, can't seem to get the driver for my printer HP Officejet 4500 G510n-z

    Can't seem to get the driver for my printer HP Officejet 4500 G510n-z... error message is displayed when using the floppy... same error message when trying to install it directly from the HP website for downloads but will not be installed, then uninstall everything... crossed suggested all the patches that were sent as responses to the problem... .very frustrated... somebody please help!  I heard maybe Windows 7 (have the Pro version) may need to be reinstalled... don't really want to go there...

    Error code:

    Error Code of Situation: 17669436

    + 00000000000000042819584 | s | Now Launching = X:\hpzpr|40.exe - inf m

    "preload_productdrivers - I XXX f"X:\hpwins28.dat"- no validation of the.

    -Validate the No.

    SetupINFsListedInDatFile failed with fatal error during installation.

    exit code = 1603

    Do'nt listen to what you have heard - re reinstall

    Its caused by a program or a service that runs on your PC and can be exasipated if you have utilities maintenance party installed, usually called "optimizers" and prevents installation

    Clean, start your PC, http://support.microsoft.com/kb/331796 then try the installer complete on hp site.

    See also to support HP;

    Click 'Start', type in the search field and click 'OK ':

    msiexec /Unregister

    Then follow these steps to temporarily remove all unwanted processes to the system startup:

    «Click 'Start', and type msconfig in the search box-> click on the 'start'-> click on 'Disable All' now-> click on the 'Services' tab-> click on "all Microsoft Services show"-> click on ' disable all '-> click on ' apply 'and' OK '-> you restart PC-> after the restart, it is a request-> confirm you set the hook and click OK.»

    You can activate the process later in the same way (after successful installation of the software).

    Now again click 'Start', type in the search field and click 'OK ':

    msiexec / regserver

    Now launch your attempt to re-setup.

  • Can't seem to get the pass has expired the trial even if I bought a map of the page.

    I use a macbook. I bought the complete student and teachers plan package, but I do not seem to get pass the trial join now expired page. Whenever I have install my creative cloud software I get the free trial of the software and for some, he told me that the trial is expired and it gives me two options, one to Join Now (which I already did; I got a plan) and the other is to put the licensed software, and since I registered online, I don't have a serial number so I don't know where can I use the code. I tried everything, uninstalling and reinstalling software, for signature in both the cloud creative and site software online. I don't know what we can do. I bought this plan last night and I need urgently the software.

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    If she always asks the serial number, then check that your hosts file once entries

    Open the link below and see step 3

    Log, activation, or connection errors. CS5.5 and later versions

  • Function of @Allocate can't seem to get the right syntax

    Hi friends,

    I need to make a linear distribution (all equal amounts) of value has prompted at least (for a given combination of year-round version scenario entity etc.)

    I'm yeartotal-quarters and months.

    I can't use the usual period of spread I need produce whole numbers and the standard distribution introduced decimal numbers.

    I thought I'd be able to use @allocate to do something like that, but I'm having trouble him to validate both calcmgr and eas with what I thought was a pretty simple attempt, that is, difficulty on the account will be allocated and relevant narrowing and then assign a value to the range of months using propagation and rounding and applying the difference to the higher member or the first in the range:

    DIFFICULTY (' 21 ',' e080201 ', 'HSP_InputValue', 'FY11","Local","Run business', 'Mensualización 1', "YearTotal")
    @ALLOCATE (12000, @levelmbrs(Period,0), Monto, spread, SKIPNONE, roundAmt,-3, errorsToHigh);

    But I get a syntax error: error: 1012000 syntax not v lida. None are un comando c calculation [@ALLOCATE].

    I'm at my wits end. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong here and if allocate work even for what I try to achieve?

    If not what other submissions do something like this don't you have?

    I need to come up with more later as well guests to make the amount a variable and the range invited as well, but for now if I pass it I'll be happy.



    'Re missing you the 4th parameter. Also try to put a member in the left part of the equation.

    Try 'Member' = @ALLOCATE (12000, @levelmbrs(Period,0), Monto, propagation, SKIPNONE, roundAmt,-3, errorsToHigh);

    Note the comma before "propagation."

    Thank you

  • I installed Firefox on my macbook pro and can't seem to get the firefox icon to stay on my Dock. Can you help me?

    This must be a simple process, as I've done it before on other computers-, but the icon in my dock as a "?", I click on, and then it opens on Fox/World icon. As soon as I stop the computer - disappearance of the Firefox icon.

    Hello ajsviridoff,

    Please contact the Mozilla Support. If you run Firefox in Launchpad you get the correct icon in your dock? If she doesn't simply you right-click on the icon, click Options, and then keep in Dock.

    Please let us know if this solves your problem.

    See you soon,.

  • My new HP laptop is running Windows 7. I want to add my printer HP LaserJet 4 L printer but can't seem to get the driver. Help!

    I was able to get the driver and the ut6ilize my HP Laser Jet 4 L printer.  Since my hard drive had to be replaced, I was not able to get the LaserJe6t from HP again 4L printer driver.  Help!

    With the help of a very knowledgeable Microsoft Tech, I was able to get the driver for my printer HP LaserJet 4 L printer.  It is listed on page 6 of 6 Iin the CATALOG.COM UPDATE from MICROSOFT.

    Hope this helps others, I know that this quest for the pilot was long and painful, but my trusty printer prints well!

    Good luck, Pat

  • Can't seem to get the app to download on my windows pc

    Hello I paid for the month to indesign app last night and can't do on my windows computer. When setup initialization appears it only stays on the screen for a few seconds, then disappears and nothing happens. Can someone help me please as soon as possible!

    Hi Amyk85233374,

    Please follow the troubleshooting mentioned in the link below:

    Error: "cannot install initialize | Windows

  • Can't seem to get the ID of the last inserted record

    I'm fighting to get the auto-increment the query ID.

    I need the form to be submitted and on the same page, view the token ID (deuxieme in the last line of code below).

    Here is the code:

    <? php require_once('Connections/connection_mysqli.php');? >

    <? PHP

    If (! isset {})



    ? >

    <? PHP

    Download MM_USERNAME modules.

    $sessionusername = $_SESSION ['MM_Username"];

    $u_sql = "SELECT * OF USERS WHERE username =" "." $sessionusername. » ' « ;

    $u_query = $con-> query ($u_sql);

    $u_row = $u_query-> fetch_assoc();

    Define user variables.

    $u_id = $u_row ['id'];

    $u_username = $u_row ["username"];

    $u_firstname = $u_row ["firstname"];

    $u_lastname = $u_row ["lastname"];

    $u_email = $u_row ['email'];

    ? >

    <? PHP

    Set e-mail support variables.

    $s_user_id = $u_id;

    $s_username = $u_username;

    $s_firstname = $u_firstname;

    $s_lastname = $u_lastname;

    $s_email = $u_email;

    $s_userlevel = $u_row ["userlevel"];

    $s_subject = $_POST ["subject"];

    $s_message = $_POST ['message'];

    $s_status = "pending";

    Submit in support table.

    {if (isset($_POST['submit']))}

    $s_sql = "INSERT INTO support (user_id, username, firstname, lastname, email, subject, message, status) VALUES ('$s_user_id', '$s_username', '$s_firstname', '$s_lastname', '$s_email', '$s_subject', '$s_message', '$s_status');

    $s_query = $con-> query ($s_sql);


    $last_id = $con-> insert_id;

    ? >

    Take another look at your code. The value is assigned to $last_id, but the PHP block in your div uses $lastid. Put in underscore, and it will work.

  • Can't seem to get the hand cursor happening.

    To the right;

    I struggled to get a hand cursor on my MC for pic4_mc, pic14_mc and pic1_mc. They are processed photos in MC with function to act as a btn as3. Perhaps, I put the script:

    (myMC) .buttonMode = true;

    (myMC) .useHandCursor = true;

    in the wrong place...

    Here is my script for a Web site, that I do... It is perhaps not the right way to do the script, but the feature seems to work (to hand for the cursor hand) so please forgive me if this seems in every sense.



    PIC of cleaning services

    pic4_mc.addEventListener (MouseEvent.MOUSE_OUT, fl_MouseOutHandler_5);

    function fl_MouseOutHandler_5(event:MouseEvent):void


    pic4_mc.Alpha = 0.5;

    trace ("Moused over");


    pic4_mc.addEventListener (MouseEvent.MOUSE_OVER, fl_MouseOverHandler_5);

    function fl_MouseOverHandler_5(event:MouseEvent):void


    pic4_mc.Alpha = 1.0;

    trace ("Moused over");


    PIC of the maintenance of the garden

    pic14_mc.addEventListener (MouseEvent.MOUSE_OUT, fl_MouseOutHandler_6);

    function fl_MouseOutHandler_6(event:MouseEvent):void


    pic14_mc.Alpha = 0.5;

    trace ("Moused over");


    pic14_mc.addEventListener (MouseEvent.MOUSE_OVER, fl_MouseOverHandler_6);

    function fl_MouseOverHandler_6(event:MouseEvent):void


    pic14_mc.Alpha = 1.0;

    trace ("Moused over");


    Photo of the handyman

    pic1_mc.addEventListener (MouseEvent.MOUSE_OUT, fl_MouseOutHandler_7);

    function fl_MouseOutHandler_7(event:MouseEvent):void


    pic1_mc.Alpha = 0.5;

    trace ("Moused over");


    pic1_mc.addEventListener (MouseEvent.MOUSE_OVER, fl_MouseOverHandler_7);

    function fl_MouseOverHandler_7(event:MouseEvent):void


    pic1_mc.Alpha = 1.0;

    trace ("Moused over");


    function of home btn

    home_btn.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, fl_ClickToGoToAndStopAtFrame_9);

    function fl_ClickToGoToAndStopAtFrame_9(event:MouseEvent):void


    gotoAndStop (1);


    Btn cleaning Services function

    pic4_mc.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, fl_ClickToGoToAndStopAtFrame_6);

    function fl_ClickToGoToAndStopAtFrame_6(event:MouseEvent):void


    gotoAndStop (2);


    Function of garden maintenance btn

    pic14_mc.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, fl_ClickToGoToAndStopAtFrame_7);

    function fl_ClickToGoToAndStopAtFrame_7(event:MouseEvent):void


    gotoAndStop (3);


    Function of Handyman btn

    pic1_mc.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, fl_ClickToGoToAndStopAtFrame_8);

    function fl_ClickToGoToAndStopAtFrame_8(event:MouseEvent):void


    gotoAndStop (4);


    quote_btn.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, fl_ClickToGoToAndStopAtFrame_10);

    function fl_ClickToGoToAndStopAtFrame_10(event:MouseEvent):void


    gotoAndStop (5);


    gallery_btn.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, fl_ClickToGoToAndStopAtFrame_11);

    function fl_ClickToGoToAndStopAtFrame_11(event:MouseEvent):void


    gotoAndStop (6);


    contact_btn.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, fl_ClickToGoToAndStopAtFrame_12);

    function fl_ClickToGoToAndStopAtFrame_12(event:MouseEvent):void


    gotoAndStop (7);





    sendbtn.buttonMode = true;

    sendbtn.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, submit);

    resetbtn.buttonMode = true;

    resetbtn.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, reset);



    the button behavior



    Necessary variables


    var: timer;

    var varLoad: URLLoader = new URLLoader;

    var urlRequest:URLRequest = new URLRequest ('mail.php');

    urlRequest.method = URLRequestMethod.POST;




    function init (): void {}

    Set all fields empty

    yourName.text = "";

    fromEmail.text = "";

    yourSubject.text = "";

    YourMsg.text = "";


    function submit(e:MouseEvent):void {}

    Check if a field is empty

    If (yourName.text == ' ' | fromEmail.text == "" |)

    yourSubject.text == ' | YourMsg.text == "")


    Valid.Text = 'all fields should be filled.';


    Check if you are using a valid email address

    else if (! checkEmail (fromEmail.text))


    Valid.Text = "enter a valid email address";


    on the other


    Valid.Text = "Send on the internet..." » ;

    var emailData:String = 'name =' + yourName.text

    + "& from =" + fromEmail.text

    + "& subject = ' + yourSubject.text

    + '& msg =' + YourMsg.text;

    var urlVars:URLVariables = new URLVariables (emailData);

    urlVars.dataFormat = URLLoaderDataFormat.TEXT;

    urlRequest.data = urlVars;

    varLoad.load (urlRequest);

    varLoad.addEventListener (Event.COMPLETE, thankYou);



    function reset(e:MouseEvent):void {}

    init(); call the original function of claire


    function checkEmail(s:String):Boolean


    This tests for correct email address

    var p:RegExp = /(\w|[_.\-])[email protected]((\w|-)+\.) + \w{2,4} +;

    var r: Object = p.exec (s);

    If (r is nothing)


    Returns false;


    Returns true;


    function thankYou(e:Event):void


    var loader: URLLoader = URLLoader (e.target);

    Envoy of var = new URLVariables (loader.data) .sentStatus;

    If (send == 'Yes')


    Valid.Text = "thank you for your e-mail!"

    Timer = new Timer (500);

    timer.addEventListener (TimerEvent.TIMER, msgSent);

    Timer.Start ();


    on the other


    Valid.Text = "Oh no!" Something is wrong! Try again... « ;



    function msgSent(te:TimerEvent):void


    If (timer.currentCount > = 10)



    timer.removeEventListener (TimerEvent.TIMER, msgSent);



    Kind regards


    Google this:

    Flash Player 11.2 r202.233

    Mac OS X 10.7.3 / Safari 5.1.5

    Known issue: the cursor does not change to a hand pointer by positioning the mouse on the TLF links as buttons and clasps active (3060839).

    Try to test Chrome/FF, if the needle shows, its definitely the combination Mac/safari.

  • using stored procedures - I can't seem to get the right settings

    I am wanting to use stored procedures to create variables of substitution use UC4 (Appworx). (the databases I use are 10g) To do this, I first need to run command line in PL/SQL procedures. I don't seem to be able to create the correct command. This is the part of the package that I want to call







    It's the exact command I use command line

    run application_package.get_app_param(1000,'RUN_TYPE')

    When I do this I get invalid statements expected but still tweaking doesn't fix it and does not give me a clear idea of what I need to do to fix it.
    I get this sort of thing

    SQL & gt; run ccok.application_package.get_app_param(1000,'run_type')
    BEGIN ccok.application_package.get_app_param(1000,'run_type'); END;

    ERROR on line 1:
    ORA-06550: line 1, column 7:
    PLS-00306: wrong number or types of arguments in the call to 'GET_APP_PARAM '.
    ORA-06550: line 1, column 7:
    PL/SQL: Statement ignored

    SQL & gt; run ccok.application_package.get_app_param(1000,'run_type',:result)
    SP2-0552: Bind variable 'RESULT' undeclared.
    SQL & gt; run ccok.application_package.get_app_param('1000','run_type')
    BEGIN ccok.application_package.get_app_param('1000','run_type'); END;

    ERROR on line 1:
    ORA-06550: line 1, column 7:
    PLS-00306: wrong number or types of arguments in the call to 'GET_APP_PARAM '.
    ORA-06550: line 1, column 7:
    PL/SQL: Statement ignored

    Any help will be appreciated with more recognition.

    It's interesting.

    Package specification has "GET_APP_PARAM" with 2 parameters.
    The package body has "GET_APP_PARAM" with 3 settings.

    I tested this out case in my db. Oracle balk when the package body is compiled, but shows no errors.

    [email protected]> --
    [email protected]> DROP PACKAGE "APPLICATION_PACKAGE";
    Package dropped.
    [email protected]>
    [email protected]> drop table cc_app_param_detail;
    Table dropped.
    [email protected]> create table cc_app_param_detail (
      2    app_param_id    number(4),
      3    app_param_name  varchar2(20),
      4    app_param_value varchar2(20));
    Table created.
    [email protected]>
    [email protected]> insert into cc_app_param_detail
      2  select 1, 'name_1', 'value_1' from dual union all
      3  select 2, 'name_2', 'value_2' from dual union all
      4  select 3, 'name_3', 'value_3' from dual;
    3 rows created.
    [email protected]> commit;
    Commit complete.
    [email protected]>
    [email protected]> select * from cc_app_param_detail;
    ------------ -------------------- --------------------
               1 name_1               value_1
               2 name_2               value_2
               3 name_3               value_3
    [email protected]>
    [email protected]> --
      6  END;
      7  /
    Package created.
    [email protected]> show err
    No errors.
    [email protected]>
    [email protected]> DESC APPLICATION_PACKAGE
     Argument Name                  Type                    In/Out Default?
     ------------------------------ ----------------------- ------ --------
     V_APP_PARAM_ID                 NUMBER(4)               IN
     V_APP_PARAM_NAME               VARCHAR2(20)            IN
    [email protected]>
    [email protected]>
      6    AS
      7    BEGIN
     13    END;
     14  END;
     15  /
    Warning: Package Body created with compilation errors.
    [email protected]> show err
    No errors.
    [email protected]>
    [email protected]>
    [email protected]> --
    [email protected]> var x varchar2(10)
    [email protected]> exec test.application_package.get_app_param(1,'name_1',:x);
    BEGIN test.application_package.get_app_param(1,'name_1',:x); END;
    ERROR at line 1:
    ORA-06550: line 1, column 7:
    PLS-00306: wrong number or types of arguments in call to 'GET_APP_PARAM'
    ORA-06550: line 1, column 7:
    PL/SQL: Statement ignored
    [email protected]> print x
    [email protected]>
    [email protected]>
    [email protected]> select object_type, object_name, status from user_objects where object_name='APPLICATION_PACKAGE';
    OBJECT_TYPE         OBJECT_NAME                    STATUS
    ------------------- ------------------------------ -------
    PACKAGE             APPLICATION_PACKAGE            VALID
    [email protected]>
    [email protected]>

    What do you see as the State of the art and the body when he is interviewed command-line SQL * more?

    The solution would be to add the third parameter to the package specification and recompile.


  • I am trying to establish a wireless connection to my printer with my two laptops. I have succeeded with one but can't seem to get the other one connected.

    That connected easily enough.  I'm sure that I'm following the same steps I did with the other laptop, but when I get to the prompt "print test page", nothing happens.


    Do both laptop using WIndows XP?

    See the links below and check if it helps.



  • I have a core of the NJC, which is recognized by the PC but can't seem to get the picture files in Picasa on the soul

    New core and not a lot of experience with either that or Picasa, but which must be respected has 12 million photos clogging up the system so bought him a core it can carry with him

    Thank you very much


    There are the Forums from Picasa to Picasa's specific questions:

    http://productforums.Google.com/Forum/#! Forum/picasa

    It is also for some of the FAQ from Picasa:


    See you soon.

  • Help! I'm a newbie again and need help installing content functional, I downloaded the installer but can't seem to get the full library... don't know what to do

    I installed recently to create a DVD menu for a project and we wish you a menu actions.

    I downloaded the Adobe Encore CS6 functional content but it is not filling in the library field. I must be missing a step, does anyone have any suggestions?

    Follow this link - https://helpx.adobe.com/x-productkb/multi/library-functional-content-missing.html

    Scroll down and follow the directions to download, extract and install it-

    Additional solution: install the contents of the Library Resource Centre

    You will get all the pre-made menus, buttons, etc.

    Thank you

    Jeff Pulera

    Safe Harbor computers

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