I can't stop firefox opening a new tab when I type a URL in the address bar.

I have the ability to open windows into tabs and I love it. My problem is when I type a URL in the address bar, rather than load him on this page, it opens a new page. No matter what type of page I made this. When I CTRL + T to open a TAB, and then type in the address bar and it opens a new tab the TAB Leaving previous, I opened intact. I would like to just so that it loads the page on that I entered.

You have this problem when running in Firefox SafeMode?
A troubleshooting mode.

You can open the Firefox 4.0 SafeMode pressing the SHIFT key when you use the desktop Firefox or shortcut in the start menu. Or use the Help menu option, click restart with the disabled... modules while Firefox is running.

To exit safe mode of Firefox, simply close Firefox and wait a few seconds before using the shortcut of Firefox to open it again.

If this is not the case, see this:


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  • Is there a way to disable the function where firefox opens a new tab when you scroll a click in the header bar?

    Is there a way to disable the function where firefox opens a new tab when you scroll a click in the header bar? This feature in conflict with my program of multiple monitors (display fusion) since this program allows you to change your current active window the monitor 1 monitor 2 and vice versa BY clicking the header of BAR SCROLLING (or whatever you call the highest part of your window). With firefox, I can't easily change my active window between monitors because instead, it opens a new tab.

    If the window is maximized, you can then switch this pref to disable the display of the tabs in the title bar:

    • browser.tabs.drawInTitlebar = false

    You can open the topic: config page via the address bar.
    You can accept the warning and click on "I'll be careful" to continue.

  • How to stop multiple self-switching to the address bar every time I open a new tab and try typing something anywhere outside the address bar?

    How to stop multiple self-switching to the address bar every time I open a new tab and try typing something anywhere outside the address bar? As something just wants me to use this integrated search when you type something non-Web-address in the address bar and press to enter. And the most ridiculous thing is that happens repeatedly on as every second, as I just got off the address bar and start typing again, but still he passes me in the address bar, then 3, 4 times like that. And the result is that I don't see the address of this page.

    I think that its has something to do with my AVG Antivirus, because it started the same time a Nation AVG started to appear in each new tab I opened (and which is irritating as me, I've read here on support.mozilla.org and it seems that the only solution is to completely reinstall Firefox, but I don't want to lose all my settings) but when I type something in the address bar and press enter It opens the search results in Google.

    Please try to help me, I love Firefox but I have to switch to Chrome until I fix this.

    Thanks in advance

    First of all, please update Firefox 32. 22 is no longer support is not safe. So, let us know if you still have this problem. Update Firefox to the latest version

  • When I type a URL in the address bar does not open. How can I fix it

    When I type a URL in the address bar and try to open it using the mouse or by pressing the Enter key, that it does not open.
    I use Firefox version 34.0.5 OS is Windows 7 Home premium 64

    You can try to disable hardware acceleration in Firefox.

    • Tools > Options > advanced > General > Browsing: "use hardware acceleration when available.

    You will need to close and restart Firefox after enabling/disabling this setting.

  • When I open a tab and start typing a URL in the address bar, my goal is switched to the google search field while I type.

    When I open a new tab in Firefox, usually the first thing I do is start typing a URL in the address bar to the new tab (normally that uses AutoComplete to sites that I visit a lot). The new tab usually displays a google search page which is fine. It's there if I need it.

    Lately, however, has changed the behavior of firefox when I open a new tab. After that I opened a new tab, my goal is taken from the address bar in the google search box. I mean not the Firefox search box either. I mean the search box on the google page. This occurs after I already started typing if I get the first letter or 2 of what I type in the search box, while the rest began to appear in the google search box. When I type a URL I want in the address bar. Not in the search box.

    On reflection, I think that there are a few extensions that try to block or reverse this behavior of the Google search page. If you check your extensions, are one of them suddenly disabled or missing?

    You can open the page modules using either:

    • CTRL + SHIFT + a
    • "3-bar" menu button (or tools) > Add-ons

    In the left column, click Extensions. Then check down to the disabled extensions.

  • can Firefox open a new tab when I click on a bookmark?

    Can I get Firefox 5.01 to open bookmarks in a new tab when I click on them?

  • How to make a fire fox open a new tab when I type in the search bar and press on enter?


    I know I found this solution before, but cannot find him. Help, please?

    In 27.0.1, FF when I put the cursor in the search bar, type words and hit enter, it starts the search in the current tab. How can I make FF always start the search in a new tab when I hit enter since the search bar?

    Thank you!



    Go to Subject: config are looking for browser.search.openintab change its value to true

  • How can I stop Firefox opening old windows/tabs after a crash?

    every time it crashes and I try to re-open the program, it opens all my old tabs and windows. often, these are the videos which all begin to play both. or worse still, it opens the page that did crash in the first place and crashes again.

    How can I stop this annoying feature?

    If there is no way to stop it, can you recommend a simple browser that don't try to think for you?

    The value of the integer pref browser.sessionstore.max_resumed_crashes to 0 on the subject: config page in order to get the about: sessionrestore page immediately with the first start after a collision has occurred or the Task Manager was used for the closing of Firefox.

    This way, you see if the previous session is not close properly or it crashed and deselects the tabs that you do not want to reopen, but will reopen the other tabs.


  • Hello, is it possible to make Firefox copy non-Latin URLS in the address bar in full instead of encoded in percentage?

    When I copy a url in the address bar in the clipborad and paste it elsewhere, it is truncated. This is particularly annoying when trying to someone send a link to a non-English wikipedia article (or other sites with the "descriptive" URLS.) is there a way to disable this option?

    To avoid that you can place a character like a '-' to the far left of the address bar and select the URL without leading the hyphen.

  • Firefox has suddenly started to open a new tab when I update an existing tab. How can I prevent this and get Firefox to not do that?

    Without explanation Firefox now opens a new tab when I try to update an existing one. Worse still, I have to click on the new tab to get the Update window. This happened after I downloaded the last download nightly (64-bit). Hope someone out there can let me know how to solve this problem, because it will force me to another browser if I can't solve it.

    Thanks for the suggestions ideato and co - el.

    I found a blog that hits suggested ' subject: config "in the address bar and then change"browser.link.open - external"3-to-1. It worked, but then some links do not open in a new window when they were supposed to. So I changed the value back to 3 and restarted the computer. Everything works now so don't know what the real problem was.

  • When I open a new tab, it is always gray inches from the previous pages on this subject. Worm 13.0

    Just I updated FF to v.13.0 and now everytime I open a new tab, I see grayed out inches in the previous pages, that I was there a blank screen.
    Also, when I browse a few websites and click on a link, sometimes I'll get a Foxit Reader, a dialog box message error that I have to click Cancel several times to get rid of it. This happens when I run NOT Foxit Reader.

    This is a new feature - the new tab Page.


    Sorry, I don't have an answer to this subject with Foxit.

  • How can you stop safely remove hardware to appear when there is nothing connected to the USB ports?

    Orifginal title: Aggrevation

    How can you stop safely remove hardware to appear when there is nothing connected to the USB ports? It is causing my screen lock and give an error does not.

    Hi ElginCarelock,

    You can try to restart the computer and check.

    Uninstall all USB device manager entries

    a. Click Start and typedevmgmt.msc and press ENTER.

    b. expand Bus USB controllers.

    Note: You will need to scroll down to find this point.

    c. the first USB controller under Bus USB controllers right click and then click on uninstall to remove it.

    d. Repeat steps above for each controller USB is listed under Bus USB controllers.

    e. restart the computer and check.

    Hope this information is useful.

  • How can I stop my laptop keyboard jump letters when I type

    How can I stop my laptop keyboard jump letters when I type

    Hello anitadaniels,

    In Control Panel, click the mouse/keyboard.
    Check on the sensitivity of the mouse, which makes it not so sensitive.

    Let us know if that helps.


  • How can I view the FULL url in the address bar?

    I want TO be able to see ALL the URLS and addresses in the address bar! You changed it so the address is hidden or obscured without any possibility to see clearly without highlighting it. Vision of the persons with disabilities blind to things such as where on the site they are on and https:// vs. http:// is annoying and evil. How can I change it back without a retro back to FF 3.6?

    Masking of the http: part

    The Protocol (http://) was removed from the URL in the address bar to the http:// pages only. https:// pages will always have the Protocol. There is also a bug known, where if you copy the URL after selection of the awesome bar dropdown (but before the page is loaded), it does not include the http:// part. Users can revert to the old behavior by setting browser.urlbar.trimURLs to false in Subject: config.

    Obtained by highlighting

    It is a feature in Firefox to highlight the domain in the URL bar. Other parts will become gray. You can change a preference to do the full URL darkness. Users can revert to the old behavior by setting browser.urlbar.formatting.enabled to false in Subject: config.

    To change this preference:

    Enter about: config in the location/URL bar and press ENTER.

    If you see a warning, accept (promise to be careful)

    Filter: browser.urlbar.formatting.enabled

    in the lower panel, double-click that element to switch the value false

  • Why, in the address bar in the url no but "go to website"? How can I see the url in the address bar?

    Why the address bar is not URL, but the "go on the web site? How can I see the URL in the address bar?

    Here's a few addons that other users have reported to cause the same problem in the past: Gom player, Ask Toolbar, DivX Web Player, RealPlayer Plugin browser Record (more)...

    in case you have one of them is present, try to disable/remove it - otherwise you could disable all extensions of your & re-enable each (a browser restart may be required after each step) until find you the culprit.

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