I can't understand how to combine two images in Photoshop CC?

I opened two photos in CC of Photoshop, but when I try to drag an image in the other, using the move tool, I can't seem to get the second image to open in a different layer in the target image.  I tried to unlock the two images, I tried the SHIFT key now, I tried to create an empty layer and two images of drawing in an empty picture, but nothing seems to work.  When I am trying to move one image to the next, I see the blue outline around the widow of the image I'm trying to move the image to others, but when I release the mouse, the window switch right on the other image with only the an open layer.  When I try to use the command to apply a picture, I see only the same image as the source and the target, so I can't select the other.  Anyone has any suggestions I can try?  Thank you.

When I move, and then drag the tab of the image I want to combine with another image


Gerry, do not drag the image tab, drag the image. Drag the image to move. Drag the tab of the image that is the target. When you focus on the tab with the mouse still held down, the image of the target appears. When the target image appears, drag the slider down, its position on the target image tab, in the destination image.

[Edit] If the activity of travel seems unclear, use the following replacement method that only requires clicks of the keyboard:

1. assuming you all have two open images and their tabs you see on the screen, click the tab for the image that you want to copy to the other file. His image is displayed.

2. choose the command selection > all. Mobile dots appear around the image.

3. choose the editing command > copy

4. click on the tab for the image of the target. His image is displayed.

5. choose the order Edition > paste


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