I changed my laptop, how do I re-download my purchase from adobe?

I have changed my laptop, how can I re download my purchase from adobe?

Please visit: http://www.adobe.com/downloads/other-downloads.html

I hope this helps.


Megha Rawat

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  • I need help to know what to buy. How can I chat with a salesperson from Adobe?

    I need help to know what to buy. How can I chat with a salesperson from Adobe?

    Hi nappaland,

    You can check this link: contact us | Adobe

    Kind regards


  • How to download setup.exe from adobe indesign 2014

    How to download setup.exe from adobe indesign 2014


    Please check here: Adobe - InDesign: for Windows

    Thank you


  • How can I remove all the files from adobe?

    How can I remove all THE files from Adobe? Including apps, preferences and all folders containing old items. Thank you!

    Use of the Adobe Creative Cloud cleaning tool to solve installation problems can help

  • How can I get all my purchases from iTunes on my device?

    Some songs I purchased on iTunes is not appearing in my shopping how to do all of my purchases on my computer?

    In iTunes, select a category (music, Apps, books, etc), then click on it. Then click on the option to store within this category, and under the quick links section, you will see an option to purchase. What to choose. Once you are in the form of purchase, you will be able to go to any of the other categories, when you're ready. Be sure to select not on this computer to view all purchases that are available for download that are not already in your iTunes library. You can then scroll to the bottom of the list to select 'Download all', or you can selectively download any item by clicking on the small cloud next to this element:

    See you soon,.


  • How can I save download Itunes purchases

    How can I save downloads from Itunes please (new user)

    See: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1751

  • How link to or use the CDN from Adobe After you publish your project?

    So maybe I'm stupid, but I can't really find any useful info on actually works this edition of CAN...

    It's White edge animated API adobe books (also just below him in the section on the HTML pages, I think they are missing from the header of a word in the first sentence... kinda funny - API JavaScript Adobe Edge animate CC)

    Accommodation CDN

    With the help of Adobe Content Distribution Network (CDN) is a great way to speed up the delivery of composition Animate. Compositions using the CDN from Adobe all share a unique URL for jQuery and the Runtime of edge. The cache of the browser execution, so that the user downloads only the library once no matter how can animate compositions they discovered, even the compositions are on different sites and produced by different authors. Does not use the CDN if your composition should work without an Internet connection or if you want to use your own hosting exclusively.

    The Runtime CDN animate using the following URL:

    <script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8"    src="http://animate.adobe.com/runtime/4.0.0/edge.4.0.0.min.js"></script>

    I mean this all sounds good! So, how to use it? I don't see a place prominently in this URL to replace it with what would be the link to my project? Also, I have not all the numbers I could put in a URL to get the appropriate content unique identification. Shouldn't I have an ID unique? Measure out how what is mine? Maybe I don't really understand how it works...

    My goal is to have this nice little animation I did in the game of edge when someone visits the Web site and then blend in the homepage. Is this possible? It would be great if I could just put some script links in the header and let the adobe CA take care of all aspects of delivery and to keep my load on the server down rather than upload the files myself and have to use extra bandwidth.

    Thank you very much!

    Hey there,

    The CDN from Adobe hosts only animate them DURATION and jQuery Javascript files required (mentioned below), which means you do not have to include in your HTML directory on your server. You will still need to accommodate code HTML and other .js files that creates Animate on your server. Those that are specific to your project.

    When you publish to the web, by default you will be connect Adobe CDN, which hosts two files only:


    jQuery - 2.0.3.min.js

    These files are not unique to your project - each publication Animate uses these files, and each contains the same exact data: they help make HTML files animate to "do what they do" with the movement and interactivity.

    If for any reason any you would bind to the runtimes files on Adobe CDN, you can uncheck "Host runtime files on Adobe CDN" and publish for the new website. A "edge_includes" folder will be created at the root of your web site publish the folder that contains the two files above.



  • I bought acrobat adobe pro 11 already and I have changed my laptop. I want to download. How can I do?

    Help me...


    You can access the following link and download the installer for Acrobat pro XI and run the installation program. Enter the product key when you are prompted for and activate the product.

    Download Adobe Acrobat products. Standard, Pro | DC, XI, X

    Thank you.

  • Change the desktop, how can I go on transfer my CC Adobe without questions or lose the library?

    I'm finally back in the PC World and want to know the right way to activate my CC from Adobe on the new PC without having any questions, or to pay for another license. I have the account of the student. Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

    JohnLockridge, you can use the process listed in Creative Cloud help | Install, update, or uninstall applications to install the Adobe Creative applications included with your membership on the new computer.  If you have any questions about the activation process then I recommend to review Activation & deactivation help.

  • Computer HP laptop will not update windows download 8 pass from 13%

    Laptop HP Pavilion g6 windows 8

    The short "Workaround" to try:

    Go to your Control Panel > display icon > Device Manager >

    Find, right click and "Uninstall", your Audio driver(s).

    Do not delete NOT the driver, just right click and 'uninstall '.

    • Do not restart your computer (yet).


    • In Control Panel > Windows Update > change settings > disable the recommended updates... You can add them later if / when you get the 'Important' updates to work.
    • You can click to "Check for Updates" again once, or simply go back to your main "Windows Updates" window and now click on the 'Install' button (on the lower right corner of this window).
    • If the 'glitch' updates, in other words, if you get a red 'Failure' and it seems that one or more of these stupid updates suddenly just not download and start installing like you have said just that he does, click on 'Install' again... Now, the updates should start installing.  If you have some big updates (or many of them), this can take some time.
    • For added security, do not do much other work.  The computer market.  Read an e-book.  Keep an eye on it, but don't make your Facebook session or online banking.  Don't shop on Amazon...  Let the system work on the updates.
    • Wait... wait some more... When the updates are loaded, you will be told that you must restart the computer.
    • Reboot / restart the computer when the computer tells you it's time...
    • When the system restarts, these Audio drivers to reinstall it after that updates install and just as the system finished its reboot sequence.

    Good luck!

  • How can I get all my purchases from my Apple accounts when I move in other countries?

    I can't renew everything that I have both in France... 6 years turned to the basket and is really a shame to Apple to make accounts separately.

    I moved from Chicago in Italy, I lost years of purchase, I moved to the Italy in the France, I lost years of buying... Now once again...

    My music all gone... I can't renew applications or whatever it is that I already have both.

    In France, they said to call Apple Italy and bought agreed, you're screwed with apple after all.

    Then you give me any solution...

    I still have accounts in Italy, USA and France, but I can't transfer even if I am the owner of the account... Very sad, after all this year is as coward brand new...

    I have an IPAD - 2 IPHONEs and MACBOOK PRO...

    How can I United all my accounts and stop wasting my purchase?

    As long as you have your ID - you have your purchases

    Now some applications may not be available in some countries

    But simply moving over geographical areas should not cause you to lose the content.

    Can you please give us the exact things you are trying to do - on what device and this error messages if any?

  • How to buy and download a game from Microsoft Game Studios site?

    I want to buy Dungeon Siege 2 on Microsoft Game Studios website and download it there, but I only see the demo here. How can I buy and download?


    You can buy the game of the available stores. For more information, see the following links of Microsoft Games:



    Hope the information is useful.

  • How to search once you have downloaded the images from adobe


    I wonder how you're looking for the adobe stock photos once they have been downloaded to your computer - the adobe stock id/name? In addition, how do you find images already uploaded into your account?

    Thank you


    Hi Boris,.

    Stock images are usually uploaded on your on your machine's default download folder.

    In addition, you can find the images already authorized under the history tab of your license, which is present in the form of a drop-down list under your account.

    Reference: using Adobe Stock

    Hope that helps!

    Kind regards


  • Hi I updated to Lightroom CC on my MBP (El Capitan) and I met permission issues... I tried to access the various Library folders to change the permissions of user group (according to the instructions from Adobe) but on the last set of permissions.

    (Sorry I seem to have accidentally pressed on enter...) My Library Caches file does not contain an adobe folder. What is the cause of my problems open Lightroom? and if so, how to fix?

    Thank you very much

    (Sorry for the disjointed text character).


    See answer #7 here: Re: update on CC (for PS, LR and bridge) online and met a permissions problem with LR on three dossiers?

  • How can I download free acrobat from adobe pro?

    How can I download acrobat pro?

    You can download at the bottom of the link:

    Download Adobe Acrobat products. Standard, Pro | DC, XI, X

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