I currently use an HDMI cable to connect my laptop to my TV for streaming video. Anyway is to close the Mac but still flow from it? Right now it just runs in "standby mode", and the connection is lost.

Hi all

I currently use a HDMI cable to the video stream from my MacBook to my TV. It works fine except that it doesn't seem to be a way to close the laptop and always maintain the connection with the TV. First of all, I do not leave my laptop open, exposed if you want, when you're arms reach. Then, when it is connected to the TV, it is at least 2 to 3 yards away. In addition, I have recently adopted a cat. His favorite thing to do is to tap dance across the keyboard. Therefore, I am more able to let the laptop taken in isolation within the connective range of HDMI cable because the cat will walk on it. In any case, I tried to find a way to close the lid of the laptop, the laptop to stay awake and keep the connection to the TV. Any ideas?

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    Make sure that it has the TV volume.

    You can also make sure that the connections are appropriate. Try to connect to another HDMI port as well.

    Refer to the section: "Check if the cables are connected correctly" and set the HDMI audio device as the default value.

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    I also suggest you to consult the steps mentioned by "Karthik Vengaloor responded on 14 January 2013" and perform useful methods.


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    Hope this information helps. Response with status so that we can help you.

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    -Have there been any changes made on the computer before the show?

    Perform these steps and check if that helps.

    Step 1: I suggest you to update the display drivers.

    Update a hardware driver that is not working properly http://Windows.Microsoft.com/en-US/Windows-Vista/Update-a-Driver-for-Hardware-that-isn ' t-work properly

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    Hope this information is useful.

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    I have a 2000 HP and from time to time when I connect my comp. to cable HDMI the sound only works on the computer

    not the TV and then I have problems with the sound when you play videos on the computer alone or with headphones. I have also

    getting a Web page saying that something is null and then says error message line 1530 and I have to restart for

    Let the error message.  I checked all of the updates for audio.

    Thank you for visiting the Forums HP's Support and welcome. I have read your thread on your laptop HP 2000 and don't read does not correctly when it is attached to the TV. Only, you should be able to have the HDMI cable from the computer to your TV and try to touch the key FN and F4 for transferring the image of the computer to the TV while the HDMI cable is connected. Here's a document on solving audio problems with external speakers, headphone and HDMI audio devices.

    I hope this helps.

    Thank you

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    Please see the subject of the following forum once.

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    I have problems with my new HP2509m monitor. When I connect to my cable box using the HDMI connection the screen image flashes for a few seconds and then goes black for a few seconds and continues to do so. The time interval varies from May 3 to 6 seconds in each phase.

    It's the second monitor I got that this behavior. When I bought my system in October I ordered the 23 "monitor and it worked fine with the HDMI input, but I had trouble with the PC and he traded. The 2509 was introduced at the same time so I decided to share my monitor 23 "to 25", but now I'm regretting this decision. The main reason I bought the extra monitor should have the opportunity to move to the HDMI input for TV viewing, save space in my office.

    I tried the monitor using the same HDMI cable plug into the HDMI from my computer and the light is very good, so it seems to be a problem with the signal from the cable, but everything worked with the 23 "monitor leaving I think there is an issue with tuner HDMI monitor 2509.

    I searched the documentation on the HP site and google search but have found nothing of the sort. Someone has seen this and is there a solution for this? I like to keep the monitor. Thank you.

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    Apparently, I was early to the part of the questions of this monitor.

    It turns out that the monitor is not compatible with the decoder I've had. The box is made by the Asian Development Bank and is capable of displaying 1080I content. 1080I is not the issue but because I can use a HDMI to DVI adapter and connect to the monitor and it works OK; It is, so I don't have the computer plugged into the DVI connector as I wanted.

    My cable provider was kind enough to take the monitor and test. They discovered that one of their old version of (amino) cable boxes works very well with the monitor. They swapped the box and it worked well since.

    I use my cable provider HDMI cable, so I don't know the spec version that is.

    My advice to anyone affected by the flashing HDMI display is to get a HDMI/DVI adapter and try it. They are supplied with a certain monitors so that they are fairly easy to find if you know someone who works in a computer SCIENCE Department. If the monitor displays the signal correctly then the question is probably the cable box or as another poster suggested, the cable can be out of spec.

    It is convenient to have the double monitor as a TV. The image quality is superb, but the sound is not. I do not understand why manufacturers monitor for skimping on the speakers. A monitor with its 'premium quality' would be a point of sale, and buyers would be happy to pay for the upgrade. I don't know about a lot of people like me it's simplify - remove the clutter and cables of our offices. HP are you listening?

  • Trying to connect my laptop to an HDTV using an HDMI cable. Error I get is "signal".

    I use window Vista on my laptop. I'm trying to connect my laptop to my HDTV. I connected the two with a HDMI cable. The error I get on the TV screen is 'signal '. Is there some settings that need to be changed?

    All imput would be appreciated.





    Read the info on the links above.

    See if that solves the problem.

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • HP Envy 360: Boot Device no error found - when you use a HDMI cable only

    Boot Device not found error - when I connect an HDMI cable to my Dell monitor. (I do with this laptop in my another desktop and it works very well).

    "Please install an operating system on your hard drive."

    F2 for HDD diagnosis (3F0)

    Go to hp.com/go/techcenter/pcdiags

    As soon as I disconnect the HDMI and reboot everything is big again.

    I tried with 2 HDMI cables of different (one that works very well in my office and my HP Monitor).

    I really need to use a large monitor when you work... any suggestions?  Thank you! -kelly

    Welcome to the HP forums! It's a great way to engage, ask questions and find resolutions by working with specialists from the community of HP. I understand that the computer throws to a not found error message boot device when it is plugged into an external monitor via HDMI. It will be a privilege to help you.

    A remarkable work was done by an extensive troubleshooting before asking the question in the forums of HP. It's always a great pleasure to work with tech-savvy and technically customers sounds like you. Kudos to you for this. I am amazed at your technical skills and the value certainly your relationship with HP. We greatly appreciate you for doing business with HP and consider a privilege to share this platform with you.

    Please perform a hard reset to see if the computer goes off and changes things. Steps to follow:

    • Turn off the computer and unplug the charger. Then remove the battery only if it is removable.
    • Press and hold the power button on the unit for 15 seconds to carry out the static electrical charges inside the machine.
    • Replace the battery and the charger plug it back. Try to turn on the computer.
    • Please perform a default bios also.

    Please check in the bios if the bios can be extended to this monitor via a cable HDMI to work.

    If please check on another screen as one TV (not another monitor) with the computer for windows startup and the cable connected to the TV HDMI to further isolate the issue.

    Please update the bios, the chipset and drivers of this link http://hp.com/drivers graphics cards

    Please visit these links for assistance: http://support.hp.com/us-en/product/HP-Spectre-XT-15-Ultrabook/5296019/model/5333249/document/c01186408/

    Link 2 http://support.hp.com/in-en/document/c01443463

    Run the system diagnostics without the connected HDMi cable, that if you don't have not done from the above link 2. You can ignore the link 2 If this was done without the connected monitor.

    I really hope that the problem is solved without hassle and things work fine. I hope this helps. Please let me know how it works.

    Just to say thank youPlease click the ' Thumbs Up ' button to give a Kudos to appreciate my efforts to help me. If it helps, Please mark this "accepted Solution".

    Now carefully and have a wonderful week ahead.

  • Re: No sound using a HDMI cable

    Hi, first sorry for my English, but I m French

    So my problem is that when I connect to my pc to my TV with HDMI Cable I put t get the sound than the screen
    Please help me with my problem.

    Can you please tell us which laptop model you have and what operating system are you using?

    Anyway, click with the right button of the mouse on the speaker symbol in the taskbar and choose playback devices option. Is it classified HDMI device? If so try pleaser to choose the option set as default device. You hear the sound of the TV?

  • HP ATI Radeon HD 7450: Video card puts all monitors to sleep when the HDMI cable is connected

    I'm having a problem with a brand HP ATI Radeon HD 7450 part number 672459-001. When I plug a cable HDMI card put the monitor in standby. And when I unplug cable HDMI, the screen stays off until I restart the computer. The HDMI cable needs to be connected to anything in this case. It makes me batty to be honest

    Jim Hutto
    I do not work for HP.
    I am a computer technician and a passion for computing with more than 32 years of computer repair and networking experience

    Never mind, figured it out. It is the HDMI2av converter. The converter might work power HDMI port or a separate power connection. The card is not enough voltage to run it. Then when I plugged it without external power supply it would draw so much tension that he caused the GPU to lock up.

  • Satellite L650 - no sound on the TV using an HDMI cable

    using a HDMI to connect to the TV picture cable works fine but no sound through the TV, sound out of speakers to computer. How can I configure so sound comes through the TV?


    Usually it should automatically work but try it please check the settings in the sound properties > reading.
    Switch off the speakers and turn on the digital audio device (HDMI).

  • black screen when hdmi cable is connected

    I installed windows 7 and I'm having a problem with the hdmi. Whenever I connect my hdmi cable to my laptop, my screen goes black and freezes. It does not allow me to do anything, even if I unplug the hdmi cable. I've never had a problem with hdmi running windows vista. I use a laptop x 305 - Q701 Qosmio. I already tried to install the nvidia drivers new and old... it does not work. I also installed the hdmi control center provided with my laptop but nothing. Can anyone help me please with the question. I love everything about Windows 7, but this.

    Try pressing alt + F5

    I get this on my computer toshiba laptop when the black screen will just press alt + F5

  • The U2412M will operate using a HDMI cable to DVI?


    I am struggling to find a definitive answer to this question. I'm in the market for a new monitor and Dell U2412M seems perfect for my needs.

    I use a Compaq CQ61 laptop at work which has an ATI Mobility Radeon HD4200 with outputs HDMI and VGA graphics card. I am aware that VGA is less than digital connections, so I would like to connect the monitor using HDMI output from my laptop via HDMI > cable DVI to DVI - D monitor entry. I came across online discussions indicating that HDMI is limited at 1920 x 1080 on most devices, so I hesitate to buy the U2412M if I'm not going to get maximum performance. Other discussions claim that it's all nonsense and manufacturers do not know what they are talking about.

    A HDMI to DVI - D cable dual link (like this http://www.ebuyer.com/130513-xenta-gold-plated-hdmi-to-dvi-d-dual-link-cable-black-2m-plex-034) connect the monitor to my laptop HDMI output and display the full resolution of 1920 x 1200?

    For all of you who may wonder that in the future, I just got my U2412M as a double link base (don't know if it's important but it's better safe than sorry) dvi to hdmi cable from amazon and my laptop instantly recognized the monitor to complete resolution of 1920 x 1200, despite the specifications of manufacturers for my graphics card indicating that the hdmi output has a resolution of 1080 max , so the rumors are true - the manufacturers specifications can only be invoked!

    The screen is fantastic, thank you!

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