I did love my CLIQ.

It was time to upgrade with T-Mobile, and I knew that I wanted an ANDROID phone. So what I first was the Samsung here is 2, because it seemed just right down the "prettiest". I was shared between the behold 2 and Cliq. Less than a week later, I was back he exchanged for the CLIQ. Must have a just my gut. Motorola has treated me well over the years. I still remember the day I got my first Motorola with a crappy camera phone. I thought I was the coolest guy in the world!


I'm glad to hear that. Since the forums are usually a place where the smallest percentage of people who have problems to solve, it's nice to see someone find just to say that they know the phone.

It will get even better.

I like it as well

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    not serious... Here's my question, enjoying my beautiful Sunday evening, all of a sudden... I look at my phone to check my texts... received in my inbox just to find that the numbers are displayed instead of the names... don't immediately panic because my phone has recently had the same problem, but this was due to the fact that I kept losing network motoblur or something else... so if this never happens to you turn off your phone, remove your battery and remove your card sim and then everything put back in and it will connect to the network somehow... Well I did... activated my phone... yet... NO CONTACT... so I slept with my phone as this.. woke up in the morning to find that only my FACEBOOK and TWITTER show contacts but not the contacts that I have stored in my phone manually, nor of my contacts mspace and its tsarting for me because I've linked all my contacts with their facebook, myspace, and twitter pagesand now all my contacts hand went... So I decided to up their return of the mobile back... but now NONE of my photos are and whenever I try to click on a contact in my phonebook, an error and I have to force close contacts each TIME... so idk what to do at this point... tihis could be because of an app, I downloaded? cause, what happened a few minutes after I have downlaoded private Conversation Super (SPC) app... anyone know what I need to do? Will be my contacts reappear eventually and all my links with it? and even with my facebook, myspace and twitter show displayed contacts, NO pic shows for ANY of my contacts... and when well the cliq get 2.0, I love the cliq and I know that motorola and droid are always add things but HELPPP!


    idk why, but every time I turn off my phone for any reason and turn it back on, my phone randomly returns most of the texts that I did earlier that day... and this is present each time... so to prevent it, I just delete all my texts until I turn it off... not really a biggie but thought I should just do know... any help with that?


    I know that you don't want to factory reset your phone but it is important that you have your MOTOBLUR account linked to an email address that you have access to. For example if you created a MotoBlur ID [email protected] the account would be created and you can login to the account if you remember the password. If you have forgotten the password you will not be able to connect to your MotoBlur account as the forgotten password does not work as you do not have access to "[email protected]".

    With regard to the movement of your contacts to Gmail. Sign in to Gmail and import contacts. Make sure that the contacts appear under "My Contacts". Then after you set the "Gmail" account on the phone contacts will start to synchronize until they're all there.


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  • Windows 8 on Inspiron 530

    Hi all!

    I am interested in upgrading my Inspiron 530 for Inspiron 530 64-bit of Windows Vista 32-bit. Is this possible?

    I can't find a definitive answer on the subject after a decent amount of research on the internet.

    Inspiron 530

    Intel Q6600 Quad

    Motherboard: 0F586

    RAM: 4 GB DDR2

    Graphics card: Radeon HD 5670

    BIOS: 1.0.13 (20/03/2008)

    Thank you very much for any information, I appreciate it really :)

    I wanted just to update everyone. I upgraded successfully from 32-bit vista to 64-bit windows 8! : D

    I had to initiate the installation disk and do a clean install. He did not at first because I kept the installation disc in the tray after installing and restarted. You have to wait to tell her he restarts and then take it out very fast.

    Also, I got my dual monitor hung while trying to install and which was originally there hang on the installation screen (to prepare). Once I unplugged the monitor secondary and made sure to take out the drive after that he did install worked!

    On a side note, I did love this OS. each of my programs main work so far and even the games that I have on steam downloaded and saved my progress: o I also had 2 2gig ram sticks doing nothing (which is exactly what I had installed) and place them on the 2 remaining slots free and have now 8 GB don't total no problem at all. Very happy.

    Overall, good work time and great price!

    Thank you for you time and effort on it!

  • Table with list of value to load on another value of the column that is never changed by the user

    Nice day!

    I work with JDeveloper

    I have a Table of the ADF that has 4 lines.  Each row has a column with a unique value.  The plan should include a LOV column in the row show a different list of values based on a single column value.  I have install the list of values, use a display with a variable binding criterion.  When you create the data LOV source, I Specifies the name of a single column for the value of the bind variable.  However, it seems that the LOV changes none selecting different lines.

    Is there a good way to handle this?  I did LOVs of person in charge in the past, but this isn't quite the same as the user can view only the value that depends on the LOV on.

    Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!


    Hey, it's always a case of use of the dependent list of values. If the attribute that you bind the bind variable view criteria at part of the view object then the value LOV to be examined accordingly. I did a quick test case and I see my lists filtered by an attribute in line (I used the HR schema and posted employees as candidates managerId. The employee list is filtered so that it only shows the employees in the same Department that the employee I want to put a new managerId on) Frank

  • Help!  I hate the new update.  I love type horizontally when replying to text messages, and now I can't!

    I hate the new updates!  I love type horizontally when I text and now I cannot since this morning when I did the update.  When I turn the screen all these pre's words come as 'Hello' help!  I want to go back before update!

    srvhtv wrote:

    I hate the new updates!  I love type horizontally when I text and now I cannot since this morning when I did the update.  When I turn the screen all these pre's words come as 'Hello' help!  I want to go back before update!

    Sorry, downgrade ios only is not supported by Apple.

    You can leave feedback here http://www.apple.com/feedback/

  • I have an Apple TV 4th generation. He had since Christmas 2015. I love it! All of a sudden Siri left hear my orders. It shows in my TV screen, as it is to listen, but never hear my order.

    I have an Apple TV 4th generation. He had since Christmas 2015. I love it! All of a sudden Siri left hear my orders. It shows in my TV screen, as it is to listen, but never hear my order. Have tried all the tricks. Restart Apple TV, adjustments to settings etc... Nothing works. Just waiting to hear my order. The only other question that began at the same time, it is that the remote Siri now will control the volume on my TV. TV turns on and off with Apple TV, but volume control not responding. I now use the TV remote to adjust the volume.

    Please notify

    There is a problem with siri does not work when accessibility > zoom is enabled in the settings which I hope will be corrected in the next version, because now disable zoom works around this problem.

    I think that questions about the th volume control are a separate issue and possibly caused by something you did everything trying to solve the problem of siri. Have you checked the volume control settings are properly.

  • Why change the headers that we love so much?

    I just uninstalled Firefox 9.0.1 because I simply can't the way you have rearranged the headings, and I reinstalled Firefox 3.6 which I love so much but you say that you will not long support.

    Why did you find if necessary to remove the file, Edit, View, tabs etc. history we have developed 3.6?

    For me, the changes are completely unacceptable, and I beg you to restore tabs/headers we have 3.6 in a later version, even if only an option.

    You will review this?

    You can activate the file, Edit, View etc to 4 + FF. Press ALT, then view > toolbars > Menu bar of ticks.


  • Market app Android (Motorola Cliq XT)

    Hey guys, I just did a factory reset on my phone. I use motorola cliq xt and using t-mobile. The problem is once I did the reset and turned on the phone I'm not able to use the app on the market. Whenever I click on it, it closes. Anyone know what's the problem? I can't understand the problem...

    Can someone help me? Please, I beg you.

    He could have an error during installation. Go to settings > applications >

    manage applications > market. Once you're there, press the button clear cache

    and restart the phone. You will need to set it up again, but it should work

    normally after.

    November 21, 2010 21:56, "Lau".

  • CLIQ: contact and Facebook

    How do you synchronize your contacts and facebook so that your contacts is their facebook photo? Thank you for your help.

    I think he's looking for common things and automatically creates connections automatically. I have a john smith contact in gmail and facebook - both have different coordinates - but the cliq apparently bind by name. It will link by email as well.

    You can also manually create links and to break the links. I know the photos did take a long time to sync - they weren't there during the initial installation.

  • CLIQ and T505

    I use my CLIQ and Motorola T505 (mostly) successfully. However, I have a hiccup I don't know how to fix. When I'm in the car, I push the button on the T505 to turn it on, but then the music player on my CLIQ suddenly starts playing through the T505... I turn on the music player, it begins by himself, playing what was the last song I listened! The music player program is called "CMP_Amazon_FoFM_1.0.162" (which the option 'about' in the player's menu) and it came with the phone... it's not something that I downloaded and installed.

    Any thoughts?

    Thank you!

    I have it. When you press the button break read on the left side, it will start your Media Player. I didn't know this before, but I just did with my setup here.

    Your button may be blocked or stuck over this way the cause to think that you hit.

    Is there a way to disable.

    Go to the menu and tap Settings, wireless, Bluetooth settings, press and hold on the Motorola T505 until a screen opens.

    Now press options and turn off Media. Now the media won't play on your T505.

    I hope this helps, let me know.

  • No fashion landscape on the home screen (Cliq XT)?

    Hi, I own a Cliq XT (on T-mobile), it's a great phone, but I have two problems:

    • The home screen (ONLY) is not going to landscape mode. I saw the other Motorola phone to landscape mode, I don't know why mine is not.
    • No multitouch except in the web browser. I can't pinch zoom in Google Maps and similar applications / cannot rely on several "buttons" on a Sega Genesis emulator, that I downloaded from the Android market. I heard it got fixed with the update to Android 2.1, MOTOBLUR, but I just wanted to make sure that was right.

    ~ Ian "Geardawg" lab

    android devices stocks only with landscape in the home screen are those with a slide keyboard AFAIK. As much as multitouch that we are lucky to have it in 1.5, I did hear anything about what 2.1 will bring us assuming that we never actually get it.

  • CLIQ: Signature error into account demand for the timeout of waiting for an answer.

    I need help! I'm trying to enter my motorola cliq and have some difficulty to get past motoblur... I did a master reset on the phone two times so I know it isn't the issue... I know that my motoblur account info it correct... Whenever I put in my info an error msg showing... What can I do to use my phone someone help please...!

    If your out a timed mistake you're on 3G or wifi to connect to fade. During the installation of blur if necessary to turn on the wifi, press menu and configure your wifi to activate it. If this isn't your problem please indicate what you get the error. Timed out error is the most common.

  • Motorola CLIQ keyboard does not!

    I had a great time with little or no hiccups at all with my cliq until today when the keyboard stopped working! ABSOLUTELY nothing on the keyboard works. I'm still in my buyers remorse and can go and replace it without problem, but it's a complete argument. I called t-mobile and told me to do a factory reset ALL lose, and by everything I mean everything THAT I had tons of numbers, I'm going to request manual AGAIN after 2 hours to do the first time. Now after all this drama it happened again!

    I'm curious to know if anyone has had this problem? technical support asked if I had downloaded applications and I said yes I have the barcode reader, yelp and facebook app. That's all. I had a google app to look more shady was not google that I na not re-download after my reset just in case. thing, is that I got these applications because I got on the phone and he is VERY young, one hour before, problem. I have not dropped the phone and I did not get the wet nothing happened I treated like a newborn.

    If the applications will crash my phone there is no need to have that I would rather just go back another piece of tech lame if that's the case.

    You must return it to the store for a replacement, then as there must be a hardware problem.

    Please let us know your results.

  • Help!? Cannot download photos from cliq. all help him

    can someone help me? I've had my cliq since a few months now, andhave never been able to download my photos to Web sites, i.e. here, twitter, or fb.would really appreciate any help here.all site say "upload deactivated" in advance thanx for not one who can help.

    Probably not next week marking the forum manager has said about the 2.1 thread, but it shouldn't be far away now. Just know that he of fine and do not believe the people who say that it is not. I wish that I had a date or a week, but I did not. I can't wait to do it well.

  • I bought my computer from someone else. Change user accounts did not name of each file in the computer. How can I change or remove the user/name (my name) /document? __

    I bought my computer from someone else. Change user accounts did not take their name off of each (or more) file in the computer. How can I change or remove the user/name/document
    I have looked everywhere and changed user information and the name of the administrator. What can I do else?

    Hello flashgordonjxn,

    Who has ever done the installation of Windows, the installation program asks you to enter your name and optionally, the name of the organization. These registration information appears under recommended for in the general tab of the System when you click Start, click Control Panel, click performance and Maintenanceand then click System.

    To change see instructions below:

    1. Click Startand then click run.
    2. In the Open box, type regedit, and then click OK.
    3. Look for the following registry key:
      HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion
    4. To change the name of the company, follow these steps:

      In the right pane, double-click RegisteredOrganization. Under value data, type the name that you want, and then click OK.

    5. To change the name of the registered owner, follow these steps:

      In the right pane, double-click RegisteredOwner. Under value data, type the name that you want, and then click OK.

    6. Click Exit on the file menu to exit the registry editor.

    Hope this helps you. Let us know anyway. Make it a great day!

    "And in the end the love you take, is equal to The Love You Make" (The Beatles last song from their latest album, Abbey Road.)

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