I do not agree to the Match, so why are my songs loaded remained stuck with a cloud of dots, indicating that they are being put in correspondence (and I can't access it?)

Hello - I've subscribed to the game, in order to have my library is available with several devices.  I also had a lot of songs to convert from vinyl but 128 Kbps.  I hope that the game would IMPROVE those at 256 kbps AAC.   It didn't happen, and so I left my lapse of a year subscription.  Now, most of the songs in my library always show a dotted line Cloud icon, indicating that they are evaluated for the match.   Why?   And, in this situation, I'm not able to access (play, download, move to the playlist, etc.) these songs.  Once again, why?   What Miss me?   Thanks in advance.


This suggests that the tracks were not on your hard drive when you remove match. Did you delete the originals so you can stream from the cloud? You save the originals before signing up?


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