I do not see in 19.0.2 cookies that I know are there in the window of the cookies I keep always open; Why not?

I keep the tools-> options-> show_cookies window open whenever Firefox is running. I want to see what sites are down cookies and I their aggressive management, since many sites ignore "do not follow." Sites like nytimes.com lose also, cookies that have read articles. I delete these cookies from counter to counter their surveillance efforts. Anyway, why I do this is not relevant to my question otherwise than to describe the technique that I use. After the upgrade to 19.0.2 the cookies window no longer displays the cookies. I know that they are there because I can always remove from tools-> clear_recent_history. The evidence: I have connection to google/finance and can see portfolio info staff. When I clear_recent_history-> cookies my session of google/finance updates the generic site, without all the personal info. I want to see the cookie real-time activity that I could before this upgrade. What has changed; Why; and how to restore my window in activity of cookie?

The article on private browsing has been very helpful and gives me another tool, I didn't know I had. I'm not looking for new features after an upgrade as a solid browser that gets the basics right is what I'm looking for. Less is more, as far as I'm concerned. As to not see the cookies in the cookies window, I cut up the pilot error... sort of. I keep the tools-> options-> privacy-> open show_cookies all the time so, I take the default settings for granted. By default, I mean when it opens after a Firefox upgraded it opens a size minimum, even once it has been used several times. So, apparently, after 19.0.2 that he opened in its smallest manifestation, not the way I usually view it. When it is smaller, you don't see its content. After poking and insistence at all to understand what was going on I, just for grins, pulled the corner marker to enlarge and I saw of the current set of cookies. Mea culpa for wasting everyone's time. Thanks for the vector to private browsing. I'll still use the cookies window to selectively blow those I want around the same during active sessions, i.e., subscription sites like nytimes.com that are free items and store results in a cookie. When you hit their arbitrary limit, they demand that you pay up to read more. I object to paying for news content that includes ads. I would gladly subscribe and pay a toll to get a textual context without advertising but I don't pay get their ads too... so I blow this cookie counter and read on. Thanks cor - el for your answer.

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