I don't have a navigation bar and firefox does not open in safe mode to return to the default configuration. Does not work reinstall. Any help please.

I have no navigation bar since I closed it to have more space on the screen. It will not re - open. Firefox does not open in safe mode, but immediately opens in normal mode with the new configuration incorrect, so I can't reset to default configuration. I deleted Firefox and re-installed and it always opens with the same faulty configuration. Why doesn't Firefox give me the safe mode dialog box, why can I not re - open the navigation bar, and how I can do those two things, please? Firefox is currently unusable for me without a navigation bar with no access to the default settings in safe mode. I can't search the extensions that I use since I have no navigation bar to go to tools, modules, Extensions.

This has happened

Each time Firefox opened

I closed the navigation bar to make more space on the screen and I could not re - open.

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Press the Alt key to display the Menu bar, then open view > toolbars and select menu bar and the bar of Navigation, so that they have a check mark.

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