I don't have an icloud option in iphoto preferences.  I'm trying to place my photo library in icloud

I am trying to load my library on my icloud account, but when I open the iphoto preferences, I have no other choice to icloud.  the photos have not been downloaded automatically?


Pictures are downloaded automatically if your have verified Photos ☑️ in System Preferences > iCloud.

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    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

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    To be honest, I'm not sure.  But since no one else took stabbed again, I have some suggestions.  The simplest thing is to first try a restart early / forced:

    Restart your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch - Apple Support

    Maybe it is not because no one is in your list of VIP.  Tap the Mail icon and see if VIP appears there and if someone is included in your VIP list by clicking on the symbol of the info here.  Just a thought.

  • I don't have audio on my computer. I had until I tried an Office 2010 Trial Version, (did not buy it - had 60 days)

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    Hi Samantha,

    Office 2010 has nothing to do with the sound on your computer! Check if you get the sound default value for pc, I mean during the start or stop, you can check also from start-> settings-> Control Panel-> Sound.

    If you get no sound check for the audio drivers installed correctly start-> settings-> Control Panel-> system-> hardware-> device-> check management no yellow exclamation under his. If Yes, you will need to re - install the drivers for your sound card.

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    Check your speakers if its not working properly.

    I hope this helps.

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    I tried to run the command prompt, but it does not run "cmd"!

    I was able to run the Windows in safe mode system restore, I go back to my computer. Thanks for your help.

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    Now, I have 3 laptops in my house.  We're on Windows 7 (let's call it W7) and two are on Vista (we'll call V1 and V2).  On my Windows 7, I can connect (via the network - all PC use the same Linksys wireless router) v1 without problem and see shared files, but I can't connect to V2.  I get the message "you don't have permission to access \\PCName."  Now if I put in place a different id user on W7, I can access the V1 and V2.  I need to stick with my original if possible user id, because this is where I've already implemented a large number of programs that I need for work.

    Any ideas on what could be going on with my original user id?  He worked two weeks ago, although I added a few programs as I finally tried access V2.  Thank you!

    You can 'stick with your original user "; just add it to the machine of V2. See point c below for more details:

    Problems sharing files between computers on a network are usually caused by 1) a misconfigured firewall or a firewall neglected (including a dynamic firewall in a virtual private network); or (2) inadvertently run two firewalls such as the firewall of Windows and a third-party firewall. and/or (3) do not have accounts to the same users and passwords on all computers in the workgroup. (4) tries to create actions where the operating system does not.

    In Windows 7, go to control panel > everything in Control Panel > network and sharing Center. Click on "change the advanced sharing settings. You don't want to use the residential group unless you have all Windows 7 machines. If you do and you want to use the homegroup, see Windows 7 Help & Support. Otherwise, in sharing advanced:

    Discovery of plug in the network
    Open the files and printers sharing
    Turn on the sharing section Public folder sharing
    Plug the password protected sharing

    A. configure the firewall on all machines to allow traffic to local area network (LAN) as being approved. With the Windows Firewall, turning on window file sharing and printer as the above will take care of that for you. If you are not running a third-party firewall or you have an antivirus/security with its own firewall component program, then you're fine.  With a third-party firewall, I usually set up the allocation of LAN with an IP address range. E.g. would be - Obviously you would substitute your correct subnet. Refer to the safety of any third party program or the user forums for how to correctly configure its firewall. Do not run more than one firewall. DON'T STOP FIREWALLS; CONFIGURE THEM CORRECTLY.

    (B) to facilitate the Organization, put all computers in the same workgroup. This is done from the System applet in Control Panel, the computer name tab.

    C. create the counterpart of the user accounts and passwords on all machines. You do not need to be logged into the same account on all machines and assigned to each user account passwords can be different; accounts/passwords just need to exist and to match on all machines. DO NOT NEGLECT TO CREATE PASSWORDS, EVEN IF ONLY OF SIMPLE. If you want a machine to boot directly to the desktop (a particular user account) for convenience, you can do this:

    Start > Search box > type: netplwiz [Enter]
    Click continue (or provide an administrator password) when you are prompted by UAC

    Uncheck "users must enter a user name and password to use this computer". Select a user account to connect automatically by clicking on the account you want to highlight and press OK. Enter the password for this user account (when it exists) when you are prompted. Leave blank if there is no password (null). MS - MVP - Elephant Boy computers - don't panic!

  • All trying to open my itunes, it says "itunes library drive is locked, or you don't have permission to write to this file.

    All trying to open my itunes, it says "itunes library drive is locked, or you don't have permission to write to this file. I tried already affecting my folder and subfolders and files read/write homegroup and still does not work. I DON'T want to NOT uninstall and reinstall and lose all my playlits - I currently have 250 of playlists (I'm a dance teacher) and begin to teach Friday. HOW can I fix it as soon as possible?


    Please follow the steps.

    a. go to the iTunes folder. In Windows, the default location is: \username\Music\iTunes.
    b. right-click and select Properties.
    c. uncheck Read-only.
    d. click on apply. Click OK to change all subfolders. Click Ok.
    e. now check and see if you can open iTunes.

    I suggest also please contact iTunes for assistance support team.


  • CS5 says that I don't have enough memory to deal with the appearance of an object

    I have a mac, and I get a pop up box that says: I don't have enough RAM to complete the operation. I tried to uninstall and delete things that I don't use anymore from the hard drive to create a space. It mainly occurs when I try to use the 3D effects. Is there something else I should try or other places I should be clean to create space? I don't really know anything about memory, so I'm kind of clueless when it comes to this.

    a a:

    You have found the ability to RAM and hard drive mixed upward. You have probably not remove anything or make room on your hard disk (if it's a good idea to let a few GB of hard disk space and keep things tidy).

    See here for the true definition of RAM:


    During this time, see if the lowering of the value of your Document Raster Effects setting (under the menu effects) and we do know if this helps.

    Otherwise, the objects that you want to apply the 3D effect on can be too complicated. Is there a way you can simplify?

  • System not on the iCloud photo library?

    Can I can put a photo library independent of the system on the disk to iCloud and therefore have access to it from multiple macs?

    If you put a photo library on iCloud drive and access it from another Mac synchronization between devices may corrupt the library. I've tested this with a few small test libraries, and none of them survived to synchronization, once I opened new during on iCloud drive.

    I would not risk with important photos.

  • I turned on my icloud photo library, but not download my photos and videos. Don't I have the wrong settings on my iphone? I also chose upload for my photo stream.

    iPhone 5 c with the current operating system.

    turned on icloud library in settings.

    photos/videos will not download.

    Have I not bad settings?

    I also chose upload for my photo stream.

    Any ideas?

    What do you mean "they don't download", exactly what is happening.

    If you use the library of iCloud photo flow Gallery becomes hidden. Is there a reason to activate the photo stream.

  • I have a second hand 5s iphone and the owner has not removed the icloud, and I don't have any details to the seller so what can I do?

    can I use my iphone to second hand 5s without making the user off icloud because I don't have all the details and its driving me crazy because it is a stupid idea, so I don't see how you can lose a phone

    < published by host >

    Nothing. Unless the previous owner, clearing his account iCloud, he will remain in the lock of Activation for ever. It is totally unnecessary for you.

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