I double clicked on update of programs and I wonder now run a legacy cpl high. When I click ok it says script errors and nothing works.

original title: run a legacy cpl high?

Hi all. on my control panel I double clicked on update of programs and I wonder now run a legacy cpl high. When I click ok it says script errors and nothing works. If I click on details until I click on continue it says; "C:\Windows\System32\RunLegacyCPLElevated.exe" Shell32.dll, Control_RunDLL "C:\Windows\system32\ISUSPM.cpl",Program updates I'm not very technical and well I tried to look on the search engines, I can't find anything to help me.

Hope someone can advise me please

Thank you aypee74


I figured how to stop my warning high. I just got an answer and it reminded me that I now know why my computer was giving this prompt. This may help a bit there. So I decided to write.

In my case it was my 'Sigmatel Audio Control Panel.
I had disabled "allow reconfiguration pop ups".
This will make the warning "Run a legacy CPL high" lights up to chance that your system can access this audio program. Once I've rechecked. The warnings went away unless I open the control panel. But it's a normal warning according to the manufacturer of my computer.
Some of you may have something much more serious, but for the few who becomes confused by the latter and have this audio driver, this may help.

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    * NB If SP3 is installed - then the command that you type must be:

    Copy c:\windows\ServicePackFiles\i386\hal.dll c:\windows\system32

    ... instead, because the files are of two different levels of review

    Then restart.

    I hope this helps!
    Shawn - Support Engineer - MCP, MCDST
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think

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    I also have IE on my computer and it works fine.

    my contact: [email protected]

    Do a clean reinstall.
    If there are problems with the implementation at day then best is to download the full version and uninstall the currently installed version and remove the Firefox program folder to remove all remaining files.

    • Uninstall your current version of Firefox.
    • Do not remove the data of a personal nature when you uninstall the current version or you lose your bookmarks and other data in the profile folder.
    • Delete the program folder Firefox before installing newly downloaded copy of the Firefox installer.
    • It is important to remove the Firefox program folder to delete all the files and make sure that there is no problem with the files that were the remains after uninstallation.

    Your bookmarks and other profile data stored in the Firefox profile folder and will not be affected by a relocation, but make sure that you do not select delete data of a personal nature if you uninstall Firefox.

    It is perhaps not necessary to create a new profile, so first try if it works with your current profile, and if not then create a new profile.

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    That's what I tried:
    -everything is on maximum performance
    decliques-i 'allow the computer to turn off this device to save power ".
    -disabled some 'ip helper' in services
    -check all that relates to the router (change channels, interference with other routers or wifi), the hardware part SEEMS very well (the laptop is fairly new, it's like a year and never had any problems with it)
    -verification of updates of drivers, it says I have the latest version
    -fully scanned the laptop for viruses and none has been detected
    n ' install any programs lately that could cause this
    -network, signall is excellent

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    If no help pleaseeee? I noticed that it happens to many other users also.

    If the steps we have provided above has not resolved the problem with intermittent wireless connectivity, then what Canadian technology said, it is likely that the problem lies in the material.

    Intermittent wireless connectivity are often caused by loose or defective air intakes to the wireless card, or a faulty card as well. This is the reason why Canadian Tech informed on the use of an external USB wireless device.

    Another option is to contact the manufacturer of your device, which is Lenovo, for repair options based on security they provide. You can contact them via this link.

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    If I'm the only one with this problem, then what in the world is happening and how can I get it back to normal?

    Thank you.

    Screenshot, please?


  • My application Snapchat says "pending". I already saved, restarted and synced my phone and nothing works. When I try to delete the app it still doesn't let me.

    Snapchat is usually a good app on my iPhone work 6. Yesterday, my application is gray and says "pending". I thought it was an update, so I don't worry. Come to find out that when I rebooted, backed up and synced my phone, it does not always work. In addition, if I tried to remove the app it will not work.

    Hi there larry.mcgill,

    Thanks for stopping by the communities Support from Apple! Looks like the Snapchat app on your iPhone 6 is grayed out, despite trying to restart, backup, synchronize your device and delete the app. I'll be more than happy to offer some suggestions to solve this problem.

    To start, go to settings > general > storage & use of iCloud. From there, press "Manage storage" under "Storage". You should see a list of your applications to fill out after a while. Scroll down and locate the app Snapchat tap on it and see if it will allow you to remove it from there! If so, you can go back into the App Store and reinstall.

    If you are unable to remove the application in this way, you can try to reset the settings on your iPhone. To do this, go to settings > general > reset > reset all settings. This removes any of your personal data. You may need to adjust some of your user-specific settings (for example, wallpaper, etc.), as well as re - enter your Wi - Fi connection information.

    In addition, you want to watch resetting your device to factory settings to rule out any software issues. It could install a new copy of iOS on your iPhone. Once you test that you are able to access Snapchat, you can restore from a backup. Here's a link with information on how to restore the factory settings:

    Use iTunes on your Mac or PC to restore your iPhone, iPad or iPod to factory settings

    Relax your day wonderful!

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  • I have RoboForm Lite 2.1.0 installed but everything is shaded in the toolbar, and nothing works

    I have really more details to be provided - the question defines the question

    Found this in the add comments - one and it worked for me:

    "There should be a RoboForm icon on the far right next to the home button & favourites on Firefox (NOT the menu of RoboForm - this is a different icon)." If you click on that you will be asked your online user name and password, and then the toolbar is enabled. »

    Hope that helps.

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