I dropped my iphone help is there a fix lcd

OK so I have an iPhone 5 c and the screen was cracked already but it worked fine... Well I got in trouble and my father took but in the process, he has been criticized on the counter and didn't return for a week when I got it back it does not turn on so I thought it was dead, I plugged and waited and the screen fired blue with white lines and then turned off and the whatever what els... so I think it's just the LCD screen?


It is exactly what it sounds like. The screen would either need to be replaced, or a set of replacement under warranty. Apple would be able to answer this question. Take a go-Genius Bar to the nearest Apple Store. The cost will depend on if it's just the screen or if he needs a full-replacement warranty. You can check this link for repair options and costs. repair - official Apple iPhone Support

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