I find not folders option, search and button in windows xp.

Windows xp - run, folder and search option not found is not in the start menu

Click on the Start button, click on Properties > customize > advanced and put checkmarks in the boxes to run the command and Search .  I don't know of an option for the folder . Boulder computer Maven
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  • Try to find the queries of search and replace

    OK, I thought I knew where it was.  I looked at

    C:\Users\phyllis\AppData\Local\Adobe\InDesign\Version 6.0\en_US\Caches
    He has here called FindChangeData and FindChangeDataTmp files, but write them in the folder for the Version 7.5 does nothing.

    So I think I'm looking in the wrong place.  I'm moving all the queries search and replace in InDesign CS 5.5.  Can someone point me to them?

    Thank you, Phyllis

    Try C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\InDesign\------------.

  • Option 'search automatically' upgrade of Windows 7 device driver fails immediately

    I guess I'm really test the features of Windows 7 that I'm running it on a desktop PC's old, slow, and my access (due to overfishing) Internet was cut up to 64 Kbps (8bKps)!

    (And it's fast!  Time to shut-down/re-start is incredibly faster than XP even.)

    Having said that I did several times with Windows XP and Vista, I install Windows, and then plug a USB Wi - Fi dongle and access the Internet through that.  I then right-click on my other devices/Ethernet Controller (of which a driver has not automatically been installed) and select software update of the driver...  It worked without problem - on XP and Vista.

    I did the same with Win7 RC today and am surfing the Internet without problem (if a little slow).  However, the option "Automatically search for an updated driver" takes but ½ second to respond with an error "Windows cannot find driver software for your device".  It does not seem able to verify the (entirely functional, but slow) Internet at all.

    The previous screen said, "Windows will search your computer and the Internet for the latest version of the software driver for your device, UNLESS YOU have DISABLED THIS FEATURE IN the SETTINGS of INSTALLATION of YOUR UNIT."    This is a new installation, and I did not knowingly put such an option (with XP there was once a choice 'always check Internet Internet/check this time only').
    It's a matter of waiting period (half a second? or another bug of pre - release?)

    Until someone said, yes I could download the drivers on the C: drive and point the app update driver there, but it is not the purpose of this; also some people may use Win7 dial-up modem access... ;-)

    Thank you!

    See you soon,.
    Sydney, Australia

    You don't like when they don't even read your post before responding? Thank you "Support Engineer".

  • No printer not appearing in devices and printers in Windows 7

    This is quite disconcerting, and after a thorough search, I can't find an answer to work.

    Basically, I installed a printer on my machine here Win7Pro.  The printer can be printed from various applications.  However, the printer does NOT appear under devices and printers.  The printer appears under print management.

    The printer is an Epson color Stylus 2200 connected via USB.  The computer is a Dell D620 Laptop.  Win7 has been properly installed - no upgrade.  The printer is visible (for example) of Corel Paint Shop Pro X 2.

    Anyone has any ideas what setting I need to enable the visibility of printer under devices and printers?  Is there something other wrong here?  It's easily fixable?

    UPDATE: I just added a shared printer (connected to a WinXP machine brother 7040) networking for this laptop Win7 and it isn't too visible under devices and printers.  However, what is different here is that this printer is also not visible under the management of printing.

    Network connections are not in print management.  They should appear in printers and devices IS very disconcerting.  Normally, this will occur if the print spooler service is not running, but then your local machine would be displayed with a red indicator in printing management.

    I guess that you have a standard USB and not a parallel converter cable USB cable.

    Check the security settings for the properties of the printer.  Make sure that your user account is listed at least print access.  Devices and printers opens with the standard user security token.

    Alan Morris Windows printing team seek here Microsoft Knowledge Base: http://support.microsoft.com/search/Default.aspx?adv=1

  • Printers are not appearing in devices and printers in Windows 7

    I just upgraded from Vista Home Premium (x 64) for Windows 7 Home Premium.  The upgrade went quite well, but none of my printers did not work after the upgrade.  The software warned me that for my Brother HL-1240 driver could be a problem, so I wasn't surprised, but my HP Inkject 2230 Business also did not work.

    The two initially appear in devices and printers.  But I deleted and reinstalled to get the upgraded drivers.  As I did, I realized that I had given wrong directions LPT ports to two printers.  However, now, printers do not appear in devices and printers, but appear when you access via other software.  I need to remove so that I can redirect the output to the correct printer, but can not find anywhere to remove.



    Most likely devices are appearing as part of the computer or the parallel card in devices and printers.  Do a right click of the side card or computer, if you have a printer properties menu item is the printer you are looking for.  If you have ultimate or use Pro printmanagement.msc whenever you need to change something with local printers. Alan Morris Windows printing team; Here Microsoft Knowledge Base search: http://support.microsoft.com/search/Default.aspx?adv=1

  • Keyoard USB does not work after unplugging and plugging in (Windows XP Pro x 64)

    I had to move my computer then I unplugged everything, including the usb keyboard and mouse usb.

    The mouse and keyboard have no drivers as they are supposed to be plug-and-play.

    The mouse works well, the keyboard does not work...

    I get the message found material (found the usb keyboard) new then I tell windows to search for drivers but nomatter where I order, it finds no driver.

    There are all the correct drivers that are built into windows.

    Fabrice what connector on the motherboard, I try, it will not find the driver.


    • What is the brand and model of the computer?
    • What is the brand and model of the keyboard?
    • The keyboard works on another computer?
    • The computer recognizes another keyboard, if hooked up?
    • The computer is running at startup and shutdown after loading Windows?

    Restore the system to a point when the keyboard worked.

    See: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/306084

  • Why is it not possible to search the services.msc (Windows Services)?


    Sometimes I find annoying to look for a service without knowing its exact name. But fortunately, most services come with a very good description of what they actually do.

    However, the tool Microsoft provides to display and toggle the service (one that you get when you start "services.msc" is pretty poor - it of me or is there really no function search inside this application, and what is the reason?) Is any other program available?

    And Yes, I am well aware that I could write a script powershell for this, but I wonder why Windows 7 is missing these basic features the convenient way... :(


    There is no research in the services.msc, but in Windows 8 and 8.1, you can export a
    the list in .txt format and I think it is also available in Windows 7.

    On the menu at the top of the export services.msc - Action list. This list is available when called to the top in
    an editor such as WordPad or Notepad, or even Microsoft Word.

    Of course you can also click the column header to change the inscription which could help.


    There is also the 3rd sites and third parties who may be consulted to help you locate specific
    Service (they add additional descriptions).

    Windows 7

    Windows 7 Service Pack 1

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP<- profile="" -="" windows="" expert="" -="" consumer="" :="" bicycle=""><- mark="" twain="" said="" it="">

  • do not have a spelling and grammar check windows 7

    is not the spelling and grammar check on windows 7

    Fix.  There is no utility in Win7 for this but there are in applications such as Office & Open Office.

  • Do not account load Twitter and facebook on Windows RT.

    When I add twitter and facebook accounts that are related to my Microsoft account he said "you're good to go" and that it may take a few minutes for things to see, but they never do. Photos on the people tile update with peoples profile pictures but no foods are visible and in the top-right corner of the screen, it shows me only connected to Microsoft and Hotmail accounts. Any help?

    Title: twitter stream does not

    Uninstall and reinstall the mail people, messages, calendar application fixed this problem for me.

  • Cannot find Information on the performance and tools in Windows 8.1

    I wanted to find the laptop computer for my new Windows experience index. I checked this article, however, when I searched for information tools on the performance that was shown no results. Help, please.


    See if that helps you...



    See you soon.

  • can not leave photoshop cc2015 and .jpg images windows do not close

    I have Photoshop cc2015 on a macbook pro which works very well, however, on my office imac after that I open the application, the only way to close is strength to quit smoking. . JPG images also stays open, no matter what I do to close. If I also save these images as .psd, can I close them both.

    I wonder if the combination of material with the NVIDIA GeForce GT 750 M 1024 MB is the cause. It happened with the strata 7.5 and it took them a while to understand. Cc2014 Photoshop works very well.

    I can't solve the Extensis Suitcase Fusion 6 FMCore startup problem, even after the recipes that I found on the internet.

    Here's what I have: iMac (21.5 inch, end of 2013), 3.1 GHz Intel Core i7 processor, memory DDR3 8 GB 1600 MHz and the chart. El Captain 10.11.3

    Hold down the SHIFT key at the launch of the Psalm

    Then select 'Yes' when it prompts to Skip loading plugins in option

    ~ Assani

  • Free download Flash Professional, do not use 30 days and ask for windows 10

    I use windows 10. I want to download free Flash Professional, but I don't not need can use it 30 days. We will, I want a lot of time and I don't want to give money.


    I'm sorry, but the duration of the trial cannot be changed.

    You can check the Adobe trial version has expired at the beginning

    Kind regards


  • I can't find the query option to scroll on the window of the effect

    Hi, I would like to use the motion of scrolling, but I can't find this option on the windows of the effect (see my screenshot). Can someone help me?

    The version of Muse is "Updated", I use a MacbookPro 13 the retina, with the Mavericks. Italian version of Muse

    Thank you


    Schermata 2014-01-04 alle 22.16.42.png

    Schermata 2014-01-04 alle 22.16.59.png

    Hello Luca,

    You can find the "Scrolling Effects" option, as shown in this screenshot: http://screencast.com/t/kLI07niXE

    I hope this helps.

    See you soon


  • Flash Player 11.9.900.117 not recognized by Opera and Firefox on Windows Vista (32-bit) SP2

    I use 4 browsers on my laptop Toshiba Windows Vista (32-bit) SP2:

    Internet Explorer 9

    Google Chrome Version 30.0.1599.101 m

    Opera Version 17.0.1241.45

    Mozilla Firefox Version 24.0

    I just downloaded and installed Flash Player 11.9.900.117, which is recognized by IE9 and Chrome from Google, but not in Opera and Firefox, even after closing the browser and re-start.

    How can I get Flash Player to work with Opera and Firefox?

    Thanks for your help.

    See you soon,.


    There are two different versions of Flash Player for Windows (3 If you count Chrome)

    ActiveX which is ONLY for IE,

    Flash Player for other browsers which is for Opera, Safari and Firefox, and

    "PepperFlash" that is built into Chrome by Google.

    Download the tool or another browser version will have NO EFFECT on Chrome.

    Download of the ActiveX version WILL NOT install a plugin for Opera or Firefox because they do not use controls ActiveX - NO browser but IE uses not since about 2001.

    Download Adobe Flash Player for Firefox and Opera setup directly by clicking on the following link.

    Flash Player plug-in (all other browsers)

  • Help! Can't find my product code number and should reinstall Windows 7 on Macbook Air parallel

    I have completely reformatted my hard drive, thinking that I had everything stored on an external drive.  So now support Parallels tells me that I have to reinstall Windows 7.  I have the disc, but I don't have the product code.  I have no idea where he is.  Is there a way I can get help without having to buy the product again?

    Product key replacement, try to contact Microsoft:

    Get a new Windows 7 product key:
    If your Windows product key is not valid, if you don't have a Windows product key,
    or if you have lost the product key that came with Windows,
    you will need to buy a new one to activate Windows.

    J W Stuart: http://www.pagestart.com

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