I forgot my apple ID and password with the lock to activate iphone

my iphone firmware restore with computer

After that restore iphone activation icloud is lockd

I forgot my apple ID and password

How to solve

Thank you


Are you still connected to the account anywhere so that you can look it up? Or do you have account downloads in your computer's iTunes library so that you can do "get info" on them and see the id? If not have you tried: If you have forgotten your Apple - Apple Support ID ?

If you can't find always her, and if you were the original purchaser for the phone (that is, it has not been bought second-hand) then you could try to go to an Apple Store (make a Genius Bar appointment if you do) or try to contact iTunes Support Online (https://www.apple.com/emea/support/itunes/contact.html) and see if they can remove the phone from the account - they are likely to want to see the proof of ownership before they could help by example an original receipt with the serial number above

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