I forgot the password for VPN record how I opened

First I have to buy the phone add password for VPN and I forgot how I fix this


You can try to perform a repair of the system as it will be your phone factory reset or below, try to perform a factory reset, but in order to achieve a system repair

Turn off your phone and unplug the PC (Hold to increase the volume and power for 10 seconds)
Start PC Companion and select the area of support then updated my phone/Tablet then blue fix my phone/Tablet and follow the instructions on the screen - when you are prompted, always connect your phone off press and hold volume or back button - this should begin the process of repair or reformatting

If you use Windows 8/8.1 or a 64-bit operating system and then adjust the settings for PC Companion and run in compatibility mode and choose Windows 7 or XP

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