I forgot the password for VPN record how I opened

First I have to buy the phone add password for VPN and I forgot how I fix this


You can try to perform a repair of the system as it will be your phone factory reset or below, try to perform a factory reset, but in order to achieve a system repair

Turn off your phone and unplug the PC (Hold to increase the volume and power for 10 seconds)
Start PC Companion and select the area of support then updated my phone/Tablet then blue fix my phone/Tablet and follow the instructions on the screen - when you are prompted, always connect your phone off press and hold volume or back button - this should begin the process of repair or reformatting

If you use Windows 8/8.1 or a 64-bit operating system and then adjust the settings for PC Companion and run in compatibility mode and choose Windows 7 or XP

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  • I forgot the password for backup iTunes, how to do now?

    I accidentally deleted some contacts and SMS on my iPhone 6 during the cleaning of the unit. I backed up my iPhone a few days before. So I had planned to restore the items deleted from the iTunes backup. However, when I restore my iPhone with iTunes, it asks me to enter a password. I tried some more used by myself, but without a bit of luck.

    Is it possible to restore my iPhone from the iTunes backup?


    If you forgot your password for encrypted backup itunes, the only thing you can do is remove the encrypted backup find and manage your backups iTunes - Apple Support.

    After that just who go on your iphone in Settings - General - reset - Reset all settings.

    When you have completed these steps, you should be able to create the new backup without encrypt or implement the new password for encryption you will know.

    I hope this will help!

  • When I connect I have 2 home groups to choose. I forgot the password for one othem, how to reset it if I don't know? also_

    also, I went to see or print windows password and the password it shows does not work.

    everything I work with is in the homegroup that I can't enter. What should do? Help, please!

    Thank you!

    I suggest to try the steps from the following links and check if it helps.

    Hope this information is useful.

  • I forgot the password for the authorized user account. How am I able to get on the authorized user account

    If I forgot the password for the authorized user account. How am I able to get on the authorized user account? I am the authorized user btw.


    1. What do you mean exactly when you say 'authorized user account password'?

    2. who are you referring?

    Are you a person referring Windows user name and password, refer to the article that you give

    In addition, technical support engineers Microsoft cannot help you recover passwords files and Microsoft who are lost or forgotten product features.

    Microsoft's strategy concerning lost or forgotten passwords

  • I forgot the password for iphone backup

    I forgot the password for iphone backup

    Hi Laura,

    Sorry to hear that you forgot your iPhone backup password. You can try all possible passwords.

    See backups encrypted in iTunes - Apple Support about

    There is no way to recover your information or disable backup encrypted if you lose or forget the password.

    and lowest...

    You cannot use a backup encrypted if you do not have the password. If you have forgotten your password, the only way to turn off encryption on the backup device is to wipe your device and set up as new. Clear deletes all data on your device. If you do not want to erase your device, restore from a backup rather

    Take care.

  • I forgot my password for wi - fi, how to find

    I forgot the password for my wi - fi so I can not connect to the kindle store

    Locate the manual for your WiFi, reset it to factory default (if you have changed the password) and reset it upwards or if it is provided by your ISP, perhaps you could contact your ISP for instructions.

  • I forgot the password for my administrator account only.

    A few months ago I created two accounts on my Windows 7 computer: a standard user, who does not have a password to connect, and an admin user, that does not require a password to connect.

    The problem is that I forgot the password for the admin user and now I can not upload files to the standard user because he asks me the password of the admin.

    What can I do?

    You can use the account that Windows created for you when you first loaded Windows. It was created automatically with administrator privileges. Setting up new accounts will not change unless you deliberately downgraded this initial account.

  • I forgot the password for SYS of two databases (Oracle 11 g) running on the same PC

    Hi all
    I have 5 db to create on my pc, namely...


    Note: these db were created in the same order.

    I forgot password of sys to oracle4 and oracle5 of the db.
    If I'm under method change sys password:
    "sqlplus/nolog '.
    Conn virtue sysdba
    alter user sys identified by < password >; " ,

    I'm always change password for sys to oracle5 db.
    How to change the password for the sys to oracle4 db?

    Thank you.

    under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ORACLE\KEY_OraDb11g_home3--> oracle_sid = oracle3
    \KEY_OraDb11g_home2--> oracle_sid = oracle2
    \KEY_OraDb11g_home1--> oracle_sid = oracle1

    Well, you obviously have (at least) 3 separate installations of Oracle 11 g.

    In addition to the set the ORACLE_SID, you also need to set the ORACLE_HOME:

    set ORACLE_SID=oracle2
    set ORACLE_HOME=

    If this does not work, copy / paste the commands you've tried and the error you get.

  • I forgot the password for iphone

    Forgotten password and iPhone locked out.  How to regain control?

    If the device is already disabled, you will need to restore the device using iTunes by putting it into recovery mode.

    If the device is not disabled and you had find my active iPhone, you can erase it remotely iCloud.co

    If you have forgotten the password for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, or your...

    I hope that you had an iTunes or iCloud backup, otherwise you will restore as new.

    I hope this helps!

  • I forgot the password for my mini 210

    I do not remember the password for my mini 210.le how can I overcome this?

    Thank you


    You can use a request for reset password such as the free utility on the link below - this can be created on a usb flash drive.


    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • I forgot the password for laptop Windows 8

    Original title: help!

    I haven't done my recovery disks on my Windows laptop, 8 yet and I forgot my password for my laptop! I tried everything, help!

    I haven't done my recovery disks on my Windows laptop, 8 yet and I forgot my password for my laptop! I tried everything, help!


    Sorry, but the political forum do not allow any information for the recovery of passwords. This is necessary because of the anonymous nature of these forums.

    If you have another administrator account, you can log in with that account and change the password of the account where you have forgotten the password.

    If you do not have another administrator account, you can use a password reset disk, if you have created a.

    If you do not have one of these options, your best solution is to take the computer to a local computer repair shop and ask them to retrieve the password for you.

    Unfortunately, beyond that we can not help you. Please review the following policies for these forums and Microsoft.

    Please visit the following links.

    Password answers community support strategy

    Keep secure passwords - Microsoft strategy on move the passwords

    Microsoft's official policy

    Microsoft's strategy concerning lost or forgotten passwords


  • I forgot the password for apple

    I changed my password on my IPhone 4, end last nite. This morning I don't remember and have been locked on my phone all day. I thought I had synced with I tunes because I always buy games, music, etc and I have it on my Ipad as well. However when I followed the instructions to reset my phone it froze just & idk what to do. I get the Charger w/arrow, and the ITunes logo and can't get any further. If anyone can help me I would really appreciate it.

    If you have forgotten the password for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, or your device is disabled - Apple supports

  • I forgot the password for PRS-650

    I seem to have forgotten the password for my PRS-650 4-digit. The reset switch does not work to reset the locking of the device. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Problem solved. I did a hard reset by pressing the reset for 5 seconds, then turn on/off button unit and the holding of the left page turn and buttons to zoom. I was disappointed that this information was not in the manual or in the FAQ, I even searched the results online with no luck to reset the password, I hope that this information will help someone in the future.

  • I forgot the password for Sys

    Hi all

    I forgot my password for user "sys". Please, help me to recover. I use Oracle 9i on windows xp.

    Thanks in advance

    / as sysdba
    -no need of any password

  • I forgot the password for my icloud account. How can I reset password?

    I forgot the iCloud account password.  Cannot access email [email protected].

    Go to https://iforgot.apple.com

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