I get 2 pop-up messages on the toolbar of KeeFox that I can't stop.

I can't stop 2 messages popping up... they all appear a few minutes to be online with firefox (17.01), keefox (1.1.3) and keepass (?), Win7 (64 bit). I went to the page options and changed all those defining (messages), but the settings back to default values, and I get pop ups. I tried 'Rating', "change the parameters of the message", and "don't show again" and close toolbar with 'x '.
1. to assist the KeeFox. You've been using KeeFox for while now if it please help others by adding a positive review for the Web from Mozilla addons site.
Rate keefox now do not show message change message settings
2 KeeFox Tip: you can "Customize" your toolbars of FireFox (including KeeFox) to rearrange the buttons and save screen space.
Know that most do not show message still change message settings

See if anything here helps you.


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