I get an error message: resource files invalid or missing "Exetender Fatal Error" in the installation directory. Please reinstall Extender player. How can I do this? What is the Exetender Player?

Unfortunantely I purchased RegCure and did a scan and deleted some of the files they said error.  I tried to help and they said that their goods should not remove anything that needs the computer.  They said it was beyond their help and give me a refund.

I want to restore this file Extender player.  can you help or direct me to someone who is capable of?

Thanks for your time.

Jersey Fran


Hi JerseyFran,

Welcome to the Microsoft Answers site!

When you get the error message?

Did you change the computer that is causing this problem?

This happens usually if you uninstalled an application that has been installed but it was not always full uninstalled from the computer. You can use the Windows Installer Cleanup utility to uninstall the program completely. Follow the link given below to download the utility.

Download the Windows Installer CleanUp utility


We downloaded it, install it. Restart the computer and then run it. When you launch it, you will get a list of the applications that you want to delete. Select the appropriate message and follow the instructions on the screen.

You can also visit the link below and check if it is a help.


Hope this information is useful.

Amrita M

Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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