I get an error message, "there is a problem starting C:Users\ (my name!) \Appdata\local\temp\uacavi,dll ".


whenever I start my pc, I get this error message:

There is a problem starting C:Users\ (my name!) \Appdata\local\temp\uacavi,dll

I recently purchased RegCure Pro for fix my registry and its still not fixig the problem.

Help, please

Original title error message.

Thank you

Well, you shouldn't have wasted your money on a registry cleaner - they are dangerous to use if you don't know what exactly is the cleaning of your registry - and if it is safe to remove the discovered or not registry keys.

OK, so just fix it-

Press Windows key + R > type msconfig in the box run > Enter. In the System Configuration window, select the Startup tab.

Now, uncheck an entry > OK and restart. If the error message is gone, leave it as it is. If the error message still appears, open System Configuration > start again tab. Now check the entry you previously unchecked and uncheck another. You do this to know what entry causes the error.

Make work easier, you should not try unchecking and check all entries beginning with the following words in their names.

Microsoft, Adobe, Intel, (your company produces antivirus developer), Java, Synaptics and (the manufacturer of your computer - HP, Dell, Sony, MSI or anything else).

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