I get the windows login screen and I do not know the password for administrators

I accidentally deleted my account and when the computer starts and I get the windows login screen and I do not know the administrators password. Also how can I reinstall windows when I got a disc when I brought my laptop. Thank you, Lorraine


Thanks for getting back to me. I sold my old laptop to my son-in-law, and he asked me to remove my name from the computer off so that my name wasn't on the screen all the time. so I deleted the profile of cook of lorraine and made one for him, but I didn't give it a password. then I realized what I had to do (I got Lorraine where time is on the bottom of the screen), but was unable to highlight to remove it without a mouse. so I plugged a mouse, but the computer does not read, then I restarted the computer. When I restarted, all I could get was the windows login screen.

then I typed in the name son-nlaws and they said that he was kidnapped, tyoed in mine and got the same and then typed in Administrator, but did not know the password. I have since reinstalled windows. XP Professional would not install saying a file was missing, so I installed xp family and is working again. He just has to click on what edition it wants to run. Professional XP of course happen just with the display of connection... but it can use again.
Thank you once again, Lorraine

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