I had a loss of power, and now Firefox does not start on my XinXP machine. In the process of list is firefox.exe, but no window always opens

I have Firefox and Thunderbird - both Act the same. When I double click on the exe icon, a process starts, visible in the Task Manager, but no application ever does appear, in applications, or no appaears window. Both worked earlier today.

Tried the checkdisk - no help.

I uninstalled (in safe mode because the uninstall program wouldn't work either) of the software of the printer, and then reinstalled as.

After that, thunderbird and firefox have both worked very well. Part of Windows must have got dirty up/stuck by being apparently corrupted printing software. Printer icon never showed up. Firefox and Thunderbird must have tried to read printer data at startup and hung out to dry...

Thanks for the quick reply

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