I had A RUNDLL error in the middle of working on my moms computer the other day, this is: C:\Program files\common files\paretolic|uus2\uus.dll specified file not found someone can help? She has a dell computer that runs on XP

I'm willing to try to fix it with help.

The file belongs to the ParetoLogic data recovery software. If you have uninstalled this program, a reference has been left in the start. You can remove it as follows:

Start > run > msconfig [Enter]

This will open the System Configuration utility. Look under the Startup tab and find the likely culprit. Uncheck the box next to its name, apply and OK out. You don't need to restart immediately, but next time you do, you will get a dialog box saying that you have used the utility. Just check the box that says in effect, "don't mind to this subject again".

If your mother uses this software, uninstall/reinstall. MS - MVP - Elephant Boy computers - don't panic!

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    It is sometimes easy to get rid of the error message by doing something like disable the startup item in msconfig (if you can still find), but I suggest you fix the problem and difficulty not only the symptom of the problem by simply deleting the startup message.
    I would also not recommend you start digging in the registry to try to find the startup item and remove it unless you have a backup of your system or at least a backup of your registry, because there is no 'Cancel' or 'quit without saving changes' option in regedit.  If you make a mistake, that's all.
    These ideas relieve 'rapid' and sometimes risky of the symptom if they not even work at all, but they can't actually solve the problem.  Also, I'd be suspicious of ideas that begin with the words "try."  You don't need to try things, you need to fix things.  You don't need to try ideas that might work, you must do something that will always work all the time.
    Here are the detailed instructions that protect you and solve your problem in the 'right' way.
    There is very little. DLL files that should be loaded from the C:\WINDOWS folder and is not one of them.  If you do not have a good explanation for the name of the file in a Google search, the chances are good that your system is currently or has been infected by malware.
    A "Cannot find...". ', ' Failed to start..., "Could not load..." ». "Might not work... "" Cannot run ""error loading... ". "or"specific module could not be found"message at startup is usually related to the malware that has been configured to run at startup, but the referenced file has been removed after a malware scan, leaving behind him a startup item or the registry entry pointing to a file that does not exist.
    It might be a removal of malicious software or an application not installed.  The entry may have a curious looking name since it was probably generated at random when the malware was installed. If you search your system for the referenced file, you may not find.
    Windows attempts to load this file but cannot locate because the file has been deleted for most probably during an analysis of the malware. However, an orphaned associate of remainders of startup parameter or registry entry and tells Windows to load the file when you start or connection.
    So you should delete the referenced entry Windows stop trying to load or run the file. It may or may not be included in the registry, but you can find it.  Autoruns (see below) you get the elements no matter where it is.

    You must be sure to solve the problem and not just fix the symptom of the problem by simply relieving your message - system is not a fix (there is a difference).

    If you just locate and uncheck the item in msconfig, which disables the element but does not remove the reference to the element of false starting your computer.   The msconfig program is not a Startup Manager, that's a troubleshooting tool.  Disabling things in msconfig to put an end to the messages and think that your problem is solved is short-sighted and leave behind him a sloppy XP configuration.  Just disable the display of a start-up error message should not count as a 'solution' to the problem.
    If you are comfortable editing the registry, you can find and remove the reference directly from there or remove it using a popular third-party tool called Autoruns.  The problem can always be found in the registry well.
    Before making any changes to your registry by hand or with third-party tools, don't forget to first make a backup of the registry
    . There is no cancellation or exit without saving the option in regedit.
    Here is a link to a popular registry backup tool:
    You can also use the Autoruns to find the element of start remains little matter where he's hiding.  Autoruns does not install anything on your computer.  It will display all startup locations where the reference may be then you can turn it off or remove it completely.  Here is the download link for Autoruns:
    Run Autoruns.exe and wait that he at the end of the filling of the list of entries.
    When the Autoruns is finished scanning your system, it will say "Ready" in the lower left corner.  Autoruns can be a little intimidating to first if you have never seen it before because it displays a lot of information.  You are really interested only a few sections.
    The problem is usually to start the system or the user startup entries, then click the connection tab and see if the startup item is there.
    Scroll through the list and look for a boot entry associated files in the error message.
    If you can't find on the connection tab, look in any tab.
    You can also click file, search to search for logon, or any tab for all or part of the name of the element.
    Right-click on the offending entry and choose Remove.  If you are not sure what it is, you can just turn it off, restart and if the problem is resolved and things are functioning normally and everything works fine, then remove the offending entry.  If you don't see it in Autoruns, you may edit the registry and remove the item from your startup folder it.  Autoruns shall display the same information however.
    Given that your system has or has had an infection, follow up with this:
    Perform scans for malware, and then fix any problems:

    No matter what you use for malware protection, follow these steps:

    Download, install, update and do a full scan with these free malware detection programs at:
    Malwarebytes (MMFA): http://malwarebytes.org/
    SUPERAntiSpyware: (SAS): http://www.superantispyware.com/
    They can be uninstalled later if you wish.
    Restart your computer and solve the outstanding issues.
  • On the computer, it does not load XP but goes to the XP start and says: NVRD32.sys file not found

    On start-up the computer, it does not load XP but goes to starting XP, and says NVRD32.sys file not found. I have to go up to xp home line manually and it load. How to fix the problem, so he starts xp automatically without entering start xp
    Thank you

    Posing for the PC model, you show that you do not know the answer, it was a software problem, but you're right, it's a Dell.
    In any case, I found the answer elsewhere, must with the boot.ini file on XP

  • Start of the beekeeper fail with: globalInitNLS: NLS boot file not found

    When you attempt to start the beekeeper I get the following error:

    C:\oracleBeekeeper\product\\beekeeper_1\opmn\bin > opmnctl.exe startall
    opmnctl: from opmn and managed all process...
    globalInitNLS: NLS start the file not found or invalid
    -used block related to the default startup

    Quick searches on the error suggest setting ORACLE_HOME and ORACLE_BASE during ORA_NLS33 environment variable initialization.

    I tried these suggestions as well as tinkering with the path of windows and have had no chance.

    We run Database, hive and beekeeper all on the same box. As it is a project that is in a phase of research, we have not touched the box in a month or two. The last time he was hit it was working fine.

    Are there any other suggestions?

    Hi Thomas,

    May not be related, but had problems with the beekeeper on Windows with oranls10.dll until I set the following variable



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    From [http://uk.computers.toshiba-europe.com/innovation/jsp/supportMyProduct.do?service=UK]
    and [http://uk.computers.toshiba-europe.com/innovation/download_bios.jsp?service=UK]

    11/07/11 BIOS update Toshiba OS independent 2, 70 - WIN World Wide


    results in
    404 File not found

    Post edited by: MarkE

    Thanks for the comments!

  • Hi there, hope someone can help me with an Illustrator logo that I drew.

    Hi all, my logo looks great in Illustrator, but when I place it in Indesign it loses one of the elements...  I have a form with a gradient, there another element shaped inside, as well as two words. One word covers the edges so I used the scissors tool to cut the overlap. This is whenever I place this file, that the Word does not place with her! It drives me crazy. I have it together. If I copy / paste from Illustrator into Indesign, the slope becomes black. Please can someone help and tell me what I can hurt?

    You must select one of the letters in Illustrator with the direct Selection tool and then take a screenshot of the letter, the layers panel open and the appearance Panel.

    Also: it seems that you placed an EPS in InDesign. If Yes: don't. EPS is file format of the last century. It can and it will hurt you.

  • After the closure of Windows XP on my medion Tower desktop computer it now primer not. The message I get is Retten.exe file not found.

    I have a Medion Tower Office that, like fine until this last time, I closed Windows and now won't start or switch to safe mode recovery mode, ect., the message I get is unable to find the retten.exe file. It will not allow even me to re - install Windows xp from the disk that came with the desktop computer. Can any help?

    Thank you


    ·        You did changes to the computer before you shut down the computer?

    You can try to boot from the CD and perform a disk check, and check if that helps. You will need to change the boot order in the BIOS (Basic Input/output System) and check if that helps.

    Warning: Change (CMOS) BIOS/complementary metal oxide semiconductor settings can cause serious problems that may prevent your computer from starting properly. Microsoft cannot guarantee that problems resulting from the configuration of the BIOS/CMOS settings can be solved. Changes to settings are at your own risk.

    Start Recovery console, and then run the disk check. To start Recovery console follow the link below.


    Note: To start the recovery console, you need the Windows XP installation CD.

    Once you start in the recovery console, follow the link to perform the disk check.


    You may need to contact the manufacturer for support.


    Amrita M

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • Error file not found in Temp. Firefox does not start

    When I try to start Firefox (Windows 8.1 desktop computer) I get a full white screen with only the following error message:

    File not found
    Firefox can't find the file at / c; /Users/ username/AppData/Local/Temp/name of file (more than fifty characters long, all the numbers and letters without anything that looks like a real word and ends in /BGAW05 .htm).

    It of only a button to Try Again that never works and some directions to verify the name of the error file, or check if the file has been moved, renamed or deleted. I check to see if the file is no where on C: and it doesn't. It is there no file in Temp even remotely close to that name. I run Firefox with several tabs that are registered and come back when I restart Firefox. So maybe this file in Temp was associated with a deleted tab.

    As I said, this error message comes up full screen, covering the taskbar and not reduce it, restore, close buttons, as if I was running in mode Metro, I never do and will never do.

    Because of this error I can not even start Firefox now, so I had to become a user of Internet Explorer.

    How can I get Firefox to stop looking for this file?

    Any help on this will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    I found a solution to my problem. Looking in my info on solving computer problems, I noticed that some problems can be resolved by the administrator. I tried with Firefox and it worked. The only damage was that I lost the current tabs. But Firefox seems to work fine otherwise.

  • I inadvertently deleted a customer file in the creaticve folder has a cloud way to recover, please someone can help me?

    I inadvertently deleted a customer file in the creaticve folder has a cloud way to recover, please someone can help me?

    Hello David,.

    You can take a look at desktop Adobe Creative Cloud application: Questions and answers > what happens if I delete the files in my folder of Creative Cloud Files? > I quote the entire text, so you can find better it: "synchronize destruction file for the creative cloud and other equipment related to the account. The files deleted from the Creative Cloud Files folder are first placed in the section of the archive files from the files page. It is similarly of the files deleted from the files page. Your quota account thus archived files, so it is necessary to remove the files permanently to free up storage space. You can browse your files in the files of the site creative cloud heritage to restore, view decompress or permanently delete files to free storage.


  • I need to transfer old to newer computer laptop CS5, but lost disk because I have not the number can only find 20 digits in the serial no while I need 24 someone can help

    I have copy of CS5 on the old laptop and really need to do on my newer computer operating system windows, but the purchased disk was originally lost.  Help please I have improved my cameras and they are not supported in CS3 and I don't want to bother with the DNG Converter.  Looking at the details of loading originally in 2010 I have only 20 digits of the serial number that I need to finish loading on the new computer from 24.

    I hope someone can help please

    If your software is still running on your old machine, you can try to save it now. See if there is an Option in the Help menu. If it works, you don't need to know your serial number to get the software registered, but your number will subsequently indicate in your adobe account.

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    Hi Rose

    Refer to the troubleshooting error messages | CS5, CS5.5 bootstrapper

    Installer [CS5.5] initialization failed. Please download Adobe Support Advisor to detect the problem.

    I hope this helps.

    Thank you


  • My computer started to send copies of all email sent again and again... as 26 copies for 1 person, please please someone can help me?

    Need help

    Can someone help me I am not very computer... my computer started sending multiple copies of any email sent again and again... like 26 copies for 1 person, please please someone can help me
    You did not mention the e-mail program you use. If it's Outlook Express, you have corruption of dbx files.
    Spend most of your messages out of the Inbox and then create new folders to send and sent items box after having moved the messages you want to save to a local folder that you create.
    Tools | Options | Maintenance | Store folder will reveal the location of your Outlook Express files. Note the location and navigate on it in Explorer Windows or, copy and paste in start | Run.
    In Windows XP, Win2K & Win2K3 the OE user files (DBX and WAB) are by default marked as hidden. To view these files in Windows Explorer, you must enable Show hidden files and folders under start | Control Panel | Folder Options icon | Opinion, or in Windows Explorer. Tools | Folder options | View.
    With OE closed, find the DBX files for the items in the Outbox and sent and delete them.  New ones will be created automatically when you open OE.
    After you're done, followed by compacting your folders manually while working * off * and do it often.
    Click Outlook Express at the top of the the folder tree so no folders are open. Then: File | Work offline (or double-click on work online in the status bar). File | Folder | Compact all folders. Don't touch anything until the compacting is completed.
    General precautions for Outlook Express:
    Do not archive mail in the receipt or sent items box. Create your own user-defined folders and move messages you want to put in them. Empty the deleted items folder daily. Although the dbx files have a theoretical capacity of 2 GB, I recommend all a 300 MB max for less risk of corruption.
    Information on the maximum size of the .dbx files that are used by Outlook Express:
    Disable analysis in your e-mail anti-virus program. It is a redundant layer of protection that devours the CPUs, slows down sending and receiving and causes a multitude of problems such as time-outs, account setting changes and has even been responsible for the loss of messages. Your up-to-date A / V program will continue to protect you sufficiently. For more information, see:
    Why you don't need your anti-virus to scan your email
    Note that for some AV programs, it may be necessary to uninstall the program and reinstall in custom Mode and uncheck analysis when the option is the result of e-mail messages.
    Compact often as specified above.
    And backup often.
    Outlook Express Quick Backup (OEQB Freeware)
  • I use my windows live mail and password and now I don't remember the password I used someone can help

    I have a Dell Inspiron 3542 and there a lock screen and I use my windows live email and password, and now I don't remember the password I used someone can help? For now, I use my Dell Inspiron 1545 to my back upwards

    If the computer is on an Internet connection, you can reset the password on the Windows Password Reset site.  If the PC is not online right now if that won't work because it doesn't 'knows' the new password.

    If there is another user account on the computer that has admin access, you can use it to reset your own password from the control panel.

    If there is no other user accounts, there are a built-in backup Administrator account, but for security reasons, you can only get to Safe Mode.

    I wrote a blog where I explain how to make each of these options: http://cmdrkeene.com/reset-forgotten-windows-password

  • I hope someone can help.my p7-1054 has a black screen

    I hope someone can help.my p7-1054 has a black screen


    Follow the steps listed in the link below


Maybe you are looking for

  • How to stop additional instances of my Firefox home page to open when I click the links?

    Often, when I click on a link in an e-mail or web page, and Firefox is not yet running, not only opens this web page linked, but also an additional instance of my home page opens. I would like to avoid this.

  • Cannot install mscoree.dll.

    Someone told me how to download and copy and paste it into the System32 folder.  However, I don't have WinZip or WinRar, and when I paid for a download, the link I had grown a security warning on my program of security of trend for this Web site.  I

  • Stop the faxes of Peak Performance

    Somehow I registered in error upward for daily faxes of Tony Robbins Peak Performance. I didn't have them, I guess I accidentailly pressed the wrong button somewhere on my printer/fax/scanner. Does anyone know how to stop this?

  • Of submission fees

    Now that the deadline is upon us, it has occurred to me that we had the advantage of not having to pay a filing fee for the pre-release app presentations.  Does anyone know if this waiver ends also 31/3?

  • Monitoring sub-mode AP mode-

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