I had vista on dual boot 7 on D, accidentally formatted c and windows c, now get a white screen with the help of curser.plz?

I have laptop dual boot
Vista on the c drive, and Windows 7 on drive d.
accidentally formatted the c drive, now at startup, I get black screen with blinking cursor
I have the vista recovery disc, but no drive internal, there is also no option in the bios for disk external usb
Please help me



"but no drive internal."

to find out how to reinstall vista you will need to fix the dvd player if there is a

you have a recovery for a reason disc

Contact the manufacturer of the laptop to answer to this

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  • Vista not loading - just get a white screen with the mouse pointer

    Hi using Vista for a while now, 4 years, no probs real.  Then two days the PC crashes, and trying to restart the option repair (recommended) came, or start Windows normally, selected repair option, opens Windows screen, then a mouse pointer and that is it, have tried all the options by using the form F8 but never went to the same point, can not use safe mode , don't be filled disc no at all to repair or reload.  Impossible to get even at command proment unless I'm missing a way to get this up on the screen.

    Help please,


    1 him comes from the operating system that is pre-installed on the computer?
    2. do you get an error message when you try to start in safe mode?

    You can turn off all external devices (except the mouse and keyboard), and then try to start.

    If you are able to start in safe mode, you need to get a windows vista dvd to solve the problem
    If you are able to organize a windows vista dvd, you can perform a startup repair
    You may also contact the computer manufacturer to obtain a windows vista dvd
    See also the link to learn more:
    What to do if Windows does not start correctly
  • Had to reformat my hard drive, now when I try to reinstall Windows XP I get a blue screen with this code at the end 0x0000007b.

    has had to reformat my hard drive now when he star0x0000007b (0x78d663c, 0xc0000034, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)

    has had to reformat my hard drive, now when I try to reinstall windows xp, I get a blue screen with this code at the end 0x0000007b (0x78d663c, 0xc0000034, 0x00000000, 0x00000000) how to solve this problem


    I saw the 0x0000007B BSOD caused by trying to install XP on a disk hard while the BIOS is designating the reader as AHCI instead of IDE. XP has no native AHCI drivers, resulting in a stop 7B. Unless the PC had originally Vista or Win 7, but it might be useful to check that it is not likely.

    If the BIOS is set to AHCI, you could do one of three things (depending on whether your PC has a floppy drive)...

    1 find the Setup F6 disk on AHCI support at installation time (start with the manufacturer's website if you do not already have such a thing). Watch the very hit F6 prompt early in the installation process.

    2. change the setting in BIOS on IDE / ATA

    3. create a new "slipstreaming" installation disc drivers AHCI in the existing installation disc, see http://www.nliteos.com/index.html

    After the back if your BIOS is IDE / ATA


  • OS boots to a white screen with the pointer of the mouse only

    doesn't show any desktop computer

    BONES appears at startup but without bars, icons or background when you are finished. Displays only the white screen with the mouse pointer. Even in safe mode unless there is safe mode in each of the 4 corners of the display discription and windows at top-center

    Try the items listed on this thread.

    Let us know the results. Mike - Engineer Support Microsoft Answers
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • XP, black screen with the msg of boot errorm insert disc drive system & hit enter, does that mean?

    When you feed on my PC I get a black screen with the "Boot disk error msg; "Medallion system disk & press enter" what does that mean? I don't have the original CD or a recovery disk, what can we do?


    This means that your hard disk contains an error, or the start-up phase damaged operating system. If you have any bootable media, you must visit certain computer services near you.

    Maybe just an idea - you have a floppy drive? Maybe you have inserted the floppy in the floppy drive. If the answer is Yes - Remove the floppy disk and restart your computer.


  • windows upgrade xp to vista in dual boot windows xp home and windows 7 ultimate

    Hello, I was wondering if it was possible to upgrade from windows xp home edition to windows vista in dual boot windows xp home edition and windows 7 ultimate.

    Here is some information on my computer
    Dell dimension 2400
    Intel celeron 2.40 ghz
    80 GB ide hard drive
    DVD player and cd player
    pre installed windows xp 36 GB 8 GB free
    Make a new partition for windows 7 34 gb free 18
    integrated graphics (60.5 MB)
    Thank you

    Yes you can.

  • my laptop with vista booted up and I get a blank screen with a cursor that I can move.

    I have a PC Toshiba laptop with vista.  Everything worked well until one day he started upward and I get a blank screen with a cursor that I can move.

    I tried all modes of security with no luck.
    I noticed that when it starts in safe mode it will stop on windows/system32/drivers/crcdsk.sys every time.
    I did some research and found people have had the same problem and solved with a running repair disk, I did not.  Is there a fix I can do without the disc?
    Thanks for the help in advance

    I solved my problem.

    My problem is that some how I lost my video drivers, so I used hirens boot cd to get and discovered was my drivers were in the files and restored to an earlier date.
    Once it happened I restarted and again, I got a screen.
    I'm not sure how the drivers has been removed, but I ran virus checks and malware on my computer did not
    But its been fixed.  I was afraid that I would have to rebuild and go through the hassle to move my files and rebuild it but glad I do not have
    Thanks for all the help
  • computer does not boot, blue screen with the message: Stop: 0 x 00000024 (0 x 00190203, 0 X 86949258, 0xC0000102, 0x00000000)

    computer does not boot, blue screen with the message: Stop: 0 x 00000024 (0 x 00190203, 0 X 86949258, 0xC0000102, 0x00000000)


    1 how long have you been faced with this problem?
    2. don't you make changes on the computer before this problem?

    Start the computer by using the Microsoft Windows XP recovery console, and then perform a check disk on the file system.

    To do this, follow these steps:

    1. Insert the Windows XP CD in the CD-ROM or DVD - ROM drive, and then restart the computer. Select the required options to start the computer from the CD-ROM or DVD - ROM drive if you are prompted to do so.
    2. once the Welcome to Setup screen appears, press R to start the Recovery Console.
    3. If your computer is configured to dual-boot or multiple boot, select the appropriate installation of Windows XP.
    4. When you are prompted to do so, type the administrator password and press ENTER. NOTE: In Windows XP Home Edition, the administrator password is blank by default.
    5. at the command prompt, type the following command and press ENTER: cd system32
    6. type the following command and press ENTER: chkdsk /r /p
    7. remove the Windows XP CD in the disc drive.
    8. Type exit to restart your computer.

    Important: Running chkdsk on the drive if bad sectors are found on the disk hard when chkdsk attempts to repair this area if all available on which data may be lost

  • After I loaded Turbo Tax 2011, after that I connect to my PC, I get a blank screen with only the cursor showing. I am on Windows Vista.

    After I loaded Turbo Tax 2011, after that I connect to my PC, I get a blank screen with only the cursor showing. I picked up at an earlier date and reloaded the software TT 3 times with the same result. I tried of caraa start windows Explorer by using the Task Manager, but it does not work.

    Hi AndyCantore,

    Follow these steps:

    Step 1: Start the computer in safe mode and check if the problem persists.

    Start your computer in safe mode


    Step 2: If the problem does not persist in safe mode, perform a clean boot to see if there is a software conflict as the clean boot helps eliminate software conflicts.

    Note: After completing the steps in the clean boot troubleshooting, follow the link step 7 to return the computer to a Normal startupmode.

  • Start window manager: sometimes when I started my PC I have a black screen with the Windows boot manager at the top.

    Sometimes when I start my PC I have a black screen with the Windows boot manager at the top.  Although there are several options available, that nothing happens no matter what keys I hit and the only option is to shut down the computer and restart completely.  Sometimes the Boot Manager page turns and my office sometimes opens fine.  I've updated with everything Microsoft has Windows Vista and I still get this screen.  Anyone has any ideas.

    Do a startup repair and see if that fixes it:

    Download the ISO on the link provided and make a record of repair time it starts.

    Go to your Bios/Setup, or the Boot Menu at startup and change the Boot order to make the DVD/CD drive 1st in the boot order, then reboot with the disk in the drive.

    At the startup/power on you should see at the bottom of the screen either F2 or DELETE, go to Setup/Bios or F12 for the Boot Menu.

    When you have changed that, insert the Bootable disk you did in the drive and reboot.


    Link above shows what the process looks like and a manual, it load the repair options.

    NeoSmart containing the content of the Windows Vista DVD 'Recovery Centre', as we refer to him. It cannot be used to install or reinstall Windows Vista, and is just a Windows PE interface to recovering your PC. Technically, we could re-create this installation with downloadable media media freely from Microsoft (namely the Microsoft WAIK, several gigabyte download); but it is pretty darn decent of Microsoft to present Windows users who might not be able to create such a thing on their own.

    Read all the info on the website on how to create and use:


    ISO Burner: http://www.snapfiles.com/get/active-isoburner.html

    It's a very good Vista startup repair disk.

    You can do a system restart tool, system, etc it restore.

    It is NOT a disc of resettlement.

    And the 32-bit is what normally comes on a computer, unless 64-bit.

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • How to create the ISO image of windows 8 with the help of boot, efi, sources, and support files

    I followed folders in my USB key:


    and the following files:


    How can I create an ISO image of windows 8 with the help of these files and folders. I even installed ADK, but I couldn't keep up with it.
    I would be very grateful if someone could help me out here.

    Secondly, I would also like to know how to create a system image of WINDOWS 8, where the hard drive breaks down.


    If you have the upgrade key, go here


    You can go for the use of win8 / win7 / vista to match highlights you want - and download the win8 installation and run the installation with your key to download you need to install windows from that.  Will allow you to have an iso bootable.

    Make a picture of the control panel system / Windows 7 file recovery / system Image.  I certainly wouldn't put it on dvd.  It will be too.   Find an old preference portable hard drive and buy a $ 20 usb box, get an external hard drive.

  • HP Pavilion HPE h8 - 1260t CTO: stuck at the screen with the words "Press ESC for Boot Menu" on the bottom

    I unplugged the graphics card to clean dust. After that I connected everything again, he stuck to the blue screen with the words "Press ESC for Boot Menu" on the bottom. If I press ESC at the beginning, it will go to a black screen and it will show the basic information of the computer (information about the processor and memory). It also show this black screen, "Press ESC for Boot Menu" on the bottom and it will show "Start menu" in the lower right corner. If I press F8 at the beginning, it's going to be the same black screen, but it does not "Start menu" show in the lower right. If I press F10 at the beginning, it will go to the same black screen, and it will show "setup" in the lower right. Can someone help me solve this problem? And thank you very much!

    So I suggest to look at the following and try to 'Clear the CMOS settings' as described at the bottom of the page: HP and Compaq Desktop PCs - specifications of the motherboard, IPISB-CH2 (Chicago).  Then see if there is no change at all.  If there is no improvement, then use the following http://www.hp.com/contacthp, fill in the form, create a folder for your question and then use the information to contact HP.

  • With the help of Vista on the laptop. Receive 3 updates on initialize to the top & stop. Do not install. Party at 3 x through process 80070002. How to fix?

    With the help of Vista on the laptop. Receive 3 updates on initialize to the top & stop.  Do not install.  Party at 3 x through process 80070002. How to fix?  3 updates failed to install: KB2779562, KB2705219 and KB2722913.  Constantly configures updates during startup and shutdown.  Takes a long time for the two workers.  Can anyone give advice?

    To decode 0 x 80070002. X 0 means that it is a hexadecimal number, 8 , error, the first 7 means it a windows error and the rest of Eastern 2, the number, the Windows error.
    To search for the error message we need to decimal format. Start the Calculator (Start - All Programs - Accessories - calculator) and choose the menu display - scientific, then the menu display - Hex. Enter 2 Menu display - decimal. It will say 2.
    Start an command prompt (Start - All Programs - Accessories - command prompt) and type
    net helpmsg 2
    and it will say
    The system cannot find the specified file.
    Use Notepad to search for FATAL and 80070002 in C:\Windows\Windowsupdate.log.
  • How (if possible) I point out a whole day in the Windows calendar instead of just a single event? (With the help of Vista Ultimate) Thank you.

    How (if possible) I point out a whole day in the Windows calendar instead of just a single event? (With the help of Vista Ultimate) Thank you.

    I have no experience with Windows Calendar, but see this article for a bit of luck:

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  • Try to install Windows XP & Vista in Dual Boot, but Windows XP not fully installed

    Hi friends,

    I have my serious to replace the Windows Vista on my desktop, I created some complications on my computer "dear."
    WIndows Xp has not been completely installed due to a driver error. Now, I have a WIndows Vista and a wrong version of Windows XP.
    I tried to replace the XP, but it seems that I have the following challenges:
    (1) the two versions of Windows (Vista and XP) are installed on one single disc itself, IE. C drive.
    (2) I formatted D drive, whereby a XP driver disappeared.
    In the current context, how can I uninstall the XP then replace Vista with a new version of XP, my C drive has little free space left due to the presence of 2 windows versions.
    Let me know the best way to go, I backed up all the data and data loss is not a concern, is of the order of the day to start!
    Thank you


    1 how many partitions you have?
    2. which partition do you want to install windows XP?

    3. are you able to work properly under vista?

    You can see the steps in knowledge base articles, and to check whether it helps to install Windows XP.

    See also the links to learn more about dual boot
    How to create a multiple-boot system in Windows XP

    Windows XP does not start on a computer that is configured to dual-boot

    You cannot start Windows XP after you install Windows Vista in a dual-boot with Windows XP configuration

    I hope this helps.

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