I have 0 photos/videos on iCloud. Said using its 2, 1 GB

I have 0 photos/videos on iCloud. But it says in my phone and mac I use 2, 1 GB!

My photos are all on the computer. The iCloud library is disabled on the Mac.

It is enabled on the iPhone.

Any ideas?

Thank you very much


The iCloud library is disabled on the Mac.

It is enabled on the iPhone.

If you use iCloud photo library on the iPhone, your photos in the Photo.app iPhone will use iCloud storage and this is what you will see in system preferences > iCloud on Mac as well. The iCloud storage is shared by all devices using the same AppleID and not separated for each device.

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    • If the iPhone and the Mac are synchronized with iCloud photo library, removal of the photos from the iPhone will remove them from the Mac as well.  iCloud photo library is a synchronization service that will ensure that you see the same pictures on all devices. All change at will the timing and any deletion or any import.  To win the storage on the iPhone allow the iCloud Photos setting "Optimize Storage.
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    Photos and videos that are shared with remain you by others via iCloud, photo sharing in iCloud, unless you chose to save it to your device. For more information on works iCloud, sharing photos, see this support article:

    With respect to the content that is stored on your iPhone, the following support article explains the difference between the storage (on your iPhone) device and iCloud and the relationship between them (you wouldn't move photos or videos off one and on the other to free a space):

    Finally, this article explains how iCloud photo library can be used in conjunction with your iPhone, including how optimize storage allows you to keep more small, size of the photos and videos on your iPhone so that all your original, full resolution are stored in iCloud:

  • videos and photos in the iCloud drive?

    I would use iCloud as an external hard drive.
    I want to keep my pictures and videos on iCloud and remove them from my phone.
    I understand that if I delete the pictures and videos from my iphone which photos and videos will remove also iCloud.
    I now have a plan of storage of 1 t because I can't afford to lose photos or videos, and now my MacBook Pro is also complete.
    Another thing is that my iphone can not save on the iCloud - it is April 2015 and it has never worked since.
    All opinions are appreciated.
    See you soon

    iCloud library is not designed as an external storage or a backup service. It is designed as a synchronization service to put at the disposal of all your images on all your devices and sync all of your changes to these devices.

    If you are short on storage space, set the settings of your Photos to keep only a local library optimized. Library of photos on your computer should, however, be at full resolution, so it acts as a backup in iCloud. Buy an external hard drive if you wish.

    Photos user / help guide:


    IVous has a very detailed and well illustrated article on iCloud photo library:


  • Uploading photos and videos to iCloud...

    Hello, I have the same challenge that many seem to have, in that my photos and videos take forever to download if they load at all. This is a paid service and the answers seem to be "it could take a month" or "be patient"? Well, it has been over a week now and my 35 pictures and 6 videos have not downloaded. I've stopped and started the service, I rebooted my phone and left if for hours and nothing. It is absolutely ridiculous and I would be really grateful if someone could give something more than a 'be patient' so that Apple continues to extract funds from me for a service that can not be used?

    Oh and the videos are not large (we are 67seconds and they total 329seconds) as I had no space to take big videos because I waited "patiently" to download photos and how big can they really be?

    I have 45.7 GB of unused space.

    Waiting patiently...

    Suspend the download and turn off iCloud library temporarily.

    Have you tried signing off iCloud and then insert it again? I suggest that you try it. Once signed in, return iCloud library on which will restart the download.

    If this does not work, then try to reset your device: hold the home and power buttons at the same time and continue to hold until the Apple appears (up to 30 seconds). Once the slide to unlock screen is displayed again, return iCloud Phtoto library on which will restart the download.

    See you soon,.


  • Old photos have not been deleted, even if it's been more than 2 months and keep crashing the photo library in icloud.

    Earlier this year, I used the library to icloud to back up my photos. Everything worked well. After awhile, I deleted the photos and off synchronization from photo library. Today, I decided that I wanted to use again, so I turned it on. It seems to work fine but when I connect to my PC I have the chance to see the old photos have not been removed. They seem to be corrupt (there is an exclamation mark instead of a thumbnail) and I can not open them, instead the library hangs. It has been more than 2 months, I suppose that even if I forgot to delete some photos, they should be gone now. Is there a way to fix this?

    a few things

    1 - iCloud Photo is not a backup - it's a synchronization service - see FAQ-apples iCloud Photo library FAQ - Apple Support

    More precisely

    Do I need a backup?

    ICloud library stores all of your photos and original videos in iCloud, but we still recommend that track you return of copies of your library. You can upload your photos and videos to iCloud on your computer and store them in a separate library, transfer them to another computer with transfer of images or Photosor store them on a separate disk.

    2 - ICPL can be accessed through Safari - connect to iCloud.com can click on the picture and see what's there - look in the recently deleted album and see what's there

    3. we need to know the details - you have other devices using the same iCloud account?


  • How can I removed the photos/videos to the iPad, but not delete icloud drive?  Need free space on the device, but can't.

    My iPad has a lot of videos/pictures on local memory.  I disappear off the coast because I see that they are in my photo database and iCloud drive.  When I try to delete them it asks it will remove them from all devices.  I just have to remove them from the iPad.  Ideas?

    Thank you!

    You cannot delete without delete icloud, unless you turn off and away the iCloud synchronization.

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    I am trying to load my library on my icloud account, but when I open the iphoto preferences, I have no other choice to icloud.  the photos have not been downloaded automatically?

    Pictures are downloaded automatically if your have verified Photos ☑️ in System Preferences > iCloud.

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