I have 2 phones on my ID Apple how can I keep the two devices to receive the same iMessages?

I have 2 phones on my ID Apple how can I keep the two devices to receive the same iMessages?


How to use several devices iPhone, iPad or iPod with a computer

Using more an iDevice on the same computer

This mainly applies to couples who add another device and don't want their electronic mail, messages, etc. being duplicated on both devices. To start reading: How to use several iPhone, iPad or iPod devices with one computer. You must create a login separate Apple and password for anyone who will use the new iDevice. See Apple - my Apple ID and frequently asked questions about the Apple ID. The easiest way is to do it on the computer using iTunes: iTunes - how to set up an Apple ID iTunes.

On the computer, create a new user account for the person with the new iDevice. This is the user account always uses this person. He or she will no longer use the other user account. This way the person will have a separate iTunes library. Note When finished, do not 'share' apps under a single Apple ID. Each of you must buy your own applications under your own Apple ID. When you decide to divide like this you will have to buy new applications they want to use.

First, transfer the new devices to a new account as well as all your data.  Save pictures of flow picture you want to keep for your camera (unless they are already in the camera roll) by opening your Photos app, tap Albums icon at the bottom. Now press the album My Photo Stream; Press Select; tap the photo you want to select. tap the share (box with the face up arrow) in the lower left corner icon; in the film, and then click Save.

If you synchronize notes with iCloud, you want to keep, you must open each of your notes and email it to yourself. Later, you can copy and paste the text into the new notes created in your new account.

Tap Settings > iCloud > remove account (removes it only from this device, not iCloud; the person who maintains the current account is not affected) provide the password to disable find my phone and choose to keep on my iDevice when prompted.  Sign in with another Apple ID to create your new account. Choose merge to download your data.

Once you are on separate accounts, you can each go to icloud.com and remove data from the other person to your account.

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    To use the functionality of the BCC (Blind Carbon Copy), in a new message window, click View | All headers and type the addresses separated by a; Or: Click the button to. You will see your list of contacts and the choice to put them in the To, CC, or BCC field. Click on an address, and then click BCC to add it. Repeat for all of the contacts you want. (Note: most of the providers have limits as to how many messages you can send both a. 25 is common, but it varies).

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    And the former function of 'twinning' has disappeared, too.

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    Sure. As long as you have the key to refurbished product for PC and the CD is the same if it is OEM version by the manufacturer.

    If it's a retail CD, probably will not work with the OEM key.

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    I have created a new folder on my desktop and you want to add photos copied (from the photo app) of a date range. I would like that they in chronological order. When I copy and paste those pictures, they are all "update" to today's date and does not use the information 'date taken '. Any help is appreciated thanks

    Easy - just export and display in a program that includes photos - dates are incorporated into the photos in the EXIF and IPTC data

    Maybe you look at the dates of the files which are only linked to the record and have nothing to do with the picture somehow


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    Try to use with my macbook pro apple wireless keyboard and an external display.  The display turns off when the macbook pro is closed.

    Make sure that it is connected to power.  It cannot run in clamshell mode of the battery power.


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    There is a photo on the two screans during the boot, but not XP

    Have you tried the F4 key?

    Normally in order to control what screen gets the video signal. Continue to press F4 for laptop, monitor or both.


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    Right click on a box empty spots in your bar and select Properties, then select the option or "combine when taskbar is full".  This means that each document or file you have open will get its own key, as long as there is place so that it fits.

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    .. .but I see some chatter "now it doesn't new IOS.

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    You can find in Control Panel

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