I have a billing problem and Photoshop does not work properly how to fix this problem?

Please answer I need to make this work, I paid the monthly fee of $10,59 and I get no support!

You need to contact Adobe for you billing issue, it's a user four steps adobe customer support.

For your Photoshop problems, this community of users can be useful.

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  • Operating system and version number
  • The full text of all error messages
  • What you were doing when the problem occurred
  • Screenshots of the problem
  • Computer hardware, such as CPU; GPU; amount of RAM; etc.

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  • I have an error reading current configuration does not support singlepass how to fix this?

    I received this error after uploading a game when I try to play a boc options lights showing resoulution and graphics click ok then I get error and the game does not turn on

    Hi fasteddie2859,

    ·         What game are you talking about?

    ·         Did you install this game earlier?

    ·         The game is compatible for use with Windows XP?

    Check to see if the following is useful.

    Method 1: Check the latest drivers.

    Install the latest drivers for your video card. Log on to the manufacturer's Web site and install the latest graphics driver updates.

    Step 2: Adjust graphics hardware acceleration.


    a. right click on the desktop, select Properties.

    b. click on the settings tab and then click Advanced.

    c. now, click troubleshoot.

    d. move the notches on both Hardware Acceleration slider to the left of full (the parameter disable the accelerations of cursor and bitmap ).

    e. click OK, and then click restart now.

  • Photoshop does not work properly


    I can't explain these issues. But I can say this. My photoshop does not work, when I try to add some color on the empty space, it comes when it's moving, everything just so after moving or shaking.

    Here's a video: https://S3.amazonaws.com/f.CL.LY/items/3h3a0y0u2c252r011Y2W/ice_video_20160609-142015.MP4

    Help, please.

    My work is done, I need to reinstall Photoshop.

  • my audio does not work properly, how to solve?

    I use dell vostro 1014 and use windows 7 32 bit, my audio is not working properly, how to solve?

    Hi TareqRahman,

    Here are solutions to some common sound problems on your computer. These solutions can also help if you hear no sound from your speakers or headphones, or if there is a problem with the sound you hear. For a tutorial step by step to help you identify and fix common audio problems, see:


    Tips for solving common audio problems


    See also:

    No sound in Windows


    It will be useful.

  • snimayutsyaa money every month for the rate plan and photoshop does not work!

    Help me understand! This problem - chose the annual plan for Photoshop the easiest for beginners. Now the money on a monthly basis and are removed from the list of products that is not present and is not under a license of photoshop. Does not work!

    Contact adobe during the time pst support by clicking here and, when available, click on "still need help," http://helpx.adobe.com/x-productkb/global/service-ccm.html

  • Qosmio G30-163 mouse and keyboard does not work properly

    Hi all

    I installed an update of the firmware of the toshiba site. I think that the upgrade was for the dvd but am not sure. I just saw an available upgrade and installed. Stupid of me. The dvd drive has been previously not recording. If after installing the update of the firmware I has not restarted the machine. In the meantime, I forgot the upgrade and then I did to fix the error of dvd

    "Start the Registry Editor (start, run and type regedit and click on).

    Search for "UpperFilters" and "LowerFilters" (and "UpperFilters.bak" "LowerFilters.bak", if they exist) value under the following key in the registry and delete it:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\Class\ {4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}

    Exit the registry editor.

    Reset. »

    Now, after restart the keyboard and the mouse does not work. I can't go in safe mode because I can't press ok for the user login screen. I have attached an external keyboard, but it still does not work.

    I use windows xp, I have a lot of data. I can't do anything. If anyone has any idea please help me. The laptop is out of warranty. I'm stuck. Help, please.


    S rally strange because I put t see a link between the firmware CD/DVD, UpperFilters and LowerFilters and the keyboard and mouse.

    This is first time that a removal of the upper and lower filters would undermine the functionality of keyboard and mouse. Which is really strange.

    Anyway, you are able to access the BIOS? If this isn't the case, then this is not good.

    First of all, you should try to save the data stored on the HARD disk in this case, I recommend to remove the laptop HARD drive and connect it using a USB HDD on another controller.
    This would allow you to save the data to another HARD disk.

    Put the removed HARD disk in Notepad, and then try to reinstall the OS from the Toshiba restore CD.
    I hope that this will be possible because I don't see another way to get the operating system again.

    Good luck by a friend

  • convert between utf8 and we8mswin1252 does not work properly


    When debugging an application, I wonder about the conversion SQL function. Then do some tests with accents.

    * 1. Test with u * (UTF8 = 0xc3bc = 50108, Win-1252 = 0xFC = 252):
    Select ascii (convert (chr (50108), 'WE8MSWIN1252', 'UTF8')) double;
    Result = 252
    == > Everything is OK. That's what I proposed.

    * 2. Test with a * (UTF8 = 0xc3a4 = 50084, Win-1252 = 0xE4 228 =):
    Select ascii (convert (chr (50084), 'WE8MSWIN1252', 'UTF8')) double;
    Result = 0
    == > What is? I suggested 228?

    I tested two server Oracle (lokal with UTF8 and apex.oracle.com) with the same result.
    Can someone explain this behavior?

    Yes, I can. The problem is to try using ASCII() in a UTF8 database to get a binary code in a string to WE8MSWIN1252. You must understand that the CONVERT function is should not be used for normal operation in the database. The channels it produces are VARCHAR2 and VARCHAR2 should always be in the database character set. If the CONVERSION target character set is not the database character set, the returned string is generally not valid (even if it contains a reasonable sequence of bytes in a character set) and may not be used in other SQL functions. CONVERT is a feature inherited from Oracle6 and must be used for the tasks of repair special only.

    It happens that ASCII('[0xFC]') returns the correct result because 0xFC is not a valid in UTF8 code and happens to be interpreted "as-is" of the current implementation of ASCII, while ASCII('[0xE4']') does not return anything because the database recognizes the 0xE4 as the first byte of a UTF-8 of 3 bytes code and returns 0 failing to have the two remaining bytes. That's generally what docs call 'undefined results.

    The path is valid only for watching the result of the CONVERSION would be to use the DUMP function.


  • My Inbox keeps asking for a password, but when I put in it does not work. How to fix?

    "(kay, je ne sais pas quel est le problème, mais j'ai quelques théories: 1) I sent a set of images slap to my"[email protected]"email account (I use e-mail to contact you because I can't go on my main email)." The account that I signed up with is '[email protected] '. Both accounts have exactly the same parameters, but the works of tvqueen13 and monarch is not. Maybe I stuffed up the e-mail account of the monarch? If so, how can I solve this problem? (2) I also have good Emsisoft Anti-Malware and AVG security 2014 (purchased, not free), but somehow got a rash of infections of Trojans (IE. TrojanHorseInject2.BJPG & BJPP, TrojanHorseMSIL6.UOM, MSIL4. ALBK). I have worked with Emsisoft to clean my computer, but no matter what tools I use, AVG always says that I have an infection (or more) in my temporary files. I had to uninstall AVG to run something and not him have not yet reinstalled. Emsisoft said I'm all good, but I do not. I get adware diverting my sites too. I'm at the point where I think I'll have to swap on my C drive. Then... you can help me get my email [email protected] to work again? Thank you, Kelsey monarch

    Oh and connect to the Webmail to shaw and move one of those large emails talked you in the beginning on a different folder on the server. Moving them to the Inbox will be unlock download new messages, if this is the cause.

  • I have downlaoded FF5 and it has not loaded. Now he tells me that a previous FF must be initialized and I have to restart my PC. I tried and it does not help. How to break this vicious circle and get a clean download?

    I tried to download FF5. Everything seems to happen when I run the downloaded file. Then I got the answer I needed to reboot the system to complete the installation. I tried several times, and whenever I try to launch FF5 I get the same message, but no FF5! SO WHAT DO I DO NOW? I tried to download FF6 and still get this bloody message.

    Check in the Task Manager and verify that firefox.exe in the Task Manager. Or install firefox by changing the destination folder.

  • I have adobeXI stuck in limbo in my computer. I can't uninstall it or install any new version, and adobe does not work properly. What can I do?

    Adobe XI is stuck in limbo on my computer and I can't uninstall it or install update for adobe systems. What can I do to get rid of this one and install a update or at least a version I can use?

    Hi maggieg30085397,

    If you're on windows computer try uninstall using this cleaner tool Download Adobe Reader and Acrobat tool - Adobe Labs.

    Reboot your system and install the latest version using this link Adobe - Adobe Acrobat Reader DC Distribution.

    I would like to know if it works.

    Kind regards


  • I have a box to update the browser Coupons that appears every time I go to any Web site. I have to close it to make it go away. I have it turned off, but it does not work. How can I get rid of him

    The box says: we have strengthened our add-on of Coupons that will improve your browsing experience by posting coupons that you shop and browse your favorite sites on the web. See our privacy policy and Conditions.

    Disable these improvements NEAR

    Turn off does nothing, but CLOSE it closes

    Hi vbaio.

    Looks like the voucher program may be malicious. Here is a Support article on how to identify and treat by malware:

    Fix Firefox problems caused by malicious software

    I hope that helps!

  • my video camera and chat does not work properly

    I see myself but not them and they can see themselves, but not me

    Hi JacquelynPerry,

    1. what messenger you use to chat?
    2. what operating system do you use?
    3. do you get an error message?
    4. what happens when you try to stream the webcam?

    I suggest to perform the clean boot, follow step 1 of the article to make the clean boot.

    How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7

    Note: Configure the computer in normal mode.
    a. Click Start, type msconfig.exe in the start search box and press ENTER.

    If you are prompted for an administrator password or for confirmation, type your password, or click on continue.

    b. on the general tab, click the Normal startup option and then click OK.

    c. When you are prompted to restart the computer, click on restart.

    I suggest you to answer the questions above to help you best. Each program you use to do the video chat will be different settings.

  • my video and streaming does not work correctly, always stop.

    my video and streaming does not work properly, his game and stops all the time.


    1. this happens when you play movies or videos saved on the computer?

    I suggest you to follow these steps and check if that helps.

    Method 1:

    If this happens when you stream or watching videos online, then I suggest you day flash player latest version and check if it helps:


    Method 2:

    If the problem occurs even when you try to play the recorded video on the computer, then try to update the latest drivers for the video card and see if it helps:

    http://Windows.Microsoft.com/en-us/Windows7/update-a-driver-for-hardware-that-isn ' t-work correctly

    For more information, see this link:


    It will be useful.

  • Satellite L775 - mouse pad does not work properly

    I have a laptop Toshiba Satellite L775. I run Win 7 Home Premium. My mouse pad does not work properly. I also have a Logitech Anywhere MX wireless mouse. I tried the mouse pad to work properly with the key FN and F9, but it does not work. And you really have no idea if that turns or out of the mousepad anyway, subj for another time I guess.

    What does not work, but I have to do is to go to Control Panel then mouse option load that and just scroll the tabs without changing what each time and then close and the touch pad works. But only for this session. If I have my laptop nearby, or turn it off, I have to start throughout the whole process.

    What's past and how to fix this?

    Thank you very much.

    > What's past and how to fix this?
    After reading your ad, I still don t know what is your problem.
    > My mouse pad is not working properly
    How to understand this? What does not work properly? What happen exactly when you start your laptop?

  • Microsoft Wireless Desktop Keyboard/Mouse 6000 V2 does not work properly.

    Microsoft Wireless Desktop Keyboard/Mouse 6000 V2 does not work properly.  The mouse does not allow me to use the wheel to scroll down to option and when I look at the drop down list, it does not keep list open.  It opens and closes the list immediately. He continues to return the list to the top of the drop-down list.  I checked the batteries in the keyboard and the mouse (replaced) resync'ed the two keyboard and mouse ports changed the receiver performed in and checked for update on both keyboard and mouse and have restarted my computer several times and it still does not work properly. I bought this Office Microsoft Wireless Keyboard and mouse 6000 V2 there are three 3 months and he can't take back to store because it has a warranty of 30 days of the store.  Help.

    Try it on another machine to ensure that it is not the lack of equipment.

    And make sure you have the latest drivers/software installed for him.

    Restore point:


    Do Safe Mode system restore, if it is impossible to do in Normal Mode.

    Try typing F8 at startup and in the list of Boot selections, select Mode safe using ARROW top to go there > and then press ENTER.

    Try a restore of the system once, to choose a Restore Point prior to your problem...

    Click Start > programs > Accessories > system tools > system restore > choose another time > next > etc.


    Read the above for a very good graph shows how backward more than 5 days in the System Restore Points by checking the correct box.

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

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