I have a click with the right button on a web page and apparently active a 'node '. Now I have dimming and a long bar of 'Inspector options' above the status bar. How to remove?

There is a long line of displays at the bottom of the screen of Firefox, all start with "div # ' or 'iframe.rr' or 'html' or 'body' - on the far right is a rectangular box with the word 'Style' and an 'x' next to it. The x will not close this bar even though it says 'Inspector close.'

On the far left of the annoying chain is a gear/sprocket icon which is for 'options of the Inspector' which, when clicked, offers 'darken the node' or 'display information node '. I don't want a 'node' or even know what it is. I would like to just this bar at bottom of the page Firefox have disappeared.


There should be a close X on the far right in the Inspector bar close the Inspector bar.

See also Firefox/tools > Web Developer > inspect

If you can not close the bar, then try to close and restart Firefox.

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