I have a genunie product key but it does not work. How to solve the problem?

I bought a PC refurbished which came with license Windows XP Pro renovated the Micro Center near my house. My son got the infected PC and so I decided to reinstall the operating system. I used the product key on the label of license on the PC, but it did not work. I went to Micro Center for help, but they have had the same problem and then I recommend to contact Microsoft Support. To my surprise, it is so hard to get help from Microsoft even if I have a license and use a product of Microsoft Genunie. Is this an easy problem to solve, or should I complain (or continue) Microsoft to have this problem resolved? Thanks adavance.

My suspicion is that it's a SP3 - the description of the disc key you give seems to be right (from what little I can find that the part number on the web) for a disk of SP2.

You may be able to confirm this by calling an Activation Center and asking them to confirm the validity of the key - use your local number in this list.


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