I have a PDF file with attachments (PDF files also) I would like to add to my site.

I managed to main PDF hyperlink, but attachments will not open the file hypelinked. I also tried to have links to the files, rather than as attachments, but they do not always open. Is there a way to do this?


It of a matter of your PDF structure than anything else. It seems that you speak of the linked files, attachments, after all. Attachments are integrated into the main PDF file. In case of the related files you can be faced with problems because the PDF files use absolute links, which of course can no longer be valid and correct on the server settings more security on the server and in Acrobat / Reader can prevent the loading of external files. why they do not open when you access directly is another story, but we really need to know much more.


Tags: Adobe Muse

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