I have a problem with the wireless network card.


I use a laptop Medion MIM 2210 and I have a problem with my wireless network adapter.

I get a message before Windows 7 starts telling me that there is problem with a wireless driver. The exact message says:

"Intel UNDI, PXE - Z.0 (build 082)

Copyright (C) 1997,1998,1999 Intel Corporation

VIA Rhine II Fast Ethernet Adapter v2.43 (2005/12/15)

PXE - E61: Media test failure, check cable of

"PXE - MOF: exit Inel PXE ROM.

This message appears every time you start and I don't know what he means by "Media Test Failure".

I turned on my laptop today and noticed I had no internet connection, it showed that it connected but with yellow '!' symbol indicating that it was not fully connected. He did this for a while now and I have reinstalled Windows, in safe mode and I tried to delete the drivers and re - install, but it hangs right on uninstall what makes me angry no the case.

Of course now, I tried to look for help my internet connection is running but the message is still there. Can someone tell me what to do or how to solve this problem, I am standing now on what to do. I was also on the drivers Medion website but it is impossible to navigate around and drivers without end there'e to choose. I would consider ringing them and asking them if they were not located in Germany as it would cost me a bomb! I did just now searching online via the Device Manager to see if he can find an update for the drivers but nothing came.

Thanks for any help that anyone can offer :)

The message is to be cause the BIOS looking for boot from LAN (not wireless) before it starts and then from the hard drive. The Media test failure is because to boot from LAN it tests to see if the wired Ethernet is connected, it is not if it generates the error message.

Enter the BIOS press F2 after initial power on but before the Logo Windows shows

Integrated devices should allow you to set the settings of wired network adapter. According to the BIOS it is either "enabled with PXE" or have another option to enable or disable the boot ROM

In the boot options the LAN card should be removed altogether.

This message is ONLY applicable to the transfer of the BIOS boot process and should have no impact on the problems of WiFi (it is not on WiFi)

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    You are welcome to help

    The fact that it connects properly in Mode safe indicates that the driver who normally starts with Windows or a program is causing the problem - most likely candidate is to begin by F-Secure.

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    Good day!

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    Kind regards


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    What specific model Mac? This is the Office Mac Pro forum

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