I have a toshiba satellite laptop and its asking me for the encryption of fingerprint to download windows 7

to start my knees, toshiba software alerts me say this: I have a toshiba satellite laptop and asking his self for fingerprints
encryption required to download windows 7, someone knows something about it.
Help, please


A proposal, I would say that your Toshiba Satelite asking you to update your finger fingerprint driver. You will need to click the link provided by the software of Toshiba or visit the Toshiba site and locate the appropriate driver.

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    Please the manual on using the Recovery Wizard included in this link for Toshiba systems:http://cdgenp01.csd.toshiba.com/content/support/downloads/PMA500339010_web.pdf

    Good luck, Rick Rogers, aka "Crazy" - Microsoft MVP http://mvp.support.microsoft.com Windows help - www.rickrogers.org

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    Read this document. This has been implemented by one of the community experts (erico).

    The answer is usually going to be no upgrade that has been done on the graphics card as this is usually soldered to the motherboard and designed to work with specific chipsets. The fact that this example uses the switchable graphics actually still less likely. I'm sorry.

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    This could be due to a host file incorrectly configured as hosts of operating system files map the hostnames to IP addresses. A misconfigured hosts file can affect the ability of your computer to connect to the Adobe activation servers.

    Follow these steps to see if there is a problem with your hosts file and if necessary

    Please follow the steps below:

    1. Click Start > run, type % systemroot % \system32\drivers\etcand press enter.
    2. Right-click on the hosts file, and then select Open. Select the application Notepad open the hosts file.
    3. Save the hosts file: choose file > record under, save the file as hosts.backup, and then click OK.
    4. Look for the hosts file for entries that refer to adobe (for example, activate.adobe.com, or lm.licensing.adobe.com) and delete these entries.
    5. Save and close the file.
    6. Restart your computer and try to turn it on again.

    Kind regards


  • I have a Toshiba satellite l300 and I get the BSOD

    the blue screen of death keeps appearing on my computer vista laptop windows of sisters and I tried safe mode, safe mode with network, start repair and they come all worms upward with the error codes different from the one that appears at startup is 0 x 000008086 or something like it's blinking just a way can get it back? I have not the original disk and the model of laptop is no longer supported so I can't get the bootable disks and when I start it up normally, it loads for a while then the screen stays black a little and then the mouse appears but it's still a black screen then the BSOD comes up with * STOP: 0 x 00008086 (0x00000000 0x00000000, 0 x 00000. 0x00000000) and the warranty has passed and that the insurance ran out is if there is something I can do or all the discs I can get? Thank you


    1. are you able to boot to the desktop in safe mode or safe mode with networking?
    2. don't you make changes to the computer before the show?

    Method 1
    I suggest you try the steps from the following link:

    How to fix BlueScreen (STOP) errors that cause Windows Vista to shut down or restart unexpectedly

    Method 2
    I suggest you to run the disk check.

    Check your hard drive for errors

    Note: Running chkdsk on the drive if bad sectors are found on the disk hard when chkdsk attempts to repair this area if all available on which data can be lost.

    Method 3
    If the steps above fail, then I suggest allows you to perform system restore Win RE mode using Windows vista disk.

    What are the system recovery options in Windows Vista?

    Note: Installation sometimes a driver or a program can make Windows run slowly or erratically. System Restore can return programs and system files from your PC to a time where everything worked, potentially prevent hours of troubleshooting of headaches. This will not affect your documents, images or other data.

  • Cannot run windows applications 8 on my computer toshiba satellite laptop


    I have a Toshiba satellite laptop and I recently installed windows 8 on.
    but when I try to run windows store applications such as mail, people, message the app is shown as it loads then it is hidden.
    so I can't run any application, it disappears immideatly and does not load.
    could you help me solve this problem.
    Thank you!

    Hi Benjamin,

    For the question links to applications, please try the following steps.

    Method 1:

    You can see the steps from the following link.

    What to do if you have problems with a soft

    Method 2:

    Please check if a proxy is enabled, if necessary, turn it off. Follow the steps below:

    (a) select the Internet Explorer tile on the start screen.

    (b) turn left click on the settings icon in the lower right.

    (c) select Show the desktop. You will be guided to desktop Internet Explorer.

    (d) select settings (speed) icon in the upper right.

    (e) select Internet Options in the menu drop-down.

    (f) go to the connection tab on LAN settings from the lower right of this window.

    (g) uncheck the box that says "use a proxy server for your LAN settings.

    Please post with the State of the question.

  • I have a toshiba satellite T135D laptop and I don't know how to start my built in webcam which program should I use?

    I have a toshiba satellite T135D laptop and I don't know how to start my built in webcam which program should I use?

    Hello George,.

    I could not find this model number on the Toshiba site, so I suggest that you look at this page as a place to start your search: http://support.toshiba.com/drivers . They had a driver for a webcam, which is perhaps what you are missing. But in all cases, the Toshiba site is where you are most likely to solve the problem with the help of your webcam.

    Let me know if this helps you.

    Kind regards


  • Toshiba Satellite laptop computer - a letter from the product key rubs against the broad and all re-installed Vista OS because of system problems

    I had to reinstall vista OS because of problems in system, borrowed friends Vista Premium cd bc my laptop didn't come with a cd of Vista, now my system properties shows that I need to activate my windows, but when I looked at my product key at the bottom of my laptop letters isn't quite clear & seems to have rubbed off the cause so no chance to enter the product key & get the message error product key is not valid - at the time of purchase, no cd not supplied with my Toshiba Satellite and do not know, I registered my product key in the beginning, but no problems until now. you don't know why it is past and don't know how to correct it or unclear letter?

    * original title - product key entered is already in use - Toshiba Satellite laptop computer - a letter from the product key rubs against the broad and all re-installed Vista OS due to system problems *.

    Hi jsserrano68,

    Read the following article about the product keys for Windows:


    In addition, if you need to contact Toshiba support:


    Thank you


    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think



    http://www.Lexmark.ca/Lexmark/site/home/0, 6932, 204812589_0_0_en, 00.html

    We do not know what you have already tried to do the job to the printer.

    Vista drivers are available on the site Web of Lexmarks the link above, to download.

    Go to the website above > drivers and downloads tab at the top > and follow the Options with your model number >

    Download/save the drivers compatible Vista on your desktop > uninstall/reinstall your printer according to the instructions of Lexmark.

    If you still have problems, contact Lexmark, as they are the ones who write drivers for the printer, not Microsoft.

    See you soon. Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • where are my minimizing; button maximize and close on the PC screen toshiba satellite laptop

    I am unable to see minimize maximize and close X buttons on the screen of my computer toshiba satellite laptop. I'm new on this laptop. Previously, I was using sony vaio and google chrome as my browser. I installed google chrome in this new laptop but without these buttons, it is difficult for me to change to different windows. Help, please.

    Hi rafik,.

    Welcome to the Microsoft community.

    The details provided, I understand that the close, minimize and maximize buttons do not appear in Google chrome. I need more information to help you in a better way.

    1. is the issue limited to Google Chrome?

    2. is it a Google chrome application or program that you have installed?

    Here is some information that might be useful to address the issue.

    You can use the Alt + Tab keys on the keyboard to switch between windows. You can try to press F11 and see if works.

    If you are referring to an application, you can see the following link for more information on how to close an app.


    You can contact support for Google Chrome to get help if the question is limited to Google Chrome.

    You can refer to the link.

    http://productforums.Google.com/Forum/#! Forum/chrome

    I hope this helps. For the Windows questions or issues, please get back to us. We are here to help you.

  • I have a Toshiba Satellite A105-S361 and I get this message: Windows successfully loaded the device driver for this hardware, but does not the hardware device. (Code 41)

    I have a Toshiba Satellite A105-S361 and I get this message: Windows successfully loaded the device driver for this hardware, but does not the hardware device. (Code 41)


    I suggest to refer to this link, scroll down to error code 41 and follow the steps and check if that helps:


    It will be useful.

  • I have a Toshiba Satellite P845-Canada-S4310 with Windows 8. I want to delete Windows 8 and install Windows 7 Professional.

    I have a Toshiba Satellite P845-Canada-S4310 with Windows 8.  I want to delete Windows 8 and install Windows 7 Professional.  So I can run programs of

    XP and Vista and use msn.com instead of msn.com for windows 8.

    Then you need a commercial version of win7, or any other win versions that you want to run, assuming that Tosh provides drivers for these win versions

  • I have a Toshiba Satellite C655-S5305 application, running Windows 7. I made a few cds of music there are chandeliers and that they will not play on this computer. They do not play on my computer of husbands, good girls.

    I have a Toshiba Satellite C655-S5305 application, running Windows 7.  I made a few cds of music there are chandeliers and that they will not play on this computer.  They do not play on my computer of husbands, good girls.  I think that they are MP3.  My cd drive is appearing and showing to work properly, but just read it as a blank CD.  To go with this... I am a legal transcriptionist and use a program called FTR player.  I downloaded some MP3 audio files and who won't play in my FTR player either, so I think it has something to do with. MP3 files, in the form of .wav files play in my FTR player very well.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you in advance, Jodi

    Red flag.  CCcleaner.  If you used to "clean" your registry database, which can cause problems.  CCcleaner is also a good program, but registry cleaners do not help and remove what they think are "unused" entries in the registry that can cause problems later.

    Try to download the Real Player and see if that corrects your problem, but if it is not, you may need to restore your computer to the factory settings by your user guide's instructions.

    When you got your system back as you, I invite you to buy an external hard drive, and a good backup 3rd party program. You can configure it to automatically do everything in time and frequency of your choice. External hard drives 1 TB are about $85 these days and a very good FREE backup program corresponds to the Easeus todo backup free of charge that you can download from

    http://www.todo-backup.com/products/home/free-backup-software.htm . Who can make you save a lot of time and frustration, the next time something like this happens. Sooner or later, it happens to all computers for one reason or another.

    Good luck.

  • I have a toshiba satellite windows 8 and the Messenger keeps freezing upwards...

    Sometimes, it will remain blocked until restarts the computer. Sometimes, I'll be able to hit F5 and it will start working again. I have fragmented out of the computer, cleared out all memory and ran the troubleshooting of hardware and devices on the computer. Can someone tell me how to solve the problem of the computer?


    1. What is the exact model of the Toshiba Satellite?
    2. Using a mouse or the keyboard to move the cursor?

    I suggest you to update the touchpad drivers manually by downloading it from the manufacturer's website.

    It might be possible that the driver for the touchpad does not work correctly.

    Note: Please uninstall the old touch pad drivers version before installing the newer version of the driver.

    To uninstall the drivers of following steps:

    a. drag the mouse down to the left and right click on the Start icon.

    b. Select Device Manager.

    c. right-click on the drivers touchpad and click Uninstall.

    Please post with the State of the question.

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