I have an account that has been hacked and I don't know how to get back

I have an account that has been hacked and I don't know how to get back


Contact the software vendor for the account you're stuck on.

If it is an e-mail account, you can also contact your ISP.

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  • Hide: I went to my documents and I had this issue, and I clicked on something that is called HIDE and I don't know how to get to this file now!

    I went to my documents and I had this issue, and I clicked on something that is called HIDE and I don't know how to get to this file now! Anyone know where are the hidden files?

    Go to start / Control Panel / folder Options / view and check the box to show the hidden files and folders and uncheck to hide extensions of known file types.  Only the first is required for this problem, but the other may be useful later and you might as well do it while you're already here.

    Now, you will be able to see the folder.  It will be in the same place, it has always been (it has not been assigned) - it was just hidden and now that you can see hidden files and folders you can see again.  You may notice that it deteriorated a little bit lighter that other records - it is a sign that it is a hidden file or folder.

    I hope this helps.

    Good luck!

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  • The Start button and the taskbar on my computer has changed and I don't know how to get back to its original look, I have windows vista

    The Start button and the taskbar on my computer has changed and I don't know what to do to get back to its original state. I have windows Vista


    Have you changed the desktop theme?

    Change windows to Classic view


    Refer: Change Desktop Theme


    Why are some Visual elements will automatically turn off?

    Thank you

  • How do a page to actually contact someone on my account that has been hacked and I can't access it at all?

    I need to give additional details on windows live solutions Center, but have no idea how do, I completed the form on my contact information but I need to add additional details to allow me to take control of my hacked account, help?

    Submit all Live and Hotmail queries on the forum right here:

    Windows Live Solution Center

  • During the migration of Firefox since Vista computer on windows 7, personal profile has been lost and I don't know how to restore - Profile Wizard detects no pr

    When data were transferred from my vista computer to the new computer windows 7, firefox profile has not been transferred to the new computer. Because the profile has not been transferred, the Manager profile, or by typing in the default location doesn't give a result. All the info on the website of mozilla that I looked at the way in which the profiles doesn't seem to work. I can probably recover and make a copy of the profile of the old computer, but how do I know where to put it on the new?

    Try to remove the profiles.ini file to force Firefox to create a new file profiles.ini and a new default profile.

    • 'C:\Users\Peter\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\profiles.ini '.
  • my screen seems to have stretched and I don't know how to get back to "normal" size

    every thing was stretched, no matter what page I'm on!


    Change the screen resolution

    Read and use the info on the link above to MS to change the resolution of your screen to the correct resolution.

    See you soon. Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • My acrobat 8 is recorded for a computer that has been hacked and is fried, but I can't reg to this computer and now I cannot use it for 30 days on this computer

    My acrobat 8 is recorded for a computer that has been hacked and is fried, but I can't reg to this computer and now I cannot use it for 30 days on this computer

    Serial number and activation support (no-Cloud) https://forums.adobe.com/thread/2041990 to adjust the number of activations

  • the price of my subscription has been changed and I don't know why

    the price of my subscription has been changed and I don't know why


    You might have bought membership creative cloud on the promotional prices, all work promotional price for a single year.

    Now if your subscription has been renewed after completing a year with promotional price, the price climbed to the real rate of subscription.

    For more information you can please http://helpx.adobe.com/contact.html

    Hope that answers your query.

  • I had a virus that says that the FBI caught me downloaded inlegal stuff a fine of 72 hours or there would be charges pressed against me and I don't know how it get out!

    I had a virus that says that the FBI caught me downloaded inlegal stuff a fine of 72 hours or there would be charges pressed against me and I don't know how it get out!  Whenever I turn on my computer it pops up and I can't do anything! Sometimes I can go and get online! If anyone knows how to remove it please help me!

    What you are investigating your pc with?  What anti virus?

    Some malware knows how to avoid the standard as applications McAffee, Norton and Kaspersky, Avast.

    To be absolutely sure, you may have to reset it to the factory or clean install.  Make sure that you have a backup first.

  • Try to unlock an old account that has been hacked

    I started to play AOE very close online when he was released and my account has been hacked (confirmed by Microsoft) and my credit card was fraudulently billed.  Leave the game at the moment, I would like to go back to my old account, as I have spend money for additional content.  When I just tried to recover my password, 2 email addresses attached to the account on the top of my own that he said he would send the password there.  These were obviously added by the hacker and must be eliminated.  When I made the account review page, he asked me a lot of things that I don't remember, on the top saying I should use the same computer.  Well, I bought a new computer, as it has been over a year since this happened.  They also asked me some very intrusive questions like the last 3 people, I sent along the lines of the object of these emails.  Why they would take that and other that actually access my e-mail account, how could they know the answers to that.  The email that was entered is a yahoo email, so I supported Microsoft should not be able to access my personal email.  One of the questions was to answer the secret question, but I don't even remember what was the secret question.  I already paid the money for some of the additional content and would like access to this game again.  I waited more than a week for the reply to audit only to find out that the information I provided were not enough.  What should I do?  Phone support told me that it was not possible to recover by phone.


    ·         Are what account you referring?

    If you are referring to your Yahoo account, contact Yahoo support for more information and help.


  • Hi support team, in something so my mozilla settings have been changed and he baceme transprenet, now how to get back to normal?

    Hi support team, somehow my mozilla settings have been changed and it became transparent, now how to change, return to normal, because everything is transparent, menus, pages etc.

    This could be the same problem other users report as a white or black screen due to an incompatibility between 33 Firefox and some former card/chipset drivers graphic.

    Please disable hardware acceleration as a temporary workaround. Instructions step by step in this thread: https://support.mozilla.org/questions/1025438

    Does it work?

  • Account Hotmail has been hacked - and I'm not the only one...

    Hello, I tried to get this resolved for three weeks now and free technical support found on the Windows Live Solution Center or forums does not help us.  Not at all.

    My free email MSN (hotmail) account was compromised 3 weeks ago.  I pointed out to the Microsoft Abuse and in order to get a rear access account, I had to complete a password reset form and also go through the account validation process.  Well, I did it everyday for 3 weeks and the process does NOT work.

    Once you go through the validation, Microsoft sends you a link to your forum private-i click the link and enter my PIN code and then who is supposed to enter your private Forum, you can follow your incident report and instructions on how to get your password reset.  Sounds good, but the link to the private forum NEVER works and you get an error message "resource not found" or you are returned to the main Help Page.   VERY frustrating and if you read the forums EVERYONE is complaining about this.

    The right technical support representatives keep giving us links to go through the process again and again and again. They does NOT address the problem or acknoweldge a problem.  What happened to Microsoft SO many hotmail users have hacked their accounts?  Hundreds of people are writing in saying the same thing - that their accounts have been hijacked and this spam email is sent to the their entire contact list.  Hackers are changing their password and alternate email address and secret question.

    No one is able to go through the process to reset their passwords successfully.  I am in desperate need to recover my account.    I tried to call technical support, but you do not support the MSN LIVE hotmail.  forums and free support is USELESS. There must be something that anyone can do.

    This is unacceptable - service free or not, completely horrible what is happening.

    You send messages in a Forum of Vista.

    And it's not Microsoft.

    These are public Forums, hosted by Microsoft.

    Hotmail forums:


    They will help you when repost you your question in the Forums above for Hotmail.

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • How to restore a list of e-mail contacts that has been hacked and deleted?

    Have a long-established AOL Mail contact that has several addresses of hundreds who failed this afternoon after a phishing e-mail has been sent to my contacts list. Is it possible to retrieve this list?

    Hello skrub, you post to the support forum for firefox - firefox is a browser and does not handle your email so that we will not be able to help you with third-party services. Please contact your e-mail instead, provider to help you with this question...

    Problems with email and how to find help

  • Thunderbird keeps questioning a former e-mail account that has been deleted and is not listed in the tools/options account

    I even deleted and reloaded firefox, Thunderbird , but it continues to try to recover a deleted account emails. Where it becomes the info to try to access the account? Tools/choice of account does not contain the account more.

    The title of the question and first sentence edited by moderator. This question is about Thunderbird, not Firefox. AW

    Something was quite wrong. Settings that use Thunderbird cannot come from his profile, but if the account has been for settings and yet the account is always logged, then the settings page has become out of step with the real state of the profile. Note that uninstalling and then reinstalling the program Thunderbird are usually ineffective because the settings are kept separately in the profile folder.

    I would go to tools | Options | Advanced > Configuration Editor and search for it references to the unwanted account and see if they can be removed by here. If this fails, I close Thunderbird and browse the js files in a text editor. If you do this, be sure to make backups, because if the files are preferably incorrectly formatted, Thunderbird will not start.

  • My account has been locked and I don't know why and how this can happen. That's twice what happened, my title would be this WHO NOT YET?

    My account has been blocked without reason.  How and why does this happen and how do I get my account back on.  Thank you veraspif


    Answered in another Thread.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

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