I have an Apple gift card account and want to use it, but I always get sent to my account where the payment is listed as a Visa card I have more. How can I change the billing to my gift card, I no longer the card and do not know the pin code

How can I change my payment with a Visa card, I no longer use my gift card account. I don't have the gift card so I don't know the PIN code. I have the amount of the card on account, what should I do?


Hi Nancy, there.

Looks like you are trying to update your iTunes billing information, but he continues to ask you for a credit card security code, you have more. You may be able to change the option to zero rather than use the "Use your Mac or PC" section of this article:

Modify or delete your Apple ID payment information

If for some reason you can't, this article explains why this may be the case:

If you don't see anything or can't select

You may need to reach out to our iTunes support staff directly if you cannot get a resolution with these resources:

the iTunes Store support

Thank you for using communities of Apple Support.

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