I have an iPhone 6 and an iPad Air both have always been updated you are prompted and are therefore currently operating on 9.2.1. It just says: update could not be completed, and that was in the 11-15. I pay for extra storage if this isn't the issue...

I have an iPhone 6 and an iPad Air both have always been updated you are prompted and are running 9.2.1. I can't get either do an iCloud backup, he repeats to me just last backup could not be completed. The last successful backup has been in November 2015. I pay for most large storage storage account is not the problem but, the fact I pay for cela and cannot use it is very frustrating = / I really need to get my backup iPhone I have a few important pictures there. I have read other posts, but nothing useful there. Is this a problem in one of the updates at this time or some other interferente app? Or? Thank you...

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Please check that your device is correctly connected to the wireless internet (settings > wifi) and is plugged into a power source, check also that you have enough space in iCloud for your back upward.

You can check the space available in settings > iCloud > storage and the space needed for the next backup to the settings > iCloud > storage > Storage manage > backups > appliance > Back Up Options > next backup size (wait for the spinning until the gear icon).

Assuming that you are eligible for iCloud upward, you should try a forced first stop, hold down the buttons side in top and home together until the unit stops, then restart by pressing the side/up button.

Then, try to connect the device to a new location (different WiFi network)

If your backup continues to fail, you can try to disable the backup on your mobile device (settings > iCloud > backup), reboot the device and then turn on BackUp on new.

If this help not disable backup again, remove your existing back to the top of settings > iCloud > storage > Storage manage > backup > this device (scroll down) > delete backup, restart the device and then turn on BackUp.

If you are unable to make a return to the top, try to connect on iCloud (settings > iCloud (scroll down) > Sign Out (you will need to enter your password at this point), restart the device and sign in iCloud to settings > iCloud.)

The next thing to try would be to restore your network settings. (Settings > general > reset > reset network settings)

Reset your network settings will erase your cell phones and wireless network settings, including saved networks, passwords for wifi and VPN settings, that you can use. It will affect to the Internet but will not be an impact on telephone services because these settings are automatically configured by your carrier. It may take a few moments to enter again all your network settings, but it shouldn't cause you any major problems. If you are comfortable re - enter your network settings, you can try this step earlier in the troubleshooting procedure, i.e. after the forced shutdown suggested above.

If this does not help, try to disable some elements for the back upward in a model to try to establish if your problem is caused by specific data on your device. You can do with settings > iCloud > storage > storage management > backup > appliance > Back Up Options.

If you are still not able to perform a backup from iCloud, you can try to restore your phone which you should do by making an iTunes backup via your computer and restore from that.

Be able to go back to the cloud can be very useful, especially if you have access to a computer or rarely have access to one, however unless you need specifically to use iCloud to go back, you'll find a backup on iTunes much more convenient and possibly more reliable. However if you save up to iTunes be sure to encrypt the back upward if you want to keep your data on health and passwords etc.

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