I have an iphone of my sister and I managed to create my Apple Id and password but how do I delete my ister apple Id and password on the iphone and how to remove icloud address and password so that I can create my own?

I had an iphone to my sister and have successfully created an apple Id and password. I want to remove their icloud password to create my own. How?

Go to settings > iCloud and click 'Sign out' or 'Remove account' as appropriate. If you are asked for his ID and password that you need to ask what they are in order to move forward, or make him do the disconnection for you, or you can also ask him to remove iCloud in his list of devices - please see the http://support.apple.com/kb/ts4515 .

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    Thank you


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    You need to recover the access code:


    Alternatively, take a proof that you are the original purchaser of the Apple phone.

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    < personal information under the direction of the host >

    Go to http://appleid.apple.com and click on "find your Apple ID" to find out what is your Apple ID. You will then need to go to http://iforgot.apple.com to reset the password.

    If you can not do this, your only other option is, assuming you bought the phone new and unused, to pick up the phone and the original purchase documents for a physical Apple Store and ask them for help.

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    USB 3.0 is backward compatible with your devices.

    You will not remove all the ports on your computer when you add a usb 3.0 in order to continue to use the ports that you use now for your keyboard and your mouse.  When you add a usb 3.0 controller on your computer you will have 3.0 ports in addition to your small gifts.  USB 3.0 has audio, video, storage and mass devices most.

    Keyboards and mice that you own now will not have 3.0 anyway, even with an adapter, but this isn't a problem.  Because the increase in speed of 3.0 data transfer benefits hardly a device that awaits for most human movements in any case new devices are not necessary.

    Colin Barnhorst

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    How to open third-party applications to developers not identified in Mac OS X "Mac tips.

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    Remove you it with text editing / retouching tools in Acrobat object or mark for redaction, so he gets blacked out.


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    Hello Kevin,

    From now on, you cannot set the recipient's e-mail address in the document itself or let him choose automatically. You must provide either the Web portal or even using the API, the e-mail address of signatory manually. According to the models of message, if you have account level business, you can set it by going to the tab account-> account settings-> Message template,.

    Kind regards


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    Transfer (sale of your software) https://forums.adobe.com/thread/1355892

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    Hi ihorm29887441,

    Try to uncheck the "documents open as tabs in the same window" under "Edit > preferences > General".

    Then restart the player.

    Let me know if it works for you.

    Kind regards


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    Usually, you can remove the unwanted form autocomplete entries using the keyboard:

    • Start typing until appears undesirable entry
    • Use the down arrow key to select the unwanted entry
    • Press DELETE or shift + delete to delete this entry

    If you want to make a more general cleaning on the form entries, Add - ons are available. For example:

    Form history control

    There are some recent critics complain that it does not work as well as Lazarus for the recording of the work-in-progress on the forms you fill out currently, but I don't think that there is no complaint regarding its ability to change the saved form history entries.

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    I bought a bunch of a company called band of brothers. I entered my billing and shipping address. Somehow in the process, he used autofill to add my old address in another State, I lived 18 months ago and filled at THIS address. In the account information of the website for me, it shows my new address first, and my old address in the second place, buy autofill information apparently the old address instead. The "expert" on the site of the seller told me that the problem was not their system, but my Firefox autofil function. Is there a way for me to delete old address so that it can never autofil again? If I completely remove Firefox and reloaded, will that fix my problem?

    Reinstall will not, remove unless you do a 'clean reinstall"or"cool ". Who will remove your firefox profile, which contain the information that you want to remove.

    But be aware, clean reinstall or update the firefox factory reset will, you will lose all the bookmark, history, addon, passwords, etc.

    Frankly, I don't think it's a problem I would like to personally distressed with a refreshing or clean install. Deleting the entry as I mentioned in the previous post is an adequate solution. Once deleted, it will not be displayed again in the same Web site.

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    Looks like you need to activate the directory pane.

    Open the address book window.

    Select the Directory to display-layout pane

    Your email and settings are stored in your profile. You can reinstall all you like, but it does not change your settings. He keeps you busy for a little while.

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    Rather than remove your password, give them each separate user accounts so that they can have their own settings and does not interfere with anything of yours.

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    While he was trying to help someone understand the different manifestations of "users/contacts" between e-mail, telephone contacts, Skype, etc., I managed to inadvertently add some accounts to my favorites in the Mail application and don't see a way to manage this list.


    1 mail configured to connect to Hotmail

    2. in the left pane of the Mail application, select people. Steering wheel with 'Favorites' and 'Frequent' overlays on top of the display of the messages Inbox.

    3. the magic that happens here... I'm doing something I don't remember or repro... vague memory it is that I clicked on a couple of accounts for friends in the list of "Frequent" and they find themselves in the Favorites list

    4. There is no obvious way to remove users from the Favorites list.

    Go to the people app, all users in the list of favorites of my Mail app do * not * have the favorite icon lit up. Selecting and deselecting the favorite icon in the application of people do nothing to my list of 'Favorites' in the Mail application. What this app synching contacts is to?

    Hi Jason,

    When you pin a person to your start screen, the profile picture of this person and their Facebook status updates and Tweets will appear as a tile at the start. Press or click on the tile to join their contact information. You can then quickly send them an SMS or an email or call, chat, or get a Skype video call with them.

    I suggest you try the steps from the following link on how to add/remove from Favorites of people app.

    Help people app (Pin people and Add/Remove Favorites)

    If the problem persists, then I suggest you to try the following steps.

    1. to start, press or click on Mail app;
    2. press or click the person you want to remove from Favorites.
    3. press or click Favorites. When you return to the home page of the mail app, you will see more this person in your Favorites list.

    I hope this helps. Let us know if you have other problems with Windows in the future.

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