I have an old version of Silverlight. I am trying to upgrade. Told me to uninstall the old version. My computer says it cannot open the old version to uninstall

I have an old version of Silverlight. Attempt to upgrade. Told me to uninstall the old version. When you attempt to uninstall I tells me that it can't open the program to uninstall. Without uninstalling the old version, I can't spend


Hi Oskar stabs,

To uninstall the old version of silverlight on your computer follow the steps below.

Step: 1

a. click the Start button

b. go to the control panel

c. Select programs

d. then click on uninstall or change a program

e. you will find the list of programs, in this selection of Microsoft silverlight

f. click on uninstall

See the link given below to learn more on how to uninstall Microsoft silverlight.

Uninstalling Microsoft Silverlight

To install the latest version of silverlight, see the following link

Upgrade of Microsoft silverlight

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