I have Firefox 5.0.1 and a theme I want download says it works with Firefox 4.0b9pre - 7.0a1, but at the top, he says that he is not available for my platform. What should I do?

I just downloaded Firefox 5.0.1 and one of the themes I want to download and try says it works with Firefox 4.0b9pre - 7.0a1. Upstairs, however, it is said that the theme is not available for my platform. He arrived with a few other themes as well, but I didn't check what versions they work with. I don't know what this means or what to do about it. The theme is at this link: https://addons.mozilla.org/z/en-US/firefox/addon/bloomind-ft-deepdark-2/


It is said:

'Bloomind FT DeepDark 2' is a theme that was created to transform the look of Firefox 4 for Windows users. It was specially designed for the seven, but the rendering is quite specific on XP and Linux (I can t test on MAC, but for those who would like to try on this platform, you can force the download and install it).

So try to save this file using the context menu.

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