I have lost my Windows XP Professionsla installation disc that came with computer and I see the message asking me to insert disk 3 to reinstall the files. What should I do?

I lost the Windows Professional disc that came with the computer. I get a pop up requires me to insert the disc 3 of which I don't have the installation disc. Even if I try to do a system restore I need the disk. I can't lose information that is on the computer and do not have an external drive. What should I do?

There is no disc 3 of Windows XP Professional.  Windows XP (other Media Center if I remember well) was a CD.

Please copy the message down verbatim - including the title bar - and who post here.

You can move this pop-up window on the side and also do all the following - in the order given anything of it periodically, you're already doing...

Search for malware:

Download, install, execute, update and perform analyses complete system with the two following applications:

Remove anything they find.  Reboot when necessary.  (You can uninstall one or both when finished.)

Search online with eSet Online Scanner.

The less you have to run all the time, most things you want to run will perform:

Use Autoruns to understand this all starts when your computer's / when you log in.  Look for whatever it is you do not know using Google (or ask here.)  You can hopefully figure out if there are things from when your computer does (or connect) you don't not need and then configure them (through their own built-in mechanisms is the preferred method) so they do not - start using your resources without reason.

You can download and use Process Explorer to see exactly what is taking your time processor/CPU and memory.  This can help you to identify applications that you might want to consider alternatives for and get rid of all together.

Do a house cleaning and the dust of this hard drive:

You can free up disk space (will also help get rid of the things that you do not use) through the following steps:

Windows XP should take between 4.5 and 9 GB * with * an Office suite, editing Photo software, alternative Internet browser (s), various Internet plugins and a host of other things installed.

If you are comfortable with the stability of your system, you can delete the uninstall of patches which has installed Windows XP...
(Especially of interest here - #4)
(Variant: http://www.dougknox.com/xp/utils/xp_hotfix_backup.htm )

You can run disk - integrated into Windows XP - cleanup to erase everything except your last restore point and yet more 'free '... files cleaning

How to use disk cleanup

You can disable hibernation if it is enabled and you do not...

When you Hibernate your computer, Windows saves the contents of the system memory in the hiberfil.sys file. As a result, the size of the hiberfil.sys file will always be equal to the amount of physical memory in your system. If you don't use the Hibernate feature and want to reclaim the space used by Windows for the hiberfil.sys file, perform the following steps:

-Start the Control Panel Power Options applet (go to start, settings, Control Panel, and then click Power Options).
-Select the Hibernate tab, uncheck "Activate the hibernation", and then click OK. Although you might think otherwise, selecting never under "Hibernate" option on the power management tab does not delete the hiberfil.sys file.
-Windows remove the "Hibernate" option on the power management tab and delete the hiberfil.sys file.

You can control the amount of space your system restore can use...

1. Click Start, right click my computer and then click Properties.
2. click on the System Restore tab.
3. highlight one of your readers (or C: If you only) and click on the button "settings".
4 change the percentage of disk space you want to allow... I suggest moving the slider until you have about 1 GB (1024 MB or close to that...)
5. click on OK. Then click OK again.

You can control the amount of space used may or may not temporary Internet files...

Empty the temporary Internet files and reduce the size, that it stores a size between 64 MB and 128 MB...

-Open a copy of Microsoft Internet Explorer.
-Select TOOLS - Internet Options.
-On the general tab in the section 'Temporary Internet files', follow these steps:
-Click on 'Delete the Cookies' (click OK)
-Click on "Settings" and change the "amount of disk space to use: ' something between 64 MB and 128 MB. (There may be many more now.)
-Click OK.
-Click on 'Delete files', then select "Delete all offline content" (the box), and then click OK. (If you had a LOT, it can take 2 to 10 minutes or more).
-Once it's done, click OK, close Internet Explorer, open Internet Explorer.

You can use an application that scans your system for the log files and temporary files and use it to get rid of those who:

CCleaner (free!)
(just disk cleanup - do not play with the part of the registry for the moment)

Other ways to free up space...



Those who can help you discover visually where all space is used.  Then, you can determine what to do.

After that - you want to check any physical errors and fix everything for efficient access"

How to scan your disks for errors* will take time and a reboot.

How to defragment your hard drives* will take time

Cleaning the components of update on your Windows XP computer

While probably not 100% necessary-, it is probably a good idea at this time to ensure that you continue to get the updates you need.  This will help you ensure that your system update is ready to do it for you.

Download and run the MSRT tool manually:
(Ignore the details and download the tool to download and save to your desktop, run it.)


Download/install the latest program Windows installation (for your operating system):
(Windows XP 32-bit: WindowsXP-KB942288-v3 - x 86 .exe )
(Download and save it to your desktop, run it.)



Download the latest version of Windows Update (x 86) agent here:
... and save it to the root of your C:\ drive. After you register on the root of the C:\ drive, follow these steps:

Close all Internet Explorer Windows and other applications.

AutoScan--> RUN and type:
%SystemDrive%\windowsupdateagent30-x86.exe /WUFORCE
--> Click OK.

(If asked, select 'Run'). --> Click on NEXT--> select 'I agree' and click NEXT--> where he completed the installation, click "Finish"...


Now reset your Windows with this FixIt components update (you * NOT * use the aggressive version):
How to reset the Windows Update components?


Now that your system is generally free of malicious software (assuming you have an AntiVirus application), you've cleaned the "additional applications" that could be running and picking up your precious memory and the processor, you have authorized out of valuable and makes disk space as there are no problems with the drive itself and your Windows Update components are updates and should work fine - it is only only one other thing you pouvez wish to make:

Get and install the hardware device last drivers for your system hardware/system manufacturers support and/or download web site.

If you want, come back and let us know a bit more information on your system - particularly the brand / model of the system, you have - and maybe someone here can guide you to the place s x of law to this end.  This isn't 100% necessary - but I'd be willing to bet that you would gain some performance and features in making this part.

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    You back up your operating system, not your drivers.

    If you have Vista Business or Ultimate:


    Explore the features: Windows backup center and restoration


    How to use the Vista computer backup and restore


    When you buy a NEW hard drive, the new hard drive manufacturer is normally cloning software available on their website for you to download and do exactly what you want to do.

    Alternatively, use 3rd Party software, you will have to pay for:


    Or get a drive for recovery of your computer manufacturer, or borrow a DVD of Vista from Microsoft and reinstall Vista,

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    There is no Vista free download legal available.

    Contact your computer manufacturer and ask them to send a recovery disk/s Vista set.

    Normally, they do this for a cost of $ small.


    Or borrow a good Microsoft Vista DVD (not Dell, HP, etc).
    A good Vista DVD contains all versions of Vista.
    The product key determines which version of Vista is installed.

    There are 2 disks of Vista: one for 32-bit operating system, and one for 64-bit operating system.

    If install a cleaning is required with a good DVD of Vista (not HP, Dell recovery disks):

    Go to your Bios/Setup, or the Boot Menu at startup and change the Boot order to make the DVD/CD drive 1st in the boot order, then reboot with the disk in the drive.

    At the startup/power on you should see at the bottom of the screen either F2 or DELETE, go to Setup/Bios or F12 for the Boot Menu


    MS advice on the conduct of clean install.


    A tutorial on the use of a clean install


    Super Guide Windows Vista Installation

    After installation > go to the website of the manufacturer of your computer/notebook > drivers and downloads Section > key in your model number > get latest Vista drivers for it > download/install them.

    Save all data, because it will be lost during a clean installation.

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

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    I had a hard drive crash and installed the new hard drive. Installed my copy of vista that came with computer and when I tried to activate the software with the code provided with this windows says it's the wrong activation for this software.

    1. start your own, new thread in the following Microsoft Genuine Advantage forum and repost your MGA journal, and a clear description of your problem:


    2 Troubleshooting specialist will analyze the data and recommend an appropriate solution.

    Please run the Microsoft Genuine Diagnostics Tool then copy and paste the results into an answer here for further analysis:


    3. try the listed here appropriate phone number: phone numbers Microsoft Activation centers worldwide:


    UTC/GMT is 21:19 Saturday, may 12, 2012

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    I got a computer of 510N HP Pavilion from a friend who was absolutely riddled with viruses and malware of all kinds.  Every thing I did to clarify apparently nowhere got done or made it worse.  At the end of the day, the computer would only begin to restart, stop after the start of the HP logo screen, then start to boot, etc and more.  All I could do was to install the hard drive in another computer and format, from scratch.  Now, I'm trying to install the system to XP op for the disc that came with the computer.
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    When you perform a restore to the factory on some HPs condition you have two choices: 1) a restoration which keeps your data and programs (in a repair installation); (2) a full destructive restore which brings back the machine to the State, it's when you first opened the box. In your case, you have already wiped the drive, so the question is moot. I would call the HP technical support. Normally when you use an OEM recovery media (HP, Dell, etc.) a product key is never required during the restore. If you have used the media to restore HP shipped with your system and are always asked for a key and one on the sticker machine is not accepted, then something is certainly. MS - MVP - Elephant Boy computers - don't panic!

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    Probably no disk came with it. Instead, you have a recovery partition.
    For information on how to use it, read the instructions or watch on the
    web site of the manufacturer.

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  • I have lost my windows xp home edition

    I have lost my windows xp home edition
    the product key for my windows
    is F7FY2-BMBPP-CH9P3-K8R9W-W7378
    my product is HP Pavilion ze2000 laptop
    s/n: CNF5110J8L
    p/n: PW950EA #ABV
    How you can help me?

    If you are looking for a replacement CD XP, you will need to contact Microsoft support (call) and ask them for you a new CD by mail. Costs about $10 if I remember correctly. Or potentially HP so it was an OEM operating system copy.

  • I have a new computer running windows but 10, 13 photoshop elements disc.  Insert the disc does not start something going and looking at the files I do not see an installation executable.

    I have a new computer running windows but 10, 13 photoshop elements disc.  Insert the disc does not start something going and looking at the files I do not see an installation executable.  I don't know what to do.

    Download from Download Photoshop Elements | 14, 13, 12, 11, 10

    Install and enter your serial number.

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    I built a computer with Windows Xp OEM and then upgraded to Vista Home Premium SP1.

    I want to know to build another computer with the same Windows Xp OEM installation disc, is this possible?

    Possible? Yes.

    Authorized by the license agreement? N °

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