I have more than one partition on my hard drive, how to create a shortcut to a particular drive from the desktop?

I fitted with a 1 TB drive to my macbook, then partitioned several times, all good so far, everything works.

I use two connections, staff and work. My 'work' connection I have one partitioned drive named "work" which I use as an archive / storage for all work related data, far from any current activity. How to create a shortcut for just this partition to 'work' on the desktop?

I tried Finder > Preferences > general - show these items on the desktop, hard drives of ticks. But it shows then all partitioned drives.

The partitions must be included in the side bar of the Finder to choose. You can also click with the right button on a volume and select 'add to dock '. I don't know how to add an alias on the desktop.

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    I got like Norman antivirus programs and now I move to Msn essintials. but the computer turned out to be very slow. I scanned the computer with the MacAfee Scan more and I got a message that I have more than one firewall installed, product that could create problems on my Pc I have bleive that I only have widows Firewall now. but the analysis said the contrarey.

    (1) using a router?  They usually have a firewall.

    2) go to control panel and click on security.  Click the down arrow next to firewall and windows will tell you what is running

    (3) you could also look in Control Panel > programs and features for the firewall software like McAfee, ZoneAlarm, or any that you have previously installed.  You can uninstall then from there.  Use the Norton uninstaller to remove the software and/or the traces that were left during uninstall.


    If the computer is slow, check programs and features for applications that are installed but you never or rarely use.  Uninstalling those who help you in speed.  And if you go in program files, search for files left behind from applications already installed.  If more than six months, it is safe to remove them.  Remove temporary files, run disk cleaner, empty the trash, defrag your unit.

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    Hello jillmarsden,

    It is not recommended to have multiple Antivirus or firewall installed at the same time because they can cause conflicts as PaulAuckNZ said. However, instead of remove antivirus in programs and features, you must go to the Antivirus website and use the removal tool which is produced by the manufacturer of the antivirus program.

    Microsoft has a free Antivirus called Microsoft Security Essentials. It provides protection for your PC in real time at home that protects against software viruses, spyware and other malicious software. It is simple to install, easy to use and always up-to-date with protection.
    You can download from the link below:


    Be very careful on the acceptance of direct assistance to another user. If this user suggests that he use Remote Assistance to help you, be aware that it will have access to your computer and that your computer could be hacked.

    Please let us know if you have any other questions.



  • How do I know if I have more than one of the same song in my library, and if I do how do I remove it without deleting both copies?

    Original title: Windows 7 Media Player

    How do I know if I have more than one of the same song in my library, and if I do how do I remove it without deleting both copies?


    Duplicates would be revealed by the observation. If found you are probably followed the same
    record twice.

    Add items to the Windows Media Player library - see the monitoring records - and delete a folder
    controlled by the player.

    Remove items from the Windows Media Player library

    Add or edit media information in Windows Media Player

    The Windows Media Player library: frequently asked questions

    Getting started with Windows Media Player


    The library may be corrupted if necessary, after the media library - advanced - restore tools above...
    Reset the library will result in the loss of all of the counties of game and probably both sides.


    If you think there is duplicate in separate folders files:

    Here are a few utilities to help, be sure to remove duplicates once and good
    folder. If If doubt copy the file to another folder, delete and then check WMP.

    Here are several free utilities and they have all their benefits and their methods.

    Auslogics Duplicate File Finder is the MD5 search engine that allows you to find duplicate
    files content, without worrying other matching criteria. It would be useful, for example, when two identical
    MP3 tracks or video files
    have different names

    Easy Duplicate Finder - find and delete the duplicate - free

    AntiTwin - Installer and Portable versions - search files in double or similar-
    same binary - free

    Fast Duplicate File Finder-Free - quickly find all the files in a folder and its subfolders duplicate

    Duplicate File Finder - Smart Port Forwarding - TCP Port Scanner - TCP Tunnel Port-

    Duplicate File Finder software (pictures, mp3, iTunes)

    SearchMyFiles - free - an alternative to the "Search for files and folders" module standard
    Windows. It allows you to easily search files in your system by wildcard, by last modification/creation/last accessed: time, by file attributes, by the content of a file (text or binary search),
    and by the size of the file. SearchMyFiles allows you to make a very specific search that cannot be
    done with Windows search.

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP<- profile="" -="" windows="" experience :="" bicycle="" -="" mark="" twain="" said="" it="">

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    Thank you.

    Try something like this, but be very careful that you understand the implications of the scope of the rule to a very large number of objects:

    $objectsbytype(/Host|) VMWVirtualMachine | VMWESXServer | VMWCluster | VMWDatastore /) If you do not need to check each type separately


    the ((hôte où name like 'a%') Union (VMWVirtualMachine where name like would be %')) If you need condition the type of each object separately, and then join the results)

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    Original title: Remote Desktop RDG

    The app works very well except that you can not have more than one remote gateway server.  I have two different infrastructures that I connect and they have different configurations of RDG.  You cannot change the advanced options when you create a new connection.  You can't modify it until you connect once.  I can not connect because the RDG are for another server.  Check connection options during the installation of the initial connection.

    OK, never mind.  I figured this out.  When you are on the home screen see you the bar charms and select settings.  From there, you can change the default RDG server machines new use.  Exactly what I needed.  Works fine now.

  • When the Portfolio officially be released? And when that happens, I can have more than one portfolio?

    When the Portfolio officially be released? And when that happens, I can have more than one portfolio?

    We will announce the release later today.  Each AdobeID can only be connected to a portfolio Adobe/CC membership account.  Hope that helps!

  • Is it possible to have more than one location in the Google Maps widget?

    Hey people,

    Lets say, you design a website for a client with multiple banks, you just want to tell them everything, no?

    I just want to know if it is possible to have more than one location in the Google Maps widget. I guess it shouldn't be that hard, but I can't understand it...

    any help would be much appreciated!

    Thank you


    It seems that you can only use one address for this widget.

    To do this you will need create map in Google Maps with all your points, and then copy the Google embed .html into Muse.

    Example of a google map embed with several points imported into the Muse:

    (Object/Insert HTML)

  • Possible to have more than one UI language in a deployment of Connect?

    You can have more than one language of the user interface in a Connect deployment? For example, we would like to have English to be our basic UI, but for Japanese users have Japanese be the user interface. We do not want to create a separate instance for each required language. Is it possible, or anyone found a way to do this?

    1. all supported languages are installed when you install the server.

    2. when a user selects a language, this language file is used as reference for all connect related text. However, meeting rooms and individual content items will appear in the language that they were created with.

    3. Yes, if you really want to dig for what text is displayed in each language, you can go to {install directory} \appserv\apps\lang\ and there will be an XML for each language on the server.

    4. not all supported languages come with the server.

    Screenshot of the user's specific language setting:

  • Query to retrieve records that have more than one assignment_id


    I'm writing a query to extract all records in the table per_all_assignments_f that has more than one different assignment_id for each person_id. Here's the query I wrote, it retrieves the records, even if a person_id assignment_id duplicate, but I need records that have more than one assignement_id without duplicate for each person_id

    Select assignment_id, person_id, assignment_id
    Of per_all_assignments_f
    Having count (assignment_id) > 1
    Person_id group, assignment_id

    Thank you.

    Maybe something like that?

    select *
    From   per_all_assignments_f f1
    where  exists (select 1
                   from   per_all_assignments_f f2
                   where  f2.person_id = f1.person_id
                   and    f2.assignment_id != f1.assignment_id

    Published by: SomeoneElse on May 7, 2010 14:23

    (you can add a SEPARATE from the outer query if you wish)

  • Can we have more than one system secure in Oracle Identity Manager?

    Can we have more than one system secure in Oracle Identity Manager?

    Yes we can
    Assume that we are reconciling userid and certain attributes of database and electronic mail, jobcode, city of AD.

    We will have then two trusted resource. We have a number of trusted resource based on the client system.

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    You can have only one list of automatic reminder of family, but you can create your own playlists and share them with whoever you want.

  • We have more than one PC connected to the same (IMAP) account, there is an error sending server and works as a single computer at a time.

    We have three computers to check the same email account (IMAP) and when more than one is not working and try to send a message is displayed:. 'Server offline [email protected] that the server may have dropped or there may be a network problem.
    Right next to Thunderbird on other computers, with only a computer connected to the error disappears, and everything works fine.
    When that happens, sometimes gives error when sending an e-mail, "error save message in sent" and the mail is not stored in the thunderbird or on the server, but is sent.

    Menu Tools > account settings > server settings > asvanced and reduce the number of connections from 5 to say 2 and see how it goes. I m the connection altogether on the total machines is the question can be reduced then should help.

    Seriously have several concurrent users is not a good way to manage an imap account.

  • Cannot have more than one item at the same time


    I have a WRT110. I have two laptops wireless and a wireless on a network printer. Whenever I turn on more than one thing, it's my connection drop. Example, I have my laptop and if I want to print something, I turn on the printer and bam, I lost my wireless connection. What I am doing wrong? Its to the point where if my husband is online and I turn on my Ipod it connect to internet and my husband ends. We continue to have to reset the router and the modem. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    On all the computers in Win 7 disable IPv6 under properties cable adapters and wireless LAN.  Restart the computers.

    In the router, turn off UPnP, under settings wireless Beacon interval 75, RTS and Fragmentation threshold to 2304.  Save the settings.  Now connect again and test it.

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    I'm creating a widget that will require more than one signatory if a condition is met.  This form will be accessible from the outside of our Organization.  Is it possible to create a form that has more than one person in the role of credits of the signatory widget?

    Hello RiversidePaulD,

    From now on, you can have a single (unique) signer who can esign Widgets online. If your second signatory is fixed, then counter signer is the best option. Apart from that, it is not possible to have two different esigners who continue to change. I took this as a feedback however.


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