I have no welcome screen. How can I get the Welcome screen?

I am running XP Home Edition.  When I turn on the computer, I get only a window where I can type the user and password, but do not get the Welcome screen I'm used on other computers I use XP.  I want the screen which shows each user next to a small table, where choose you one to connect.  I also can't get there in the menu START.  If I click START, then click on LOG OFF, I don't get the option to SWITCH USERS that would take me to the screen of welcome as well.  If I open the control PANEL and click USER ACCOUNTS, I can't find a prompt which is supposed to say "change the way users Log On.  It comes to have I'm supposed to find a checkbox indicating "use the Welcome screen.  Is not an option for this version of XP?  Am just missing something?  Help, please!


Hello clay Spinner

Try this and see if this helps you

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