I have the problem of "smart key", while typing keyboard. a key at the bottom left is like a 'Tab '.

I'll be typing text and button in the lower left quadrant and the cursor will skip a few lines and begin to drop text, I put it there.
How to stop this behavior strange keyboard?



Thanks for the post.

Let us know to answer these questions so that we can better understand the issue.

  1. What version of Windows is installed on the computer?
  2. Did you of recent changes to the computer before the show?

I suggest that you update the drivers for the keyboard and check it. Check out the link and follow the steps if you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7.

Automatically get recommended drivers and updates for your hardware


Update drivers: recommended links


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  • the icon start at the bottom left and the taskbar at the bottom disappeared with notifications i.e. time etc, in Panel I cllicked on the taskbar and the start menu icon, but I get nothing.

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    • My icon start at the bottom left is gone also the taskbar at the bottom with the notifications inside IE clock etc.
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    1. press Ctrl + Alt and WAITING, press DELETE key > select Task Manager > file > new task (run...) > in the Open box, type explore> OK

    Is back on the taskbar?
    If so, make sure that lock you the taskbar, right-click on the taskbar > check 'lock the Tasbar.

    2. If the above does not help, go to safe mode and see if you can see the taskbar at the bottom.
    Here's how to get safe mode:

    Shut down your computer > turn it back on and immediately and repeatedly tab key F8 until you see a black and white screen. The top/down arrow and select Safe Mode.

    If you can see the taskbar in safe mode, please do a system restore. Choose a date where you did not have this problem as your restore point.

    Start button > Search box, type system restore > press the Enter key > uac prompt > click on choose a different restore point > next > select dates as your restore point, until the click > next > finish
    To sit and wait. The machine restarts when it's done.

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  • How to remove the lock icon to the bottom left of the icon of the file?

    I had a problem with the files those are secured with permissions. in fact, I gave all the permissions that are denied to all users! After that, I tried opening the file (containing too many subfolders and files) trying to change the security properties of refused to allow all users, that he was trained in the error message as "an error occurred while applying security access to the information in a file name is refused-continue-Cancel"! not continue option or the Cancel option could change to a positive result. I tried even after deleting my current user account which I used as an administrator and then I made a new user as an administrator account, but however, it did not work at all! However, I found the solution through this community and he tried... (meghmala of the microsoft community forum moderator). That, I took a participation of this file with the option of advance on his property, security and LOL... it has worked successfully with the only problem I have lock icon yellow now down left on the folder icon I don't understand what it is and why it is, but all I want is to remove it and make my folder and its subfolders with all files in their as usual as they where before the permission setting I applied it in my old user account...

    Note that I'm using windows 7 Home Edition premium is integrated with my inspiron dell 5110 N15...
    Hope for the best from your side...
    Thanking you...

    I have now the padlock icon yellow towards the bottom left on the folder icon... I don't understand what it is and why it is, but all I want is to delete and make my folder and its subfolders with all the files in them, as usual as they where before the permission setting

    The lock simply means that only administrator accounts have access to this folder. It will disappear when you grant access to administrator accounts.

  • The bottom left of the Satellite L500 gets hot

    I have tried to understand it, but can't find any decent help on that.

    I have a 5 years old toshiba Satellite L500 and continues to get very hot on the lower left side. Now, I know that my hard drive is in the bottom right and this side never gets hot. So what I need to know is really what the balls - what is getting hot at the bottom left?

    I can't find patterns that can tell me exactly which part is which on the inside, so I have no idea of what gives me questions when I'm using the internet or play games. I have a fan in my laptop and it is on a surface of grated so air can get to it easily. The problem lies in the lower left hand side.

    As is - this does anyone have an idea why the low 1-1, 5 cm my screen gets too hot? It would be great! Thank you.

    As a writer, it is very worrying that these things as I need my laptop to stay alive for a year or two. (Cannot afford a new and use it for literally everything I do...)

    > So what I need to know is really what the balls - what is getting hot at the bottom left?
    How about the vents?

    The left side for laptop contains cooling grids, and you will find the cooling fans.
    Hot air flow by the left hand side so the surface s mobile is hot

  • Disable the box at the bottom left of the screen


    My cat on my keyboard and lit a dialog at the bottom left of my screen.  He crazy on my screen.  How do I turn it off?  Help, please.

    Thank you


    You can post a screenshot using Windows screen capture tool? Also, check the accessibility settings.

    BTW, you have a very smart cat.

  • URL links does not work in the lower left corner. Becomes blinking (between the address of link url and displayeble). Try for example push a few PHP my admin link (if the arrays are enough to bind apper in the corner at the bottom left). Fix this bug plea

    Hello world! I want to report a serious bug and very annoing.
    Go to www.kdevelop.org for example (or any other site), which has a link in the lower left corner. You will not be able to click on it! Cause firefox starts to Flash. Hard to explain what it looks like, it until I did a picture on here screenshot of a bug .
    Some examples of video too. Take a look at what comes when I want to click on the link above. video example of bug
    So try to any site you want, which has links (< a href > < /a >) if the bottom left corner. It's annoing. Is it possible to fix this? Actually this bug appeared because of the deletion status bar in firefox 4, where usually URL was exposed on the mouse on. Hope you understand my problem, sorry for my bad English. More info: System: 64-bit Linux (OpenSuSE 11.3). Firefox 4 b 12

    It looks like a problem with the theme. I see 'tooltip' in the right-hand corner in this case and not at the same position as this button.

    Start Firefox in Firefox to solve the issues in Safe Mode to check if one of the Add-ons is the cause of the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Tools > Modules > themes).

    • Makes no changes on the start safe mode window.
  • Can't find Personas (Fox mask) icon in the bottom left of the browser after the installation of the add - 0n.

    I installed the add-on for Personas. I can access the gallery using a bookmark, but I was hoping to use the shortcut that the add-on provides. This is supposed to be an icon of the mask of Fox at the bottom left of the browser. Not a big deal, but was wondering if I was doing something wrong, since the instructions say I see this icon. I restart my browser, like the instructions said.

    I received the message that the add-on has been added successfully, but I don't see it listed in the plugins below. That I should?

    You won't see in plugins because it is not a 'plugin', it is an extension and are in tools > Addons > Extensions or in help > troubleshooting information.

    As much as the icon "Fox mask" is missing, you have the active status bar?
    View > status bar = is it checked?

  • Microsoft Solitaire: text indication at the bottom left of the screen is unreadable.

    Original title: microsoft solitaire

    the text of the indication at the bottom left of the screen is unreadable. It looks like some kind of trouble puncuation or something. y at - it a patch or an option that I can use to solve this problem.


    ·         What operating system is installed on the computer?

    ·         It happens with Solitaire?

    If you use Windows Vista or Windows 7, then try to TURN the game.

    (a) click Start

    (b) click on Control Panel and open programs and features

    (c) and then click on Windows to enable or disable features.

    (d) If you are prompted for an administrator password or a confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation

    (e) search for the games and then alone.

    ·         To turn a Windows feature off, clear the check box.

    ·         To turn a Windows feature, select the check box next to the feature.

    Refer to




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  • How can I disable the next/previous button at the bottom left of the Windows Picture and Fax

    I am a beginner of the windows developer, please help me.

    1. How can I disable the next/previous button at the bottom left of the Windows Picture and Fax Viewer? E.g. change Registory or others...
    2. when I click the print on the Windows Picture and Fax Viewer, the image of the current directory

    will appear in print wizard, how can I show only the currently shoing image?

    Note: windows XP SP3

    Hi NewsAru,

    Unfortunately, there is no way to disable the next\previous buttons in Windows Picture and Fax Viewer.

    When you try to print an image by using Windows Picture and Fax Viewer it would display all available photos in the folder that contains the image you have chosen to print.

    Overview of Windows Picture and Fax Viewer


  • I used Vista. All of a sudden the icons at the bottom left of my screen disappeared. How can I put them there?

    I used Vista.  All of a sudden the icons at the bottom left of my screen disappeared.  How can I put them there? I used to have the show desktop icon, show all windows and a set of how quickly programs, such as MicroSoft Outlook, launch Chrome, Firefox Messenger.

    Try this:

    Right-click on an empty area of the taskbar, point to toolbars, and then click quick launch.

    A check mark appears, indicating that the Quick Launch toolbar is visible on the taskbar.

  • How can I get rid 7994 emails, it shows at the bottom left of the page of all accounts

    Original title: live mail

    How can I get rid of 7994 e-mails that it says that I have at the bottom left of the page of all accounts

    I would like to point out all the emails with the checkbox, and then "mark as read".

  • Seems to be a misinterpretation of the size of the file that is displayed in the bottom left of the main screen.

    Seems to be a misinterpretation of the size of the file that is displayed in the bottom left of the main screen. I thought that he used to be Tablet/no compressed size. But I get a lot of analysis that are the limit of 2 GB for PSD and when I back up, after trying for a while, it says file exceeds the limit of 2 GB for the PSD. I try tiff and get the field exceeds the limit of 4 GB for TIFF. PSD, it will do but can not be read by Lightroom, so they won't be in my catalog. If these numbers at the bottom right are not properly which is the file size they are for?

    The numbers on the bottom on the left represent just the size of the image that the file is open and not what it could be saved or compressed. You think if often is under the 2 GB limit, but it's really over. If she goes, save the file as a PSB.

  • Why the Word icon changed on just this computer - new Word icon with an area gray at the bottom left with a diagonal bar or a pencil?

    Last week, one of our machines (34 bit) Vista has begun to view Word files by an icon which ranges from normal Word icon.  This strange Word icon has the normal Word icon with a gray area at the bottom left.  In the grey area is a diagonal bar or a pencil.  (Too small to see clearly).

    It seems to behave like a normal Word document, but the icon is different.  When double click on the file, it opens Word application normally.  It prints as expected.  If I find a Word file on the server, the icon of the file word seems normal.  Once I move the computer, afterwards, the change icon.  For some, it changes shortly after I saved the document on the new computer.  Sometimes, the icon does not immediately change, and sometimes it does.  Sometimes, the icon changes after the updating of the computer.

    I was told what happened after an update of Microsoft, but I can't check.  This computer has a Word 2007 (which has been updated to Word 2003 several months ago) and is running on the Vista operating system.

    We tried to restore the computer to last week, but he did not.  Message:
    "System restore was not entirely successful.  The system files and settings on your computer did not change.
    An unspecified error occurred during system restore. »

    Hi Super_Ego,

    Welcome to the Microsoft Answers site!

    I suggest you try the following steps.

    1. click on start and then click Control Panel-> click the default programs->, and then select the set Associations tab.
    2. locate .doc or another Office Word on extensions and select change program.
    3. search for Microsoft Office Word, and then click OK.

    Check if the word file is back to normal.

    If this does not work, I suggest to create a test user account and check if the settings file for the word files are normal.

    Check out this link that talks about How to create a user account in Windows Vista


    Let me know if it worked.

    Kind regards
    Karena R - Microsoft Support

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  • You have a problem with a key. IsDown functions.

    I have a character, more or less looks like a little bug. It's a game, and the goal is for him to walk through a path surrounded by lava.

    Now, I have the codes for him to walk, go back and turn around.

    I even had a way to make it work, now I have a problem...

    I have a movieclip for him on foot and the other to walk him backup aswell (sorry if my English is bad)

    It works perfectly, the movieclip to which activates.

    But the movieclip for the backup does not work.

    Here is the code:

    onClipEvent (load) {}

    speed = 5;


    onClipEvent (enterFrame) {}

    _x-= speed*Math.sin(_rotation/57.3);

    FLF += speed*Math.cos(_rotation/57.3);

    if (Key.isDown (Key.RIGHT)) {}

    _rotation += 15;


    if (Key.isDown (Key.LEFT)) {}

    _rotation-= 15;


    if (Key.isDown (Key.UP)) {}

    this.gotoAndStop (2);

    speed = 5;

    } else {

    speed = 0;

    this.gotoAndStop (1);


    if (Key.isDown (Key.DOWN)) {}

    this.gotoAndStop (3);

    speed = - 5;



    When you press down, it backs up. The movieclip is going to frame three, but it is not loop the movieclip, it stops. It seems that the figure gets frozen, but still of backup.

    What can I do to fix this?

    your code is attached to a movieclip.  This movieclip contains an another movieclip (of your bug backwards) on its 3 frame.  If that were true, you would see your market bug back if there is no stop() in the market bug rear movieclip.

  • Problems with page layout in Mail. Using classical configuration in Mail, I can't have the bottom up so that I can see my mails. Any suggestions?

    I moved it down to view more emails and now I can't bring him back. I restarted Mail and also my computer come and go between the classic layout and the other, but no track use. I get the arrow in half, but it does not work. I wonder if this is a bug. I find the font too small for comfortable reading on the different layout for the list of messages.

    In the ClassicView, click on (and KEEP) the point at the bottom center and continue dragging your slider all the way to the top.

    The point finally will be JUMPING from the bottom.

    At least that's the way it works for me.

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