I have upgraded to Windows 8. How can I get the switchable graphics to work?

Windows 8 was released a little over a month and several users have had the desire to upgrade their laptop for Windows 8.

However, the laptop doesn't have any Windows 8 at HP software, because it is not yet approved for Windows 8.

This usually results in video cards being turned on so only used Intel graphics card.  Some symptoms of this is the laptop is running more hot than usual and the battery life is significantly short due to these two cards being fed at the same time.

This isn't an official solution to this problem, but it worked for me and others.

1. install the HP software framework found here.

Credit for finding this link goes to CherylG.

2. then, uninstall all ATI/AMD software through programs and features.

3. go to www.hp.com and select Support and drivers at the top.

4. Select software downloads and the pilot, then enter your product model or product number.

5. Select the most recent operating system corresponding to your installation of Windows 8 bit architecture.  For example, Windows 7 64 bit for 64-bit Windows 8.

6 download the ATI graphics card driver.

7. run the file once it is finished downloading.

8. let the finished extraction process, but cancel the installation when you are prompted to continue after extraction.  Note where this is extracted to.  By default, this should be c:\swsetup\.

9. here, there should be a setup.exe to install the ATI driver.  Right-click it and select troubleshoot compatibility.

10 follow the troulbeshooter of compatibility and select the suggested fixes.  On one screen, there will be a button of test program.  Click here to begin the installation.

11. follow the installation and it must successfully complete.

12. Once completed, right click on the desktop to check that configures it with the switchable graphics option is listed.

Once this done, switchable graphics should work fine on most systems.  This translates into reduced heat and charge the battery lasting longer.


While this may not work for everyone, he worked for many users.

I hope this helps.

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