I have windows 8 and ip4000. The software does not load and it doesn't seem to be a driver for 8 64-bit windows. What can I do?

I have windows 8 and ip4000.  The software does not load and it doesn't seem to be a driver for 8 64-bit windows.  What can I do?



I had the same problem.  I was able to get around by loading the driver for Windows XP 64 bit from the Canon web site and then install the printer using the normal menu of 'install new printer' Windows 8.  If I remember correctly, I could have gotten an error message or two, but the printer appears in the printer window and ran very well.  Hope this works for you as well.

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    Welcome to the Forums of the BlackBerry Support

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    1 LASERJET PRO CP1525nw

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    3 error: the system does not satisfy the installation requirements. the software does not support this version of Windows. Search hp.com for more information on this product compared to this error.

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    Thanks, but I arrived on the support desk and the problem was that for XP, you use the printer Install "Option in the drop down box and then select the"TCP/IP"Port, if you choose the option 'Wireless'.

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    My update of the software does not work and I can't return to the main he keeps on telling me to restart the computer and then go through the software update settings, then it ends by does not and then it tells me to restart and restart and restart again and again

    What updates you trying to install?

  • I loaded the new update for Firefox today and received a message from 'need to reboot to complete the installation'. However, even after restarting several times the update does not load and he always invites me to restart my computer.

    The update does not load, and I can't "remove" program to my computer and reload as the same (needs to restart to complete the installation) error message keeps appearing even after several reboots.

    Do a cleaning (re) install and delete the folder of the program Firefox (C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\).

    Download a new copy of Firefox and save the file to the desktop.

    Uninstall your current version of Firefox if possible.

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    Hi stephanet60407823,

    If the software does not appear on her profile, it means that it did not accept the invitation that you sent to him.

    Ask him to please follow the steps here: https://helpx.adobe.com/creative-cloud/kb/accept-invitation-team-enterprise.html

    Let us know if this helps!

    Kind regards


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    Hi Roger,

    You can download Acrobat from the below mentioned link:

    Download Adobe Acrobat products. Standard, Pro | DC, XI, X

    Kind regards


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    The current versions of Firefox are 64-bit on OS X, if you need a 64-bit version of Flash with Firefox 6.0.x or you must start Firefox as a 32-bit application to be able to use a 32-bit version of a plugin.

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    Web based games using java or Flash Player to load the game. You should check to see that you have installed and up to date.

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    .the store does not load for me to download apps

    He has already worked? If this is not the case, check the resolution of your screen. It must be 1024 x 768 minimum to access the store and apps.

  • Page of the trial does not load when I connect

    When you go buy or try hiking, it leads to a wherwhy page or want to try Photoshop and things and ask you to log in. I log in, and it goes to the next page, which is just a white screen empty except for the bottom, where it has a tongue setings and other things. The page does not load and I can't get it to the trial. I tried two different browsers, chrome, and firefox.

    Screenshot 2015-10-27 13:46:00.png

    When I go to that page, select experience and click then the next page wants to launch an external application.

    You can't do that. You can download the installer directly instead. Here is the link. Don't forget to follow the download instructions on the other will be refused. 2015 Direct download links adobe CC: creative Cloud 2015 Release | ProDesignTools

    Here what Chrome tells me the link you posted. The thing about adobe does not charge or is blocked on the machine you.

  • How can I get a plan if the page does not load?

    Whenever I click on the link to find a plan for the purchase, the page does not load. I just want to buy a plan! And I can't! What should I do?

    Hi Sara,.

    In case you are still unable to purchase online, you can contact Adobe sales team to place the order.


    Kind regards


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    Original title: virus Possible?

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    Any help would be greatly appreciated! I just moved across the world and have little knowledge of computers (but I'm much less following the instructions!). The last thing I need is for my laptop to be drunk so I can't communicate with the House...


    Since you have had that protection antivirus in the next message will be methods to
    carefully check for malware.

    TrendMicro must be uninstalled and replaced<- this="" is="" a="" must="" do!="" if="" you="" have="">
    problems to check with TrendMicro.

    Instructions/TrendMicro removal tool

    How can I uninstall my Trend Micro program removal tools fail?

    List of tools to clean/uninstall anti-malware programs

    Uninstallers (removal tools) for common antivirus software


    Here's what I use and recommend: (these are all free and very effective versions.)

    Avast and Prevx proved extremely reliable and compatible with all I have
    launched on them. Microsoft Security Essentials and Prevx have also proven to be very
    reliable and compatible. Use MSE or Avast and Prevx, Prevx 3 but not all.

    Avast Home free - stop any shields is not necessary except leave the file system, Web,.
    Operational network (Script and behavior are also recommended in Ver 6 +).

    Prevx - Home - free

    Windows Firewall

    Windows Defender (is not necessary if you use MSE)

    Protected IE - mode

    IE 8 - SmartScreen filter WE (IE 7 phishing filter)

    I also IE always start with asset if filter InPrivate IE 8.
    (It may temporarily turn off with the little icon to the left of the + bottom
    right of IE)

    Avast - home - free - 7.x stop shields you do not use (except files, Web, network, &)
    Shields of behavior) - double click on the icon in the Notification area - real time Orange - click on the
    Shield that you want to stop - STOP. To stop the Orange icon to show an error indicator-
    Click on the Orange icon - top right - settings - click on the status bar - uncheck shields you
    disabled - click OK

    Or use Microsoft Security Essentials - free

    Prevx works well alongside MSE or Avast

    Prevx - home - free small, fast, exceptional protection CLOUD, working with other security
    programs. It is a single scanner, VERY EFFICIENT, if it finds something come back here
    or use Google to see how to remove.
    http://www.prevx.com/   <-->

    Choice of PCmag editor - Prevx-
    http://www.PCMag.com/Article2/0, 2817,2346862,00.asp

    Also get Malwarebytes - free - use as scanner only. If you ever think malware and that
    would be unusual with Avast and occasional Prevx running with the exception of a low level cookie
    (not much), to UPDATE and then run it as a scanner. I have a lot of scanners and they
    never find anything of note that I started to use this configuration.


    Do not type the sfcdetails command, copy and paste.

    Many files that SFC cannot resolve are not important.

    Start - type in the search box-> find CMD in top - click right on - RUN AS ADMIN

    put the command from below (copy and paste) in this box and her and then press ENTER.

    findstr/c: "[SR]" %windir%\logs\cbs\cbs.log > sfcdetails.txt

    who creates the sfcdetails.txt file in the folder that you are in when you run it.

    So if you're in C:\Windows\System32 > then you will need to look in that folder for the file.

    How to analyze the log file entries that the Microsoft Windows Resource Checker (SFC.exe) program
    in Windows Vista

    This creates sfcdetails.txt in C:\Windows\System32 find and you can post the errors in a message
    here. NOTE: there are probably duplicates so please only post once each section error.

    You can read the newspaper/txt files easier if you right click on Notepad or Wordpad then RUN AS ADMIN - then
    You can navigate to sfcdetails.txt (in C:\Windows\System32) or cbs.log (in C:\Windows\Logs) as needed.
    (You may need to search sfcdetails.txt if it is not created in the default folders.)


    Did you do checks memory and updated the BIOS, chipset of low level drivers and major
    embedded and separate device drivers?

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP<- profile="" -="" windows="" expert="" -="" consumer="" :="" bicycle="" -="" mark="" twain="" said="" it="">

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    Whenever I restart firefox, the last tab that I had opened does not load. The issue of restarting can be any: add new installed firefox, new update, restart the browser manually, or restart my computer for firefox automatically closes. It's always the same problem. The last tab appears, as my page, new tab, which is empty. I have 3 tabs open and the first 2 will load fine, but not the last. This means that if I restart for an add-on or something, I need to return to my story to go back the last tab, which is annoying. And it may not have been my most recent tab. I can open this last tab, go back to the tab previous surfing the web on this subject, my story of the building and then restart firefox for some reason any. In these cases, I need to open the history window and dig for the last tab of the memory.

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