I have windows live hotmail on Vista.Problem is that this message, 'error on page' appears on the lower left and no emails will be open and I can't change pages. How do you find / fix 'error on page '?

I have windows live hotmail on Vista. New problem is the error message, 'error on page' appears at the bottom left. As a result I can't open any email or forward to other pages of e-mail. How does a find/fix 'error on page '?


·        What browser do you use to connect to the internet?

·        The issue is with Hotmail?

If the question is only limited to Hotmail then confirm your request in the forum Hotmail for assistance:

Windows Live Solution Center Hotmail Portal


If you use Internet Explorer, then you can try the steps from the link and check if it helps:

What should you do about Internet Explorer script errors?


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