I have windows XP, IE7 and Opera installed. How can I do to fix my windows.

I recently had replaced by Dell (XPSM1210) cooling system. The keyboard has been replaced and a bigger HD was installed. Windows XP has been reinstalled and updates have been made except SP3 and I also downloaded IE7 and the latest version of the Opera browser. Everything worked well, but I failed my configuration of Opera and couldn't fix so I uninstalled opera and it's associated files (settings). After that I reinstalled Opera, once again everything worked fine until recently. I'm having a problem with my space bar does not not in a browser. I have to hit the space bar a couple of times to make it work most of the time (press hard). I thought it was a bad keyboard and another is sent to me, but I just noticed that my space bar works fine in Notepad and OE then maybe that's not a bad keyboard.

I have not reinstalled everything I had on my computer because I wanted to be sure that the basics working first.  I have uninstalled anything that I shouldn't when I got Opera, so I think I need to fix my windows but I've never done before (by myself). Should I uninstall IE and Opera first? Should I re-install my drivers? Should what order I reinstall everything? I hate trying to get the settings for my return to the way they were, I used the files and transfer settings Wizard, but I always had to make some changes, is there a better way to recover my settings?

I hope I posted this in the right section. Your help is greatly appreciated.

ETA: No virus is found with NIS and anti-virus Super

Hi justmeliveID,

Method 1

I suggest that you use the system restore and restore the computer to the point before you install Opera web browser on the computer and check if it helps.

How to restore Windows XP to a previous state


Method 2

If the previous step fails, then check if the problem persists in the safe mode and after return with the result.

A description of the options to start in Windows XP Mode


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