I have XP & Office 2007 is installed and the dictionary for Outlook Express is now foreign words, how do I fix?

I'm trying to spellcheck offline in Outlook Express and it's sort of fubar was dictionary. How can I fix it?

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You no longer have the capabilities in some languages in OE6 spell after installing Office 2007

[More discussion: http://pschmid.net/blog/2006/11/13/80]

The spellchecker of Office 2007 is not compatible with OE6. Try one of these free spelling Correctors instead:

Spell checker for OE 2.x Vampirefo

TinySpell (check spelling while typing)

Australian English spell checking
(Also suitable for other English speaking countries).

If you have an earlier version of Office available as well, see: http://www.outlook-tips.net/archives/2006/20061228.htm

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