I highlighted a Word and anchored to my screen (in addition to all the programs and office). How can I remove it? (Win 7, SP1)

I worked in an email client (Outlook, not) and has highlighted a Word. I accidentally dragged and anchored somehow on my screen. He now appears on top of all my programs and on the desktop, and I can't find a way to remove it. I tried to look at the records office various users, Windows, Program Data, but cannot find anything. I changed the desktop wallpaper and screen saver, and it's still there. I tried to refresh the screen, and it's still there, floating like the smile of the Cheshire Cat. Any ideas?

Thank you!

Thank you very much for your answer. Fortunately, I have not try your suggestions.

I decided to take a break last night and play an old program in DOS, using DOSBox. This somehow erased from the screen, because the offending excerpt went.

Again, I thank you and I will keep your response to the case where I ever do anything stupid like that again.

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